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Polygamy In The West

Today, 08:59 AM

Posted By Absolute truth in Islamic-Western Dialogue

It is generally believed that Western society is monogamous. It is true that monogamy has been enforced by an act of Parliament but it needs to be seen to what extent it is being observed.
There is, in fact, nothing like the practice of true monogamy in the West when we consider the miserable plight of the numerous mistresses who are deprived of womanhood and respect. One Orientalist has stated that irresponsible polygamy is practiced in the West which Islam does not permit.
A close look at Western society shows that its moral and spiritual condition is comparable to that of Arabian society at the time of the advent of the Holy Prophet of Islam. In fact this state of moral degeneracy has spread almost to the four corners of the world. The root cause is the imbalance between the two sexes caused by a depletion of males during the two world wars. This view is supported by statistics published in the Western press. Some persons have expressed their view that polygamy is the only solution for the increased problem of prostitution.

Dr. Le Bon, a French sexologist, has written:


A return to polygamy, the natural relationship between the sexes, would remedy many evils: prostitution, venereal diseases, abortion, the misery of illegitimate children, the misfortune of millions of unwanted women, resulting from the disproportion between the sexes, adultery and even jealousy.”

As a matter of fact the West has nothing to lose by adopting the Islamic concept of limited polygamy as it has already done in the case of divorce.

The West has advanced in the direction towards its own emancipation by granting divorce. At the same time it has not fully realized and appreciated the Islamic teachings on divorce which has in a nutshell been beautifully described by the Prophet of Islam: “Of all lawful things, the most hateful in the sight of Allah is divorce.”
While divorce is allowed it is not encouraged unless circumstances fully warrant it. By discarding old dogmatic beliefs Western minds are, on the basis of rational thinking, moving gradually towards the principles of Islam. All praise belongs to Allah, Lord of all the worlds.
The western law does not recognize a second wife as a legal wife where as Islam does. If the western law can accommodate common law arrangements between long term partners and same sex marriages then why can it not also accommodate a second wife of a Muslim male as his legal wife? How does making this provision for Muslims affect disbelievers in any way?

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Media And Islam War Or Peace

26 Apr 2017

Posted By adyiqbal in Islamic Discussions
These days’ media is creating a high effect in our lives by controlling the mind of people. It is creating such a strong impact on us that we unconsciously start getting influenced by the content shown on media. Media has many types which include print media, television, social media etc. All these types of media are mutually playing their role in overcoming our lives in a severe way. When it comes to Islam, media is showing both positive and negative roles in promoting the messages of Islam. Some media agents are working day and night to create a positive image of Islam for the sake of peace and serenity. On the other hand, some people are promoting a negative image of Islam by creating misconceptions among people. 
It is up to the people how they create either a positive image or negative one, of anything. This can create both an atmosphere of war and peace. Let’s take an example of a recent event. The famous Islamic scholar Dr. Zakir Naik was one of the most famous Islamic scholar in the whole world who used to answer the question of different people. People used to consider him as a symbol of peace but recently his one controversial speech created a whole wave of war among the Muslims of subcontinent. This shows how media can totally change the life of a person within a single day. Apart from negative aspects, media also plays its positive role greatly. When people perform hajj or Umrah by Umrah Experts offers cheapest Four star 2017 Ramadan Umrah package with family from London with hotel and flight then some channels show it live with translations as well. Those who could perform these holy obligations can experience the beauty of these obligations on their TV screens by sitting in their rooms. 
The role that media plays in our lives cannot be ignored at all. It may create an atmosphere of peace and war but it in the end it is us, who decides whether we want to take the negative influence of media or not. We have been given a free will by Allah Almighty which even the angels don’t have. We should use that free and intellect before following anything blindly. Also, we should play our part in creating the positive image of Islam for the sake of peace and serenity in the whole world. 

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To All My Indonesian Muslims

23 Apr 2017

Posted By mraamohamed in Islamic Discussions

As-salamu alaykum (السلام عليكم)

I want to strat this topic as a poll if so be it.  To all of my brothers and sisters of Islam in Indonesia. I want to start to say that I am a REvert to Islam for more than 20 years, and I have moved to Indonesia to live as I was led to believe that it is a very Islamic country (we will talk that later) but I see that there is a piece of clothing here only worn by the Musliminah of Indonesia woman called a "mukena" and at first was confused, but later came to realize that in my opinion it is a cultural thing and not an Islamic thing.


Now my question that I pose here is what do you think of this garment, as far as I am concerned I have told my wife she does not have to wear this if she is wearing the appropriate attire that is required of a Musliminah.  If a woman is true to her hijjab then she is ok to pray in front of Allah.       


I find that the "mukena" allows a woman to feel she does not have to wear the hijjab as she will go to the masjid to pray then dawn the "mukena" and be safe to pray.  Then go outside in her western attire and be ok with that.  It is a sad state that the people here feel this way.  


Indonesia might have the QUANTITY Muslim population, but they have the QUALITY of Muslims.


Again I am sorry, but if I am wrong please tell me I am wrong.


Abdulah Mohamed

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