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Getting A Sponsor Or A Scholarship

24 Mar 2017

Posted By female in Counselling Room
I really do not know what extend one has to go get a sponsor or a scholarship to fund an education. I live in Nigeria and not from a well to do family. I've been praying and also wish to study nursing abroad. I love being in the medical line but i'vent gotten an opportunity yet. I've tried meeting people whom Allah have blessed to help out but none is willing to, I also tried applying for scholarships but I haven't been able to get one. I also think the overseas persons I tried to contact through emails and also Islamic foundations too are scared or will I say skeptical with my nationality. Why I think it is so is because Nigerians are known to do do lot of unpleasant and bad stuffs but not every Nigerian is bad. There are a lot of good people looking for opportunities to become better. I hope in Sha Allah i'll get someone who has the love of Allah so great in him that will help me fulfil my wish.

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Black Heart Towards Family

21 Mar 2017

Posted By Wondering66 in All-in-one Forum
I have been considered the black sheep in my family (mother, sisters, brothers). My sisters convinced my mother that I was the one that caused my niece, her granddaughter to shame the family. It seems they all think I have the "power" to not only once but many times have niece shame the family.

The thing is, I never knew what niece was doing and was told by own sisters what niece has been doing but somehow, I became the bad person because all I once said when I heard that niece has been doing these shameful acts since high school, is for us to get all our daughters and mothers together and sit and talk about what holding one's honor is, dignity is, integrity is. That's all was my input. Nothing else.

Seems I have been shunned by the problems of niece acts of shame. Accused of planting men for her, even though I never knew any of this and later found out the whole community knew about this but me but I am the one that has been shunned.

Niece is married now, has a daughter and wish her the best but my mother and sisters and brothers have not only made me look like the bad person among the community but have started gossip saying I would make a terrible in law, etc.

My mother believes my sisters that I had something to do with my niece's scandals. My brother died some years ago and before that I had a few words here and there with my siblings but kept it limited but after our brother died. How I was treated as an outcast in hospital as we all were hoping he will get better, proved to me that I was faced with liars, conspiracists willing to cover up lies and blame me for something I never knew. We buried our brother and on that day I stated that from my end to my family at that moment, they were buried with him. I have no family anymore.

Here is my dilemma. I ask Allah to forgive me for  not forgiven them. It's been 4 yrs I haven't spoken to them including my mother. I am wallah content that I have no relationship with them. I even noticed that when my husband and I argue it's only 2 ppl not a basketball team.

I don't want anything to do with them, the damage they have done to me and my children on how the community WHO knows why the friction is there between us, knows more than I do on the scandals  have shunned us from community events. Basically we are Uninvited.

I really don't want nothing to do with them but I forgive them and wish each one of them for Allah to yahmeehum. But I want no contact with any.

Am I wrong? I want to please Allah but I need reassurance that I am doing what's right for me and my relationship with Allah.

I just can't see myself after all these years and the words they stated, the negative attacks on me and my husband and kids and while I held myself, the straw that broke the camel's back was how I was treated at the hospital during my brother before he died. Made me walk away easily from them.

I need to know that me asking Allah to forgive me for not directly talking to them, associating with them is ok.

Yes I know a mother is your mother, your mother, your mother but she has been told I was the problem and she has stopped any contact with me. She's in her late 80s, I know she forgets things but I even had my husband call and ask her to come over and we will pick her up but we heard her loud and clear. She said "NO!." (She lives with older sister who could have resolved all this with the TRUTH but cowardly didn't)

Please advise me because I know the value of a mother but I need peace of mind I am doing the right thing by moving on with my life.


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Rape And Zina Laws

18 Mar 2017

Posted By hackergirll in Islamic Discussions
So in Islamic law if someone is accused of zina (adultery or fornication) there need to be four male witnesses who can testify to seeing the act in order for the person to be punished for committing zina... But it seems that the four male witnesses ruling is specifically for proving adultery or fornication, so since rape is not in the same category as adultery or fornication, four male witnesses aren’t required to prove rape, right?

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