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99.99999999999999999 Recurring.

25 Jun 2017

Posted By pepe in Refuting non-Muslims

 The answer to creation becomes recurring as the question to what came before is never ending. This implies to the human mind that something has to have been made by something as we know something can't come from nothing but what the first something came from is a complete mystery. This leads our minds to the concept of dimensions as it only can.


 Things that recur don't fit in the complete and have been accepted as recurring. I see the same with our faiths.


                                                                                         Peace to all.





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Please Help Me Remove Kaala Jaadu

25 Jun 2017

Posted By hoangtrungli in Islamic Discussions

ASA Brothers and Sisters

I recently discovered that a person in my family has done black magic (jaadu) on my immediate family. It seems that nothing good happens to us, only problems. Everyone in my house is sick and they cant seem to move forward in their life. We tried many times to find a new house but something always goes bad. Last time my husband lost his job, my son got severly sick, my daughter cant get admission to any university. I got so scared that i stopped finding a house beacsue i dont want to harm my family. I talked with two people (1 muslim and 1 christian) adn they both came up with the same conclusion that a famliy member who hates us has done a harsh black magic on us.
Please help me break this curse because i fear the worst now and nothing including prayer and reading quaran doesnt help.

thank you 

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Eid Mubarak

24 Jun 2017

Posted By Rawaha in General Chat



I would like to wish everyone, the moderators and members of this forum 


Eid Mubarak!


May Allah swt accept all our ibadah during this great month (and always),


and may He bless us all.


Taqabballallahu minna wa minkum!

Eid Mubarak! :b:

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