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Undercover_brother>ehsan>abu Ruqqayah

Abu Ruqqayah's Photo Abu Ruqqayah 14 Dec 2007


Not to many people would be interested but if anyone wants to get in contact with the old UnderCover_Brother or Ehsan...well then get in contact with Abu Ruqqayah!!

I don't think many know me here anymore, however I use to love coming to this Forum when I first started practising, Alhumdullilah!! Things have changed on the Forum and in my life so not an active member anymore, but was responsible for setting up/suggesting the Counselling section and also the Coming Events section!! I use to really try to be involved in the Forum I hope there are lots more people involved now insha'Allah.

Anyway...if anyone needs me I'm here!!! By the way I have recently been given the very prestigious title of "Father" by the grace of Allah(SWT). Please make dua for me and my new family.


umAhmad's Photo umAhmad 14 Dec 2007

Assalamu alaikum, First of all Mubarak on becoming Abu Ruqqayah, May Allah make you the Abu of a pious, Allah fearing Muslimah, who will become the light of your and your wife's eyes, May Allah use her as a Source of Guidence for the Deen of Islam, ameen.

I do remember you, I am the original masooma, if you remember, I remember your posts in the home schooling thread, InshaAllah I hope you will inshaAllah consider Home schooling for you little sweetheart.

I know people have come and gone, and some rules have changed some new ones added, but there are quite a few old members who turn up now and then, you were an asset to the Forum, and still are, I know the responsibilities have increased, but you can still come and make some posts and give some advices here. I have to inform my daughter UmEesaa about your baby girl soon inshaAllah. She has not been able to come on the Forum much because of internet connection problems where she lives.

I just saw that sis. Swanlake was in today too, that's nice Alhamdulillah.

Take care abu Ruqqayah, and take good care of the little one.

Salaams and duaas, umAhmad.

Guest_amani_* 14 Dec 2007

:sl: and Congratulations brother.

May your daughter grow up to be the coolness of your eyes :sl:

vishah's Photo vishah 15 Dec 2007

oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhh..... What a lovely news


May Allah show your family the right path and make your life easy

Hey, but please keep posting... I waiting to see your informative posts...

See you around



Aamina's Photo Aamina 15 Dec 2007


Mabrook on becoming a father, May Allah subhaanahu wa ta'aala make the little one the treasure and light of her mother and father's eyes. Ameen
Stick around inshaa'Allah :sl:

Barak Allahu feekum

Swanlake's Photo Swanlake 15 Dec 2007

:sl: brother

Mabrook for the birth of your daughter. May Allah make her pious and one of the rightoeus.

Aunt Umahmed, I hope your family are well. It has been ages since I have been here cos life was too busy. Alhamdulilaah I do check in from time to time though.

Zinc15's Photo Zinc15 15 Dec 2007

Congratulations Brother.

May Allah (swt) bless you and your family and make your child pious. Ameen.

Princess Mujahada's Photo Princess Mujahada 15 Dec 2007

:sl: akhi it's good to hear from you especially with such beautiful news! May Allah bless your family always and give you all the good in this life and the best in the next! and may the peace and blessings of Allah be upon the prophet Muhammed ameen!

Ruqqayah is a beautiful name :no: any pictures? please? :j:

afG's Photo afG 12 Mar 2008

Aww, mashaAllah brother, that is such great news! Ameen to everyone's duas. You have chosen such a beautiful name, I love it.

I pray you are always showered with His blessings.

Abu Ruqqayah's Photo Abu Ruqqayah 27 Apr 2008


Jazak'Allah Khair for all the comments. Insha'Allah I will post a picture soon, the smallest size is 600kb so I don't know/forgot how to reduce the size to 100knb? when I find out I will do so....


Abu Ruqqayah's Photo Abu Ruqqayah 03 May 2008


Just worked out how to shrink the picture on the acual camera phone itself!

Here is two limited edition pics of Ruqqayah....Gonna take them off very soon insha'Allah. Make sure you say Masha'Allah(protection against evil eye)!
Edited by Aamina, 10 May 2008 - 10:17 AM.
Mod Note: Pics deleted on request of topic starter

~mehnaz~'s Photo ~mehnaz~ 03 May 2008


A##################w bro, :no: shes adorable! :sl:

May Allah swt protect her always and make her a pious Muslimah. Ameen


umAhmad's Photo umAhmad 03 May 2008

Assalamu alaikum, MashaAllah, Ruqayyah is adorable to the limits, and I am glad you decided to keep the pictures as a limited addition.

Take good care of her and her Mom, May Allah make her as pious as the Great lady who's name she carries and may Allah make her a source of happiness for both of you and the whole family, ameen.

Assalamu Alaikum.

Aamina's Photo Aamina 03 May 2008


Mashaa'Allah Ruqayyah is lovely :sl: Ameen to the du'aas

alaqad's Photo alaqad 03 May 2008

wa alekum salam

MashAllah ...............Mubaarak
ما شاء الله
[size=4]حفظها الله[using large font size is not allowed]
Edited by alaqad, 03 May 2008 - 07:59 PM.

Abu Ruqqayah's Photo Abu Ruqqayah 06 May 2008


Err....how do you edit again. I am sure the button has dissapeared? Or is it me?

ummammaar's Photo ummammaar 06 May 2008


What a cutie, masha' Allah!

We can only edit within half an hour now. You should contact a mod. Give them the link to your post, and ask them what you want edited out.

umAhmad's Photo umAhmad 10 May 2008

Assalamu Alaikum, Ruqayyah is gone now to keep her mom and dad company and keep them busy, had a long visit with us on the Forum, lol.


Abu Ruqqayah's Photo Abu Ruqqayah 11 May 2008


Jazak'Allah Khair. Lol...Please do make dua for her...subhan'Allah its a test....specially the nights for us and also to bring up a decent muslimah is a big worry! If IF want to borrow her just for the nights let me know...lol...

Subhan'Allah my wife had a little scare yesterday, she was in a shop and just left Ruqqayah on the side next to her when she looked again she saw a woman playing with her...she got the shock of her life!

afG's Photo afG 13 Jun 2008

Ohh, I missed it =( - not fair! Could you please re-post?