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Dua For Brain Problem

may be lost's Photo may be lost 11 Jul 2005

Dear brothers and sisters
Assalam o Alakum

Please pray for my daughter who is very young 8 yrs and has been diagnosed with some problem in the brain called venous angioma, she had sevre headaches for 3 weeks, and today it came out in CT scan.
Tomararow we have to see a neuro surgeon, who will do MRI.

Please pray for her health, inshallah.

She is a very pleasant , loving , playful child. She has started her prayers as well, has memorized lots of quran also.

May Allah bless her. She is in lots of pain nowadays.


Ghareeba's Photo Ghareeba 11 Jul 2005


La howla Wa laqowata illa billah! :D

I am sorry to hear this!

I will definitely pray for her.

May Allah take care of my little sister and cure her of all of her pain,


- IQRA -'s Photo - IQRA - 11 Jul 2005


She will InshALLAH be in my duas

May Allah swt give her excellent health,ameen


islamgirl's Photo islamgirl 11 Jul 2005

Wakueim Alsalam Wa-Rahmtuh-Allahi-Wa- Baraktuh

Ya Allah :D

Your daugther will :D be in my Dua

May Allah(swt) heal her as fast as he can

your sister in Islam :D

***Mu'min***'s Photo ***Mu'min*** 14 Jul 2005


Oh Allah!!! Ya Rubb!!! Cure our little Sister of Islam from what she is suffering from. All praise belongs to you Allah, Ya Al-Qayyum!
Ar-Rahman Ar-Rahim!!! We call upon you by your beautiful names and we call upon you alone with no partner and declare our love for all your Prophets and Messengers, and to the seal of Prophets Muhammad :D and we declare the Day of Meeting with you true, and now we beg of you to cure our little Sister of Islam and send Mercy and Love upon her family.

May the blessings and love of Allah be upon our beloved Prophet Muhammad (salla Allaahu 'alayhi wa salaam), his wives, his children, his righteous family, and upon his companions and followers.
May the blessings, love and peace be upon our Father Adam ('AlyheeSalaam), and upon all Prophets and Messengers after him, to the seal of all Prophets, Muhammad (salla Allaahu 'alayhi wa salaam).


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Usisi's Photo Usisi 16 Jul 2005


May Allah SWT Cure Your Daughter Swiftly And Remove From Her, All Pain, Aameen


Entropy's Photo Entropy 16 Jul 2005


May Allah swt grant your daughter full health, may Allah swt ease her pain and grant you and your family patience.


*eli*'s Photo *eli* 23 Jul 2005


:D :D

Please Allah save our little sister from suffering and pains, grant her the best of health and strength to increase her imaan. Allah grant this sister of ours the peace that this innocent soul deserves, Allah is most kind, most merciful, All great, All knowing, All forgiving, Ameen. :D

Your Muslim Sis



may your daughter may be helped by Allah(swt)
and may Allah(swt) blessings be on her.

inshallah she will get better and inshllah she will be in our dua's.


Muslim1988's Photo Muslim1988 02 Sep 2005

Assalamu Alaikum

May Allah , The Great, grant your daughter great health. Ameen

Inshallah she will be in my dua's.

Pray to Allah for Allah answers prayers.

Assalamu Alaikum


zee's Photo zee 24 Sep 2005


i hope it goes well for you sister.....

by the way how is your mum?......are you same meber who posted about mum suspected of cancer?...if not ..i apologise i mistaken you for her....

may be lost's Photo may be lost 26 Sep 2005

Salam sis
yes i am the same one.

Well my daughter is alhamdolillah fine, after treatment she has no problem alhamdolillah for about 2 months. It seems that Allah has accepted our prayers, as just one day the doctors were terrified and the next day they said this is just nothing and the head aches must have some other cause.

And Allah is the MOST MERCIFUL.

Yes about my mother, she will have the lab test tommarrow, please keep on praying for her.


zee's Photo zee 26 Sep 2005

inshallah sister Allah will grant immense mercy..........inshallah......
nd keep strong ;-)