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Dua In Friday Prayer


muslimguy's Photo muslimguy 12 Nov 2004

I've heard that it is good to make dua with the Imam after the Kutba but i've been told that when making the dua you are supposed to raise your hands. Is there a hadith that varifies this.

muslimguy's Photo muslimguy 29 Nov 2004

No one knows?

Arwa's Photo Arwa 29 Nov 2004


It is narrated that Abdullah Ibn Zubair (radhiallahu anhu) saw a man raising his hands and making dua before completing his salah. When the person had completed his salaah, Hazrat Abdullah Ibn Zubair (radhiallahu anhu) went up to him and said: "Verily, Rasulullah (sallallahu alaihi wasallam) used to only raise his hands and make dua after completing his salaah" (the narrators of this Hadith are all trustworthy — Majmauz Zawaaid, vol. 1, pg. 169).