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Dua For Newborn Baby

muslimah28's Photo muslimah28 29 Oct 2005

Please pray that my newborn niece stays healthy and is able to go home soon, ameen, and grows up to live a long. healthy, happy life, ameen!!!!! She has a small heart defect:( Please please pray for her! JazkhAllah Khair
Walaykum asalaam

crystal_sword's Photo crystal_sword 30 Oct 2005

:D dear muslims

ameen to the duaa

inshallah all will be well

Entropy's Photo Entropy 01 Nov 2005


I make dua that she grows up to be a pious individual inshallah who is healthy and free of any illness.


muslimah28's Photo muslimah28 01 Nov 2005

JazkhAllah Khair brothers and sisters
Walaykum asalaam

*eli*'s Photo *eli* 02 Nov 2005


May Allah (swt) protect your niece from all calamity, grant her with good health and guide her to strong Imaan, Ameen.


muslimah28's Photo muslimah28 02 Nov 2005

Ameen!! JazkhAllah Khair sister!
Asalaamualaykum warahmatullah wabarakatahu

alot2learn's Photo alot2learn 02 Nov 2005

:D Sis,
InshAllah your niece will have a long and prosperous life and will see alot of happiness and love throughout. :D May she live happily and may she become a good Muslimah and be a source of happiness for her parents and everyone related to her. Ameen!