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What To Say/do When Someone Passes Away

Muslim-for-Allah's Photo Muslim-for-Allah 16 Jun 2008

Asslamo alykom,
I am not sure what to say to someone (who are muslims) when their close ones or friends dies. what do we tellthem or duaa we say when we meet them. i know that my culture raises their hands and read Surat Alfatiha. but since i never seen anyone else do it i think it might be bidah.
Jazakom Allho Khayr

Umm e Sarwat's Photo Umm e Sarwat 16 Jun 2008

Walaikum salam wa rahamtullahi wa barakatuhu

When Some Muslim passes away u say Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhirr rajioun,

now with regards as to what do u say to their closed ones, you console them, ask them to be patient, Tell them that this is Allah's will and the deceased was Allah's and we all have to leave one day, and ask them to pray for the deceased, may he/she be forgiven and May Allah bless him/ her soul ..

Jazak Allah khairan wa ahsanul jaza

La Tans min al dua

was salam

umAhmad's Photo umAhmad 16 Jun 2008

Assalamu Alaikum, These days there have been a lot of funerals here among my friends families. Really it is hard to say anything to the close family, but as friends or family we have to console them. I tell them I am sorry for their loss, but inshaAllah this is a temporary place, inshaAllah I pray to Allah that you and the one you lost and all of your loved ones will by joined together in Jannah and live happily with each other there for ever. I also tell them that I will and they should also make duaa that Allah forgives any sins that they might have done, and make the grave a step towards Jannah.

If circumstances allow then I try to explain to them the normal cultural traditions that are connedt to death ceremonies that they should avoid doing, and to acquire patience, because our patience can help not only us but the younger ones that are around and also the decesed one.

Let me tell you though, since I am 52, then I can talk to them as an adult, and they listen to me, but if someone is young, then maybe it would be hard for them to talk in that way, but you can comfort them by saying that you will make duaa for them and the decesed one, and ask them if there any way you can help them, then you will be happy to.

I hope it will be easy for you to deal with the situation if and when you are faced with it.


muzur's Photo muzur 16 Jun 2008

Salamu alaykum,
we (Turks) consider the death important. In funerals we say "May Allah give remaining people longer life" or something like this. I think i cant translate it into english, it sounds weird :sl: also we say something much more common but i am afraid i cannot ever translate it cuz it sounds ridiculous in english.
But a very good comment by umAhmed. :sl:

Muslim-for-Allah's Photo Muslim-for-Allah 17 Jun 2008

Asslamo alykom,
Jazakom Allaho khayr for the reply everyone. InshaAllah I will say the Duaa from the Quran. Yeah its really tough to say anything to those who their relatives/friends passed away.
May Allah make it easier for them
Salamo Alykom