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Ya Allah,ya Allah...............

Aaqib Ahmed's Photo Aaqib Ahmed 18 Jan 2007


Ya Allah,Ya Allah...............

Deep down in lost emotion,
a glimmer of light comes,from the Al-Might,
I walk towards Him,He runs towards me,
Ya Allah,your the greatest,
Ya Allah,your exceptional,
Ya Allah,I Love you within the depths of my heart,
Ya Allah,you are always there,with your guidance,your help,your support,
Oh Ar-Rahman,Ar-Rahim,Al-Malik,Al-Qudus,
Ya Allah,Ya Allah,you are the Lord of the Heavens,Lord of the Earth,
Lord of the Unseen,Lord of the Seen,
it is you who sents water from the sky,
you are able to do all things,my Rabb,Al-Aziz,Al-Aleem,Al-Mumin,
Ya Allah forgive me,Ya Allah forgive me,running through my soul,
Ya Allah,your the greatest,
lah,Allahu Akbar,
there is no God But Allah,La ilaha illa-llah,La ilaha illa-llah,La ilaha illa-llah,
there is no one worthy of wonderful praise but Allah,
Glory be to Allah,the most High,
Glory be to Allah the greatest,
Words and Actions can't say how great you are,
you deserve immense worship,everyday,every second,
your amazing mercy makes me cry,its infinite,its sublime,
Oh Allah,Oh Allah,Oh Allah,Oh Allah.........................

Source-My Heart


muzur's Photo muzur 18 Jan 2007

aaqib you are soooooo faaaaaaaaast :sl: slow down ok? lolz hehe good poem :sl:

Aaqib Ahmed's Photo Aaqib Ahmed 18 Jan 2007



:) sis.:sl:


Mehmet_UK's Photo Mehmet_UK 18 Jan 2007

amin amin amin amin amin

:sl: Jazakallah for the lovely dua&poem

:sl: nice once bro :j:

Aaqib Ahmed's Photo Aaqib Ahmed 18 Jan 2007


:) bro.