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The Best Book On Seerah

abaz's Photo abaz 16 Sep 2007

Salam alaikoum every one,

I wanted to share with you the best book on seerah ever written in the english language.It is over 2000 pages.
The book is :"The noble life of the Prophet" in 3 volumes by "dr .Ali Muhammad As-Sallaabee" Darussalam

This book is different from the other in the sense that it doesn't simply give facts about the life of the Prophet(SW) ,it goes beyond that:it gives lessons ,and show us why the Prophet and the companions were successul and why we are not (A lot of verses of the quran are explained there).

I really advise you to buy this book and read it in the month of Ramadan.

I hope that you are fully benefitting from the month of Ramadan