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Pray For Gaza

Qoratulain's Photo Qoratulain 05 Jan 2009

Everyone is aware of the recent israeli attacks on Gaza. This is a time when we all need to help our Palestinian brothers and sisters, if not physically then verbally we can.Let's make a special prayer for all of them. May Allah have mercy on them and free them of this grief (ameen). May Allah awaken all the Muslim countries to help their Palestinian brothers.

Nughair's Photo Nughair 21 Jan 2009

asalam alaikum and ameen

Nughair's Photo Nughair 21 Jan 2009

asalam alaikum and ameen to the dua.

but i dont understand one thing...the whole world is aware of gaza but is kept in darkness by the atrocities in afghanistan and in swat and other districts of north western frontier province of pakistan. in afghanistan there is regular bombardment by the nato forces while in pakistan the pakistan army is bombarding its own people. thousand have been killed and made homeless. and the strangest thing of all is that even in pakistan the media is highlighting gaza and totally mute about its own people and the people of afghanistan. what have the people of afghanistan and the pakistan done to deserve all this???? why isnt the world concerned about them AT ALL?
Edited by Nughair, 21 January 2009 - 05:30 AM.

umar abdullah's Photo umar abdullah 21 Jan 2009

wa alikumu salam.

well, to answer your question,i dont know if most of the world cares or not.

this case remids me of when the prophet went to sign a peace treaty with the peagans of mecca, the agreements were totaly humiliating. it was like this for a long time. then came time for war.

i dont know if history is repeating itself, just somthing i wanted to mention.

the genral reaction im getting arround here is that "hamas needs to stop firing rockets, but isreal went to far." basicly everyone dosent want to take a side, even though 800+ innocent people got killed. who knows how many muslimahs got raped......may Allah make it easy for them.