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Really Messed Up

female's Photo female 17 Jan 2012

so I reverted a few months back but haven't worn my hijab or told anyone at work. i figure Im moving in a month now so why cause the questions or weird stares by bringing it up? im really shy and socially akward so I don't try to stand out if I can help it. but a man named Mohammed and another named Menudi started work there yesterday and we were discussing Arabic, as I am learning it, and Mohammed asks me if Im Muslim in the break room in front of all my colleagues and I AM Muslim but I said no I sent know what I am. I felt horrible afterwards and pulled him aside later stating that Im sorry I AM Muslim I just haven't announced it yet but I still feel bad. what should I do?

Younes's Photo Younes 17 Jan 2012

As-salamu alaikum wa rahmatu Allahi wa barakatuh

Repent to God by asking His forgiveness. Feeling remorse/bad is repentance. Ask God to give you confidence in your new found religion and make things easy for you.

I hope that helps.

ParadiseLost's Photo ParadiseLost 17 Jan 2012

As Salaam Alaykum

It is so hard being a revert and fearing being judged I know this myself but you just have to keep in mind the importance of pleasing Allah and not trying to please others. It is not easy but Allah is with you and understands the journey you are going through, never give up. Allah is testing your faith right now so keep Him in mind.

Spartan786's Photo Spartan786 18 Jan 2012

Just ask for forgiveness,

Sometimes we are put into difficult situations, and you are new to Islam,

In time you'll be happy to say you are muslim