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A New Understanding Of The Galaxy?

ParadiseLost's Photo ParadiseLost 03 Mar 2012

full story: http://www.winnipegf...-141282953.html

Currently, scientists believe that dark matter doesn't have much effect on the surrounding environment other than through its gravitational pull. In other words, if two galaxies collide, the dark matter from one galaxy would pass right through the dark matter from the other, as it if didn't exist.

But researchers in Canada and the United States have detected what they are describing as a "dark core" — a large clump of dark matter that appears to have collided and stuck together, even as the galaxies the dark matter was attached to continued to move on.


Padre5's Photo Padre5 03 Mar 2012

ThankYou, Lost!
I love Astronomy and science, and look at NASA"s Astronomy Picture of the Day website almost every day. Do You?

ParadiseLost's Photo ParadiseLost 03 Mar 2012

No I don't..I just thought this article was interesting because it shows our understanding of things may not be how things really are and that as humans we are always discovering new things.