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Soccer/football- To Play Or Not To Play?

football soccer haram halal extremism

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Posted 12 January 2015 - 01:07 PM

In the name of Allah, the most Beneficent, the most merciful.


'Salam, brothers and sisters. I have a (somewhat) important question. This might probably seem a bit foolish to ask, but it's been nagging me in the back of my mind. A few days ago, I was browsing around and i came to a Facebook page- https://www.facebook...4140479011054. The page states that football is Haram in Islam, and it's description states the reasons: 


"10 reason why Football is haraam
the world cup is haraam for many reasons. but since 10 is an important and serious number; id give you ten reasons. they are:

1. men displaying their awrah (hedhun laigen oriyaamun, as our beloved mullahs would/should put it). behaving in ways which can provoke sexual desires of women and gay men. immodesty.

... 2. supporting kafir nations like the evil america and portugese!?! this is unacceptable. imitating the kuffaar is common during worldcups. wearing their jerseys, flags and copying their hairstyles. then there are the vuvuzelas. obviously it is not really a 'musical' instrument, but it is part of south african kafir culture and made in kafir communist china!

3. people watching football even when it is prayer time. just like music is haraam for being an 'idle waste of time'. a friend told me there were only two rows in their neighbourgood Masjid when the game was on. i told him even those few people could problyy be the hardcore supporters of some team praying for victory.

4. too much female skin. there are the football fan chicks and cheerleading gals - flashing once in a while. yeah, this is the only time you get to see a naked boob on maldivian national television. and therez the waka waka song. it is straight from hell. what moves. what the shakira! masha Allah! i mean, naoozbillah.

5. people waste a lot of money buying TVs,sound systems (to 'listen' to worldcup yeah), setting up screens, decorating rooms,buying airtel dish (which is also haraam for showing christian channels),buying a lot of food,buying calendars, books,stickers...etc. such waste of money are always haraam.

6. media and some local companies have started betting on these games in the name of sms lucky draw quiz. more haraam activities.

7. people stay late to watch football. its a cause for being late for work, and sometimes causes you to miss dhamunamaadhu and fajr prayer. and staying up late for such an evil activity and missing prayers because of that is totally unacceptable. it is leading you astray. haraam again.

8. mixing of men and women at the football stadium and places (public screens and even rooms) where people watch the matches. we can hear women laughing and screaming too.calling out names of football players. astaghfirullah.

9. the world cup is sponsored by greedy kafir capitalist corporations who probably have connections with the freemasons and all. you are helping them. boycott worldcup and boycott cocacola too.

10. it does not follow the saudi fatwa on rules for halal football."


Now, I was in between vaguely amused and mildly confused by these statements, so I decided to share this with you. Additionally, this page is a small one and hasn't been active since 2012, but nevertheless, does this hold a shred of truth? I'm a huge football fan and would love some feedback. Thanks in advance. 

#2 ParadiseLost


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Posted 12 January 2015 - 07:03 PM

wa alaykum as salaam


To be honest I don't like the way their arguments are formed - it is a little rude the way the reasons are explained, but I think they have valid reasons underneath the rudeness.


There is a lot of gambling surrounding football games, and there are obviously a lot of haraam activities that go into planning the world cup - such as the over exploitation of workers. Some footballers are way overpaid, its ridiculous. Islam is supposed to promote tolerance and love for our brothers and sisters, yet football often creates enmity. I personally don't like football (maybe because I am not a guy! lol) but I don't understand why people get so passionate about a team, so much that they are willing to get into arguments with people who do not support their team.


Having said that, I personally believe if football is for sport and fun, a way of keeping active, then there is no harm. If it is just about a few people getting together on the weekend to keep active and meet up with their friends, then what is the harm. I have seen scholars support this idea also. Most scholars wouldn't be supportive of Muslims pursuing football as a professional career. 


Also it is important to note that football is not the only sport that is being spoiled by capitalism and gambling. 

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Posted 12 January 2015 - 08:13 PM

JazakAllah, sister. I agree.

#4 Zruce Lee

Zruce Lee

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Posted 05 May 2017 - 02:00 PM

I do not like football as it is from Syi'ah . Thank Thee Very Much .

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