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Beautiful Selected Hadith From Baghawi Of Herat

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Posted 07 March 2017 - 11:57 AM

MANY people will hardly believe that, although the words
of virtually every other major teacher of human ideas are
available in popular form, there is no general collection of the
Traditions of the Prophet Mohammed in English, nor in any
other Western languages, over 1,300 years after his time.
There are, of course, in Arabic and Persian, several received
collections of Traditions, representing a colossal amount of
labour in compilation, verification and transmission.
Statistics on record of the work of noteworthy traditionists
are impressive even by modern standards. Over one hundred
and seventy of the emininent traditionists of Islam were
women. In making his authoritative collection the Imam
Bokhari personally investigated and tested for accuracy against
the testimony of witnesses 600,000 entries, of which he
eventually selected as incontestably correct just over five
thousand traditions.
Ibn Rustam spent the modern equivalent of more than a
quarter of a million pounds on research into the accuracy of
traditions; Abu Daud collected five thousand genuine sayings
after twenty years’ work. Asim Ibn Ali was a traditionist of
such repute that he was known to have actual classes of 120,000
students. The manner of analysing traditions for accuracy
developed into a science: Ibn Jauzi alone wrote 250 books on
this subject.
The following selection represents a sample recorded by
Baghawi of Herat, Afghanistan, author of the Mishkat,
recognised as a standard work, by Tirmidhi, Rumi, Muslim,
Bokhari and dervish collections in use throughout the East.




Idries Shah — Caravan of Dreams.

(this is copyright protected material, I just copy it from google books)



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Posted 07 March 2017 - 12:09 PM


Trust in God - but tie your camel first.

The World
Treat this world as I do, like a wayfarer; like a horseman who
stops in the shade of a tree for a time, and then moves on.

It is your attachment to objects which make you blind and deaf.

Sleep is the brother of death.

The Faithful are mirrors, one to the other.

Women are the twin-halves of men.


Whoever invades people’s privacy corrupts them.

A virtuous wife is the best treasure any man can have.



When oppression exists, even the bird dies in its nest.

Do you think you love your Creator? Love your fellowcreature first.

God it is who gives: I am only a distributor.

Helping others
I order you to assist any oppressed person, whether he is a
Moslem or not.

No monkery in Islam.

The Pious
My back has been broken by ‘pious’ men.


You ask me to curse unbelievers. But I was not sent to curse.


One hour’s teaching is better than a whole night of prayer.

Day and Night
The night is long: do not shorten it by sleep. The day is fair:
do not darken it with wrongdoing.

Humility and courtesy are themselves a part of piety.

Envy devours good deeds, as a fire devours fuel.

The Learned
Whoever honours the learned, honours me.

My poverty is my pride.

Die before your death.

The Tongue
A man slips with his tongue more than with his feet.

Desire not the world, and God will love you. Desire not what
others have, and they will love you.

Pride and Generosity
Pride in ancestry is really a property-interest. Generosity is a
variety of piety.

Who are the learned? Those who put into practice what they know.

Whoever has no kindness has no faith.

Princes and Scholars
The best of princes is one who visits the wise. The worst of scholars is one who visits princes.

You ask for a piece of advice. I tell you: ‘Do not get angry.’
He is strong who can withhold anger.

The Judge
A man appointed to be a judge has been killed without a knife.

The holy warrior is he who struggles with himself.

Ink and Blood
The ink of the learned is holier than the blood of the martyr.



An hour’s contemplation is better than a year’s worship.

Speak to everyone in accordance with his degree ofunderstanding

Nobody has eaten better food than that won by his own labour.

I am a worker.

Anyone reviling a brother for a sin will not himself die before committing it.

I will stand surety for Paradise if you save yourselves from
six things: telling untruths, violating promises, dishonouring
trust, being unchaste in thought and act, striking the first blow,
taking what is bad and unlawful.

Whoever makes all his tasks one task, God will help him in his other concerns.

In some poetry there is wisdom.

Lies, promises, trust
He is not of mine who lies, breaks a promise or fails in his trust.

Good thoughts are a part of worship.

Vision of the Faithful
The Faithful see with the light of God.

Some behaviour
I am like a man who has lighted a fire, and all the creeping things have rushed to burn themselves in it.

The Koran
The Koran has been revealed in seven forms. Each verse has inner and outer meaning.

Obligation to Learn
The pursuit of knowledge is obligatory on every Moslem.

The Young in Paradise
Old women will not enter Paradise: they will be made young and beautiful first.

A Journey
On a journey, the lord of a people is their servant.

Souls which recognise one another congregate together. Those which do not, argue with one another.

Speaking the truth to the unjust is the best of holy wars.

Journey even as far as China seeking knowledge.

The time will come
The time will come when you are divided into seventy-two sects. A group among you will be my people, the people of Salvation.

The Bequest
I have nothing to leave you except my family.

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Posted 09 March 2017 - 09:45 AM

If you want to benefit fully from this book, not only as contemplation material, you can read article that explains how sufi teaching stories work