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  2. Gaza Desperately Needs Water!

    *Give Water & Save Lives on this Great Day:* A 10 year inhumane blockade in Gaza has resulted in over 90% with no access to safe Water. One Nation teams on the ground are distributing safe clean Water to neediest. If Allah forgave a prostitute who gave water to a dog. So, How will Allah deal with the one who gives water to a believer in need? The Prophet ﷺ said: "The best charity is giving water to drink” [Ahmad] ‘And whoever saves a life it is as if he had saved all of mankind’. (Qur’an, 5:32) *Over Half a Million litres already raised:* http://www.GazaNeedsWater.com *100% Donation policy. Zakat, Sadaqa, Lillahi* Please support this cause & forward. Jzk
  3. Gaza Desperately Needs Water!

    *500,000 Litres raised so far for Gaza* Water is life and without it survival is impossible. While we drink clean water, our brothers and sisters in Gaza are exposed to contaminated water. Donate now to provide our brothers and sisters with clean drinking water on the best days of the year: http://www.GazaNeedsWater.com 100% Donation policy - Zakat,Sadaqa *OneNationUk.org*
  4. *500,000 Litres raised so far for Gaza* Water is life and without it survival is impossible. While we drink clean water, our brothers and sisters in Gaza are exposed to contaminated water. Donate now to provide our brothers and sisters with clean drinking water on the best days of the year: http://www.GazaNeedsWater.com 100% Donation policy - Zakat,Sadaqa *OneNationUk.org*
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  6. Gaza Desperately Needs Water!

    *Severe Water Shortage is Destroying Gaza* More than 50 years of occupation & 10 years of blockade have made the lives of 1.9 million Palestinians in Gaza unbearable. More than 90% struggle each day to find enough water to drink, wash & clean with. One Nation teams are on the ground in Gaza distributing safe clean water to the neediest. Over 300,000 litres already raised! *Give generously on the best Day of the Week during the Best Days of the Year:* http://www.GazaNeedsWater.com *100% Donation policy-Zakat,Sadaqa*
  7. *Help raise 1 Million litres of Water for Gaza* More than 50 year's of occupation &10 years of blockade have resulted in 90% not having access to safe clean water to drink & wash with. One Nation teams on the ground in Gaza are distributing safe clean water to the neediest. Gain huge rewards for providing life saving Water on the best days of the year: http://www.GazaNeedsWater.com 100% Donation policy - Zakat,Sadaqa *OneNationUk.org - Reg Charity No: 1156200* Clean safe Water distribution in Gaza: https://youtu.be/KNP1ktRjLyM
  8. This is an excerpt from one of Ibrahim Dewla’s speeches. Its translated more or less meaning. Whatever undesirable circumstance, it’s not there to degrade a human being. Rather an undesirable circumstance is test from Allah. Allah will place an undesirable circumstance to see how much patience one will exhibit & steadfast one will be. Thus, don’t be frightened that my circumstances have become difficult. Because the devil comes in these circumstances & makes a human hopeless. “Your circumstances never improved despite how long you have been practicing. How long you have been supplicating, praying, (its inconsequential) nothing has happened.” to make human despair from Allah. In our faith hopelessness is disbelief. Not in any circumstance should a human being not be hopeful of Allah. Sometimes Allah delays what you are seeking. Allah’s name/attribute is ‘Jabbar’. Jabbar means almighty. Jabbar also means someone who rehabilitates broken bones. Allah is rehabilitator of broken circumstances. Allah possesses both names and ability. What is unique about Allah is not only does he possesses names/attributes but Allah is also able. False deities/partners (to Allah) have many names/attributes but they are unable/powerless. They are only namesake. Our Allah has name, is able with his greatness. Through work of Prophets Allah reveals his greatness. This is why circumstances of Prophets are trying. Then Allah rectifies those circumstances. So that they know the rectifier is Allah. Reflect on this! Prophet (saw) ‘s parents died. From onset, circumstances were difficult he (saw) never seen his father. Because before his (saw) birth father departed. He (saw) saw his mother only for 6 years. On return trip from Madinah mother passed away. Grandfather was present who loved Prophet (saw) dearly. When he (saw) age was 8 yrs old he passed away. Prophet (saw) said that he was 8 yrs old while he walking underneath funeral procession of his grandfather. Then his uncle raised him. Uncle was not affluent. In terms of wealth the family was modest. So Prophet (saw) said he worked as goatherder for wages. Qirat was currency during that time in Makkah. He (saw) said for goat herding I would be given few qirat from people in Makkah. Since very beginning circumstances were difficult. Upon Prophethood further difficulties came. And in all those circumstances Allah protected Prophet (saw). These are lives of Prophets. Their circumstances were broken but they were steadfast on their mission. Then Allah rectified their circumstances. So the Prophet (saw)’s life is an example for people. https://sheikhonderun.wordpress.com/category/ibrahim-dewla/
  9. Salaat al-Kusoof

    As-salamu alaykum (السلام عليكم) Just had the Salaat al-Kusoof (May 26) never had this prayer before new to me, I have a questions is this prayer done on EVERY full moon eclipse or just this certain ones? Jazaka Allahu Khairan (جزاك الله خيرا)
  10. Looking for evidence kind of defeats the purpose of having faith, imo.
  11. This is an excerpt from one of Ahmed Laat’s speeches. Its translated more or less meaning. Allah has given you this profession & service you render. Sometimes I tease. Your position is such if a chief politician comes you can instruct him. “Take long breath!’ ‘Hold it!’ and he has to hold it “Sit down!” “I will take blood pressure only if you are standing.” Allah has given you that authority. You are master of your science. And you can gain in hereafter as well. We had neighbour who was doctor. He had duty twice a day at nursing home morning & evening. One day I asked you go to work what intention do you make? He replied “what is need for intention? Its my job”. I told him these are the joys of Muslim. I told him what is it that you do at the ward. You go the rounds go to the patient stand for couple of minutes. “Are you good?” “Did you sleep well?” “Did you eat?” small talk. “I have seen your report its good.” Asking all of this doesn’t take that long. What is visiting the sick? To be concerned about well being and condition of the patient. Thus, you are visiting the sick. How many patients are there in the ward? In hadith Prophet (saw) said “There is no Muslim who visits a (sick) Muslim early in the morning but 70,000 angels send blessings upon him until evening comes, and if he visits him in the evening, 70,000 angels send blessings upon him until morning comes, and he will have a garden in Paradise.” (Tirmidhi) For each patient, you receive 140,000 prayers. He met me after couple of days. “Sheikh! What advice you gave me! Each time I go to nursing home I begin with the intention of visiting the sick.” https://sheikhonderun.wordpress.com/2021/05/20/scholar-counsels-doctor-ahmad-laat/
  12. Life’s Mirage Umar Palanpuri

    This is an excerpt from one of Umar Palanpuri’s speeches. Its translated more or less meaning. One path is straight which is based on revelation. Exertion is in it because benefits of it are unseen. Other path is crooked. What is cohering in it is the benefits of it can be seen. Path of Authority and possessions one can visually see its benefits. While faith & good actions one cannot see its benefits. One perceives success in authority & possessions but success is not there. While faith & good actions, success is concealed but its there. The perception of ‘success’ in authority and possessions is like an example of a thirsty man who from distance sees water. Overjoyed he exclaims water! When he gets to his destination, there is no water rather it was a shimmering mirage. In arabic its called ‘sarab’. He exclaims “Oh this turned out to be a mirage”. After which again he sees water in further distance, he continues ahead chanting water, water, water encouraging himself to continue walking. So he reaches there and to his dismay its shimmering mirage. Path of authority and possessions is as such. One perceives there to be success but its not there. However much authority and possessions he has, he doesn’t perceive that as success. Rather his perception of success is always to look ahead. Once he has reached that station he no longer perceives success in it rather he looks ahead. Similar to man who possesses million pounds he doesn’t perceive that as success. A billion pounds that are in pockets of others he views that as success, a shimmering mirage! He pursues it whether through permissible or impermissible means and finally possesses billion pounds. After which he no longer views billion pounds as success rather he views trillion pounds as success. But in his pursuit to amass more meets death. All the designs of this world are like mirage. All forms of misguidance of the past were as such. Authority, possessions, wealth, money, gold, silver, trade, position, status its perceived there is success in it but success is not in it. Its similitude is of shimmering mirage. “their deeds are like a mirage in a desert plain, which a thirsty person deems to be water, until when he comes to it, he finds it nothing, and finds (the decree of) Allah with him, so He pays him his account in full. Allah is swift at reckoning.” (24:39) https://sheikhonderun.wordpress.com/2021/05/15/lifes-mirage-umar-palanpuri/
  13. Don’t stress yourself Part 3

    This is an excerpt from one of Tariq Masood’s speeches. Its translated more or less meaning. One man he lost his children. He got divorced and his wife took the children. The event left him grief stricken. He was severely depressed. Off course he longs for his children. I advised him take legal action and go to court. He said going to court is not going to help. I suggested several other alternatives. He said he already tried all of them & wasn’t successful. Then I told him let it go & put it behind you. (5) What is not within your control, to grieve over it is foolish. And get married and have another family. When you will have other children, your focus will shift. He said people will taunt me I forgot my previous children. I told him people have lot of time to waste & will continue to taunt you. Ignore them. What is not in your control what is the benefit to keep examining it! This is great lesson. What is not in your control let go of thinking over it. Throughout his life, Nuh (as) tried to guide his son but he turned out to be disbeliever. In last moment, one can imagine what love & compassion Nuh (as) had while asking his son to board his ship. “O my son, come aboard with us” (11:42) “He said, I shall take shelter on a mountain which will save me from the water.” (11:43) A Prophet has intense love for his children. Similar to how Yaqub (as) had for his son (Yusuf). What pain Nuh (as) must have experienced but his son never changed. “And the waves rose high between the two, and he was among those who were drowned.” (11:43) Nuh (as) supplicated to Allah “My Lord, indeed my son is of my family; and indeed, Your promise is true” (11:45) Allah replied “O NūH, in fact, he is not a part of your family. Indeed, he is (a man of) bad deeds. So do not ask Me something of which you have no knowledge. “(11:46) Its not that Nuh (as) fell in despair “Oh what has happened with me” or start thinking “why did this happen”. Immediately Nuh (as) prayed “My Lord, I seek refuge with You that I should ask You something of which I have no knowledge. (11:47) Its not that he(as) started wailing in pain. What is not in your control relinquish it! We take lot of stress on those things that are not within our control. https://sheikhonderun.wordpress.com/2021/05/09/dont-stress-yourself-part-3/
  14. Practical Tajweed Classes

    there are many Quran academies that are providing separate Tajweed Classes..
  15. The Quran is a complete mercy and the most widely read book in the world, but some surahs of the Qur'an are recited a lot. The most widely read surahs of the Quran are: Surah Yasin Surah Ar Rahman Surah AL Fatiha Surah Yusuf Surah Al Baqarah Surah Al Mulk Surah Al Waqiah Surah Al Isra Surah Al Muzzammil Surah Al Mudassir Surah Al Kahf Surah Maryam May Allah Almighty grant us all the ability to read, understand and act on the Qur'an Ameen
  16. What is the meaning of the word “Qur’an”?

    The Word "Quran" means that which is the most read.
  17. perform worship as much as you can in Ramadan. Read Quran
  18. Mobile Application for Channel Transmission

    great, a very nice app to watch Madani Channel Live. Jazzak Allah
  19. Don’t stress yourself Part 1

    This is an excerpt from one of Tariq Masood’s speeches. Its translated more or less meaning. When I say don’t stress yourself, that doesn’t mean one will never get stressed. There is no individual in this world with whom all things are going according to how he planned. No one in this world fulfills all that they desire. This is impossible that whatever you desire it happens. Today person in position of authority then tomorrow comes where they are in jail. This happens. So not all of your desires are going to be fulfilled here. What then is the solution? Should you then fulfill everyone of your desires? That is impossible. Wouldn’t it be better if you compromise? What do you think? (#1) Firstly one should prevent themselves to fall into difficult situation. Don’t put yourself into a predicament. Having (unnecessary) friendships with opposite gender this will increase stress not decrease. This is reality. One is doing drugs, his social activities are with other drug users. Doing drugs will not decrease stress rather increase it. When he is not able to have drugs, wouldn’t this individual not get anxious! You are person with modest means but you choose to live in an affluent area. This will increase stress and make person victim of having inferior complex. Look he has a fancy car while I only possess this. Rather you should have lived in an area where everyone is driving similar car as yourself. I witness people living in an affluent area who live with anxiety. They own mansion and earning millions. Why then are they stressed? Because neighbor is making more. These stresses are not from God rather they are self inflicted. https://sheikhonderun.wordpress.com/2021/04/19/dont-stress-yourself-part-1/
  20. Hey everyone, how are you?


  21. An international organization launched an online academy known as "Quran Teacher". This academy offers online classes for many Islamic courses like prayer course, Hajj & Umrah, Quran reading and memorization, and many others. They allow students to choose class timings as per their routine so that they can start the learning journey with ease.
  22. As we know this is the tech era, many organizations are providing online classes for religious courses. Quran Teacher is one of these online academies that teach Islamic courses through online classes to male and female students across the globe. There are almost 30+ online courses in their curriculum. This academy allows students to choose class timings as per their schedule so that they can start their learning journey with ease. Some of the courses they offer are mentioned below; Quran Nazra course (Reading course) Quran Hifz course (Memorization course) Hajj & Umrah courses prayer course Translation & Tafseer courses Ramadan & Zakat courses Arabic Grammar course And many other courses are available on their website (www.QuranTeacher.net).
  23. Dawateislami has launched numerous mobile applications to spread the message of Islam in the world. Recently they developed a mobile app called Kalma and Dua. In this application, 6 Kalimas, different Duas, and some Sunnat-o-Adaab are available to educate our children. It's one of the best educational apps for kids with eye-catching animations and a colorful user interface.
  24. Fifa World Cup 2014

    Who won the 2014 cup?
  25. Football National Teams Ranking By Fifa

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