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  3. I am developing a game about Palestine Resistance

    Assalamu Alaykum Brothers and Sisters! I created a Facebook Page for my game, so please, let's share it. And drop a like there to support me! Jazakom Allah Khayr! https://www.facebook.com/fursanaqsa
  4. I am developing a game about Palestine Resistance

    Fursan al-Aqsa Pseudo Raytracing on GTS360M, PS3 and Xbox360! Download PC: https://www.indiedb.com/games/fursan-al-aqsa-knights-of-al-aqsa-mosque/downloads/fursan-al-aqsa-infiltration-pc/ PS3: https://www.indiedb.com/games/fursan-al-aqsa-knights-of-al-aqsa-mosque/downloads/fursan-al-aqsa-infiltration-ps3 Xbox360: https://www.indiedb.com/games/fursan-al-aqsa-knights-of-al-aqsa-mosque/downloads/fursan-al-aqsa-infiltration-xbox360 Today I want to showcase a Pseudo #Raytracing #Shader I made for #FursanAqsaGame and it runs smoothly on #GTS360M/#PS3/#Xbox360! I updated the Demo with this shader and a better balanced difficulty. This is NOT a real raytracing effect, however, the final results are good enough, as I showcase below, and most importantly, it does not reduce performance, as it is just a material setup. I updated the Demo with this new shader and a better balanced difficulty. This new shader basically uses the Unreal Engine 3 Material Function called Reflection Vector and a metallic reflection texture (an image file), everything linked to the Specular Map Input and Multiplied by the Diffuse Input of Unreal Engine 3 Material editor, as you can see here: Here follows some screenshots Assalamu Alaykum!

    And now could you please ignore my Post of March 21.
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  7. Keep to that Spiritual Struggle.

    As-Salaam alaikum, Today , people say that society's condition is really bad; what can we do? The way out is to run to Allah Ta'ala.... by taking serious steps to shun sin. We read it in verse/ayat 50 of Surat Zariyat of the Holy Qur'an:-- "Hasten ye then [flee] to Allah". (51:50) We must resist the temptation to let our guards down in the face of modernity's laxity in sinful conduct and promiscuity. According to our 'Ulama, the way to do this is through Mujahadah-- spiritual struggle against sins and one's egotistical soul, to bring ourselves in line with Allah's loving obedience. When we live our lives in loving surrender and sincere worship of Allah Ta'ala, we stand to be lifted to a station of an ta'budullah ka annaka tara- 'that you worship Allah as though seeing Him' [Al-Bukhari, No. 6502].
  8. "rohani ilaj dawateislami - 40 rohani ilaj" App is based on 40 different Spiritual Cures (40 Azkar), a booklet of Shaikh-e-Tariqat Ameer-e-Ahle Sunnat Hazrat Allama Maulana Abu Bilal Muhmmad Ilyas Attar Qadri Razavi.The application is mainly targeted towards people who can read Urdu. Quranic Wazaif derived from Asma-e-Ilahi can be accessed freely on the "rohani ilaj dawateislami - 40 rohani ilaj" App, It includes various diseases and their spiritual treatments. Use "rohani ilaj dawateislami - 40 rohani ilaj" App and let other Muslim Brothers know about this and encourage them.Rohani ilaj is an Islamic App for Muslim brother and sisters. "rohani ilaj dawateislami - 40 rohani ilaj" App is a useful app to find the easy way to get cure of common diseases, This Rhani Ilaj app consists of various diseases and their spiritual treatment there are the medical prescription, spiritual advices and other possible cure of different diseases are mentioned in it. Most Importantly this app has a Dua (Prayer) package which can be recited on the corresponding occasion.. APP FEATURES: -Easy to use - Pinch Zoom - Zoom for view clarity - Clear Images - Urdu Pages -Very easy to use interface, just swipe up and down to read the Rohani ilaj. -Works Offline: "rohani ilaj dawateislami - 40 rohani ilaj" app gives you Rohani ilaj without any Internet connection. offline usage. "rohani ilaj dawateislami - 40 rohani ilaj" app brings you the Rohani ilaj for the Spiritual Treatment of Muslim Ummah. we can solve our all problems by reciting wazifa, By "rohani ilaj dawateislami - 40 rohani ilaj" App we can treat all of our medical problems. like fever, pain, heart problem , ear pain, stomach pain, etc and other all things which we having in our life, Also in "rohani ilaj dawateislami - 40 rohani ilaj" app you can find sugar tips, cancer tips, hamla aurat ki takleef ke 6 ilaj, pait ke dard ka ilaj, jal jane ka ilaj, bachon ki bimarion se bachao and many more… Use "rohani ilaj dawateislami - 40 rohani ilaj" App easy application with an eye-catching interface and persuade other Islamic brothers and sisters to do the same this app is a very favorable and worthwhile mobile phone application for all Muslim brothers and sisters throughout the world. We need Rohani Ilaj/ Dua’a besides the medication from doctors. It is also believed among the Muslims, that in some cases, we just need Rohani Ilaj to cure our health. "rohani ilaj dawateislami - 40 rohani ilaj" app is the Islamic Wazaif & Dua application developed for the user to recite Holy Quran Verses / Duaa narrated in Hadith etc. and benefit from Quranic Verses.Aurad o Wazaif in this Mobile App are taken by very reliable resources. Muslims all around the world recite these wazaif & duas to get rewards in their life and hereafter. "rohani ilaj dawateislami - 40 rohani ilaj" app contains 40 ruhani ilaj in Urdu language this wazaif must be read and you will be cured from illness InshaAllah. App contains: - Rohani Ilaaj - Qurani Ilaj - Aurad-Wazaif - Rizq mein kushadgi - Bukhar k liye - Gurbat se Nijat - Iman ki hifazat - Phora phunsi ka - Sar dard k liye - Bicho katne par - Sugar ka wazifa - Dil roshan ho jaye -Wazifa for protection of faith (iman) - Wazifa for preventing worries -Wazifa for getting yourself saved from problems - Wazifa for relieving pain -Wazifa for safeguard stolen - Wazifa for victory over enemies -Wazifa for wealth.https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.rohaniilaj.dawateislamihttps://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.rohaniilaj.dawateislami
  9. Chapter 112 of the Qur'an...

    As-Salaam alaikum, Reciting chapter 112 of the Holy Qur'an, Surat Ikhlas, is compared to complete recitation of one-third of the entire Qur'an. Reciting it is a means of blessings for the reciter. Note that Allah Ta'ala sent the Qur'an in 3 parts, namely:-- (1) A third of it is comprised of Legal Rulings. (2) A third is comprised of exhortations of promises and warnings. (3) A third is comprised of discussing Allah's Names and Attributes..and Surat Ihklas brings together within it those Names and Attributes. The Surah mentions 2 Names of Allah which together indicate all the Attributes of Perfection. They are not mentioned in any other verse/ayat: "al-Ahad" and "al-Samad". These 2 Names indicate the Oneness of the Sacred Being who possesses all the attributes of perfection. Allah is Ahad-- His Singularity of existence cannot be shared by another entity. Allah is Samad- His Dignity and Sovereignty reaches the extent where all other things in existence depend on for their needs.... ALLAHU, Tabaraka Wa Ta'ala...
  10. The problem I'm faced with is rather complex so I'm hoping to look for helpful suggestions which are governed strictly under the light of Islam. My mother passed away before the demise of my Maternal grandfather. My Nana Abu left behind an estate which is to be divided among all his offsprings now. According to the Shariah Law of inheritance, if a child passes away before the demise of the parent, His/Her ( family, children) do not inherit anything from their Grandfather's (Maternal or Paternal) estate. But according to the amendment in Pakistan's law of inheritance which happened somewhere in the 1960s, the grandchildren inherit whatever share their parent had in their grandfather's estate. My question here is whether or not I would be sinful and accountable in the eyes of religion if I take my mother's share of inheritance from my Nana Abu's estate because According to Shariah, I cannot make any claim but accoring to Pakistani law, I can claim my mother's complete share from my Nana's Estate. I want to add a few key points here, I'm not in need of this inheritance and the only reason why I want to claim my share is so I can further give it to someone who has been deprived of their share in the inheritance. I will not be keeping any of this inheritance money for my personal use, I will pass on all of it to someone else in the extended family and that is the whole intention behind it. 5l935717⁶
  11. Annaba Academy is one of the best tutoring academies that offers Quran and Arabic one to one classes. Learn Quran memorization Tajweed Al-Quran Quran recitation Arabic reading Quran meaning (tafseer) Arabic expressions and grammar Islamic studies All this with expert Al-Azhar university teachers. You can ensure: Effective classes with high quality Quran and Arabic materials Experienced Arabic tutors who can deal with different ages Flexible schedule and rescheduling classes Interactive class using interactive digital environment Affordable fees Free trial class and money back guarantee if you are not satisfied or you didn't find any of the condition. Taking the online education to another level www.annabaacademy.com Annaba Academy
  12. I am developing a game about Palestine Resistance

    Assalamu Alaykum Brothers and Sisters! If you did not watch, here is my game shinning at IndieCade's GameSlam: https://www.indiedb.com/games/fursan-al-aqsa-knights-of-al-aqsa-mosque/videos/fursan-al-aqsa-streamed-at-indie-cade-gameslam-2020 I as a muslim, feel too much proud of being able to raise up the Flag of Tawheed and Jihad on the Gaming World!
  13. I am developing a game about Palestine Resistance

    Allah Akbar! All the praise be to Allah! My game will be showcased on [at]IndieCade Festival, GameSlam Opening Event! This is a dream coming true! I am raising up the Flag of Tawheed, Jihad and Martyrdom on the Gaming World!
  14. I am developing a game about Palestine Resistance

    Fursan al-Aqsa Infiltration - PC 64bit Patch https://www.indiedb.com/games/fursan-al-aqsa-knights-of-al-aqsa-mosque/downloads/fursan-al-aqsa-infiltration-pc-64bit-patch This is just the 64bit version of Fursan al-Aqsa Game Executable, which I am providing because some Windows 10 users are experiencing some crashes while running the game, as Win10 has some compatibility problems with old 32bit applications. To "install" this patch, simply copy the zip file to: C:\Users\YOURNAME\Documents\My Games\Fursan al-Aqsa Infiltration\Binaries\ Extract the zip file there, then run the game direcly: C:\Users\YOURNAME\Documents\My Games\Fursan al-Aqsa Infiltration\Binaries\Win64\FursanAqsaGame.exe
  15. I am developing a game about Palestine Resistance

    Fursan al-Aqsa Announcement Trailer - All the Power to the People of Palestine Watch the video: https://www.indiedb.com/games/fursan-al-aqsa-knights-of-al-aqsa-mosque/videos/fursan-al-aqsa-all-the-power-to-people-of-palestine Soundtrack by Rodrigo KTarse (https://www.youtube.com/user/rodrigo17290) the Great Insurgent Rapper of Brazil's Guetos! Updated Demo Download PC Version: https://www.indiedb.com/games/fursan-al-aqsa-knights-of-al-aqsa-mosque/downloads/fursan-al-aqsa-infiltration-pc Download PS3 Version: https://www.indiedb.com/games/fursan-al-aqsa-knights-of-al-aqsa-mosque/downloads/fursan-al-aqsa-infiltration-ps3 Download Xbox360 Version: https://www.indiedb.com/games/fursan-al-aqsa-knights-of-al-aqsa-mosque/downloads/fursan-al-aqsa-infiltration-xbox360 This Updated Demo of Fursan al-Aqsa - Knights of al-Aqsa Masjid will allow players to have a taste of the Campaign Mode, which has a gameplay very similar to (and inspired by) the Classic Shooter Goldeneye 007, with many mission objectives to complete on each "mission", such as destroying security cameras, sabotaging some israeli equipment, finding documents that reveal more details about the game’s plot, planting bombs, invading israeli bases, finding and murdering a specific enemy, rescuing Palestinian civilians, hijacking vehicles, taking down planes. Adding to this, there is a Multiplayer Map, Battle of Negev Desert, so you all can revive the Golden Days of Split Screen Multiplayer Games. On consoles (PS3 and Xbox360), the multiplayer mode works outside the box, as for PC, you need to have 2 Xbox360 Gamepads for PC. However, it works aswell with ANY PC Gamepad through the Xbox360 Controller Emulator, which is already included with PC Version. After you install the PC Version, just go to C:\Users\YOURNAME\Documents\My Games\Fursan al-Aqsa Press Beta\Support\Xbox360ControllerEmulator.zip All the intructions are there. The full version of this game will be released in January 2021, Insha Allah (God's Willing) I hope you all enjoy this updated demo, as there is too much love, dedication and many sleepless nights spent on this project. Assalamu Alaykum, may the Peace be upon You! Nidal Nijm. Note: There is a small bug in the game (which does not interfere with gameplay), it is a bug in the version of Unreal Engine 3 that I am using. Sometimes, when the player leans against some walls and tries to shoot, the projectile of the weapon is not launched. To solve this, just tap in any direction (W, A, S, D / analog directional on consoles) and shoot again. This is because the starting point of the projectile launch in Unreal Engine 3 is calculated in relation to the position of the player's camera, and sometimes the camera is "pressed" on some walls when the player is too close, losing the starting point of calculation for launching the projectile.
  16. Remember that iblis is not an Angel and not of the light but was from Fire. Tgese quoyes calling or the christians with their fallen angel terminology is completely wrong.. Ill give you an example... if a group of people come to a town to visit, do you say a group or do you say the people came and the donkeys, the cats, the dogs.. etc... catch my drift. So one.. no iblis is not an angel but was able to travel with the angels on allahs permiasion. As salam alikom.
  17. God in Bible and Quraan

    Allah does not visit or see anyone in hell as those in hell are removed completely like the removal of satan. Allah has commanded the angels to control hell and they have been removed of any feelings or terrors on what goes on in hell. The leader of them being Malik. As salam alikom..
  18. Ever Heard Of Tinnitus?

    As salam Alaikom Remember my brother in religion, tinnitus is something that effrcts you constantly and if Allah wills he will constantly remove your sins. Also, your comment about Adam pbuh the first man in the world, should not have been addressed that way or blamed him as there is a hadith when MOSES had a conversation: Moses said: what caused you to have yourself expelled from Jannah and how you messed it up? Adam replied: who are you, are you the moses of the jews, the one whom Allah spoke to behind the veil and there was no messenger between you and abd Allah Azwj? Mosies said: yes Adam replied: then did you not understand the plan of Allah and he decreed that we would be in earth and we would all come here as part of his plan? Moses replied: Yes Adam replied: so how can you blame me. Our Porphet Mohammad pbuh replied thay Adam won the discussion. So clearly we are who we are, we sin because we are human and its in the nature of the Nafs.... but Allah is merciful. P.s. i also have tinnitus and it gets really bad and constant but i see this as a blessing so i can make repentants constantly and may Allah forgive my sins also. Salam alaikom wa rahmatullahi wa baraktu.
  19. Help needed regarding am I Muslim please

    Dear Dot, thank you so much for taking the time to reply. It's very helpful. After saying Shahada how do I then 'prove' that I a Muslim for marriage permission?
  20. Assalamo alaikm Dear sister , of course your are a Muslim. In Islam siblings of a Muslim father are Muslims by birth, regardless of his practicing Islam. However, I advise you to say the shahada (declertaion of faith), to re-affirm your Islam. This post will help you say it:
  21. I want to name my daughter Mirha which i have heard somewhere. But I am unable to check the authenticity of this name. Can anyone help me? Please help to find the right pronunciation, spelling and meaning of this name. According to my understanding this name is not in Qur'an and is neither arabic. Than what language has this name came from? What is its origin?
  22. Nous vous proposons trois nouvelles applications qui ne sont pas sur le Play Store, à savoir: 1- Book Of Tawhid (livre de tawhid). 2- The Three Foundations Of Islam (les troi fondements). 3- The Forty Hadith Nawawi (les quarante hadith nawawi). ou téléchargez-le depuis ---> GoogleDrive
  23. I am developing a game about Palestine Resistance

    Assalamu Alaykum Brothers, For today I want to showcase a new map I am making for #FursanAqsaGame. This will be a Mossad Office Headquarter, the israeli Secret Service. Your mission is to infiltrate on the office, and find some important documents about a new attack israel is planning against Palestine.
  24. Dear brothers and sisters, I hope I am posting this in the right place but I am very confused and in need of help. I was born into a family with a Catholic mother and a Muslim father. My father is Muslim in name only. He believes in Allah but doesn't follow Islam at all - although he says he is Muslim. When I was a child I was sent to a Catholic school but was punished by my parents for following the rules of the Catholic school even though they were the ones that sent me there. Due to the hell my parents put me through I hated ALL religions for many years. Recently I have started wanting to learn about Islam (against my parents wishes) so I have been learning about Islam online without their knowledge. In the process, I met a beautiful Muslim man and we are wanting to get married. His family loves and adores me as if I was their own and it warms my heart to be part of such a wonderful family. The issue is, he is from Saudi Arabia and needs to apply for marriage permission in order to marry me (a foreigner) and he needs to disclose my religion. I am confused - Am I Muslim from birth as my father is Muslim even though he doesn't follow and I've never been taught how to practise or do I need to go to a Masjid to convert to get evidence to submit to that I am Muslim? I also don't want to hurt and disappoint my family but I don't know what to do as I know they are not going to like me following Islam. When I vaguely mentioned it to them one time they said they I have lost my mind and I am mental that I am looking to learn about Islam. Please advise what to do. Even though my father is Muslim by birth he doesn't like Islam. I am so confused. Sorry for the length of this post. Please help!
  25. Wazifa For Love

    Here is a service for Rohani Ilaj and Istikhara service online for free.
  26. Help Me Regarding My Issue Urgent

    Quran is the last book of Allah revealed on the Holy Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) and contains the knowledge of this universe and not only that, the Qurani ilaj is the best cure for every disease. We should recite Quran daily so that we can understand the wisdom of this holy book.
  27. Arabic Quran Skype Lessons

    Masha Allah,
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