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  1. We Are Back!

    Assalamo alaikum At last, IF is back! All IF members can now login, using same old usernames and passwords. All categires, forums and subforums are there, just like they were before. All IF moderators and other IF groups are back. Unfortunately, old topics and posts couldn't be restored from the old backup files. So, just ignore old topics, and go ahead and start new ones. (clicking on any old topic would bring an errer message). We also lost our valuable e-books, and all files in our downloads section. But, alhamdo l'Ellah, I was told that copies of most, if not all, of them is already with some of our dear IF members, and insha'Allah they will be put back soon. For those who didn't visit IF in the last 20 days: the tragedy began when our hosting company decided to delete all files from our servers, because they went out of business. Regretably, they failed to warn us before deleting everything! The only thing I managed to save was a backup of our database, but even that was corrupted. Our dear member clarity did everthing possible to help me out, but many tables were irrecoverable. But alhamdo l'Ellah, at least all members and forums were restored, all praise to Allah. I would like to thank all IF community members for their continueing support . And lets pray to Allah that this, insha'Allah never happens again. Barak Allah feekum And now, enjoy your good old IF, and Ramadan Kareem everyone!
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