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  1. Islam in Afghanistan: The Islamic state

    Salaam Alaikum, What Afghanistan - it is now Pipelinistan in the war for oil. The cultivating of poppy and the drug trade, banned by the Taliban, are flourishing now under the control of the warlords with American blessing. Security for the allegedly liberated women is on the decline. I think all Afghans have suffered from over 25 years of war, ever since the Russians invaded it in the eighties. Thousands of sisters and brothers have lost their family, home and livelihood. Their faith seems to be challenged and tested for so long that I feel I may not make any assumptions about it. Peace
  2. Muslims don't have long left in the west

    Here, at this end of the world, the following hapened to an aquaintance of mine: this woman was shopping in a large store. In the kitchen section she stopped to look at dishes. There were kitchen knives, too. A white man walked to her side, took a kitchen knife and wilded it in front of her face. He told her that her throat should be cut because the muslims were throat cutters. She was very afraid - but too afraid to seek help from Westerners. She is miserable in the West.........and if it was not for financial constraints and the wars she would love to move her family back East...................
  3. George W Bush Wins

    Salaam everyone, Quote "What will we see in the next four years " Wayne Madsen wrote an interesting article about "Bush targetting Iran" wich is posted on globalresearch.ca. He describes plans of the Bush administration to attack Iran very early in 2005 in order to do israel's bidding. Then he outlines a scenario of turning the entire middle east into a war torn region - the ultimate aim being control of the oil and the pipelines. globalresearch.ca also has articles by Greg Palast about the rigging of the vote, by using electronic voting machines that leave no paper trail. In the meantime Bush, as he announced in his victory speech, will finalize his permanent tax cuts for his rich friends and partially privatize Social Security, the American retirement system. In other words Americans will have to save money for their retirement - because the government does not intend to give the pensionnaires a penny. Bush will do the same thing with medical care and health insurance: he will privatize it. This means that employers do not have co-pay health insurance premiums of their employees - the free American has to pay for health care entirely on his own. This is what they get from Bush by voting for him. And according to Mike Ruppert on his website copvcia there is the draft coming very soon as Bush runs out of troops......
  4. warnings

    Salaam mm_CA04, thank you for your explanation. "Each member can only view their own warning indicator, and cannot see any other member's warning indicator" But what can I do so that my warning indicator is not on public display but only visible to me ? I really feel very embarrassed by its public display ! Please let me know. Thank you Intissar
  5. warnings

    Salaam, why does it say below my icon "warnings 0 %" followed by 5 orange little blocks in a row ? This popped up when I introduced myself in the in the welcome section. It is so embarrassing ! What can I do to make it disappear ? Please let me know. Thank you. Intissar
  6. My sister, Asma

    Salaam Sister, I will keep you, your family and especially your sister in my das. May Allah SWT give you the courage and strenght to remain optimistic and to visualize her healthy again. And may Allah SWT guide the thoughts of her treating medical professional towards finding a cure for her.
  7. My Conversion to Islam

    As-Salaamu'Alaikum Sister, please share your story with us! I used to be a Catholic myself who was raised by strictly Catholic parents - so I am highly interested in learning your story. What did your abbottess or leader of the monastery say when you left ? Please don't let us wait much longer..... Intissar
  8. As-Salaamu-Alaikum everyone, I found IF when I looked on the internet for for an opportunity to learn Arabic, handwriting, grammar and all. English is my second language, so please bear with me. Looking forward to talk to you all, Intissar