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  1. When Does It Have To Be Paid?

    :D For the benefit of muslims, you guys need to read the question. He did not ask when Fitra (Zakaat-alFitr) is due. He asked when Zakat mal (2.5%) was due. The Zakat-al-fitr is due before the Eid prayer. Zakat-ul-mal is due later, so you only have to worry about the Fitra for now.
  2. In The Eyes Of Islam...

    :D Islam explains science in all of these matters. Allah has stated in the Qu'ran that the universe began with an "explosion." This references the big bang. He has also said he created the earth in 6 days or "time periods." The length of these days is unkown to us. Each "day" may be 1 billion years of our time for all we know. Allah knows best, but he has stated that it took HIM 6 periods of time to create the universe and everything in it. A time period with Allah is unknown. Again, Islam supports science not only in this matter, but in all matters.
  3. Just An Inquiry

    :D With Ramadan fast approaching, I have a question for you all. In my school they have what is called lunch tickets. Lunch costs $1.50, but if you have the tickets, which I do, then lunch is free. Obviously during the month of Ramadan I will not be eating lunch in school. So, my question is, for the 30 days that I will not be eating lunch, is it ok for me to sell the 30 tickets to other Kaffir students for a 1 dollar each? I can make an easy profit of 30 dollars in this month by not doing anything. But am I helping others in sin, helping other indulge in sin if I do this? Sell them or toss them?
  4. Ahmedinejad Has A Blog

    Quick Question: Is he Sunni or Shia?
  5. Martyrs In The Graves

    :D What if the realtives were muslim, but they were very sinful, i.e. they did not pray, etc.?
  6. Sahih Bukhari

    :D (www.)"you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_www.islamicbookstore(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/b2903.html"]you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_www.islamicbookstore(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/b2903.html[/url] There you go brother. Inshallah I am going to get that soon as well.
  7. Test

    :D Jazakullah for the article.
  8. Jannah (heaven)

    :D Yes, there are SO many Yajuj and Majuj and they will all go to hell. The hadith mainly mentions that the 999 will be mostly them, so there is nothing to be worried about :D
  9. Skins

    :D I remember we used to have this "rosy red" skin or something like that. It made gawaher look really, really nice to look at, as all skins do. Why did we get rid of the skins? Is it possible for us to have some of them back?
  10. When Was Alcohol Prohibited?

    Real tough coming on an Islamic forum and telling us what to do. You can go ahead and be merry with your wine. Don't tell us to do it.
  11. Weight Of Smell ?

    :D Stumped me...
  12. Ayatollah Khomeini

    :D The Ayatollah was no doubt one of the most infulential men in World History. He did alot for Islam in building an Islamic state In Iran. I'll leave the details alone, though. Was he shia or sunni?
  13. Need Advice...re: Dead Cat

    :D Sister, just get your dad, brother, husband, cousin or other relative to do it for you. Just help him dig and all will be fine.
  14. Why Offer Salaat Only In Arabic?

    :D Quick Answer: The beauty of the Qu'ran is unmatched in any other language in the world. Those who study it can just see the beauty in the verses. Ever wondered why so many Arab people and jinns converted to Islam after just hearing one or two verses from the Qu'ran? It was because while Arabic was their language, the Qu'ran was very different- it was a more beautiful form of Arabic that could not be duplicated.
  15. Jumuah Prayers

    :D The Hanafi Maadzhab is like this: 4- Rakkat sunnah 2- Fardh 4- Rakkat Sunnah 2- Rakkaat Sunnah 2- Nafl (completely optional)
  16. :D Very interesting video. Jazakullah for showing it to us.
  17. Whats Ur Take On Bin Laden

    "There will come a time when the people will believe a liar, and reject the one who tells the truth" There is nothing left for me to say anymore. The comments some of you have said is sickening. You guys bash Shiekh Osama for all of his actions, when YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW IF HE COMMITTED THEM. He has gone on record twenty times saying he didn't do the 9/11, but he is happy that it happened. Ignorant hicks in the US see him laughing and they point fingers. GOD FORBID A MAN DEFEND HIS FELLOW MUSLIMS! GOD FORBID A MAN WHO IS HAPPY THAT THE REBELS WHO KILL INNOCENT MUSLIMS EVERY DAY WERE BOMBED! Some people are so blind and have been so swayed by the media that they have been deterrred from the truth. It's time for us to open our eyes, to examine things in its entirety, and to not be scared of the beliefs of our religion or be embarrased of it.
  18. South Park

    Let it run your life then.
  19. :D We shouldn't just sit back and try to practice our deen. For those of us sitting back in our comfortable homes with our water food and beds, just sitting back and practicing Islam just may not be enough, not by any means. Especially when there are many of us dying because of the Kuffaar. The next step is the sword. For in the sword lies glory, and in glory lies Islam.
  20. Do All Animals Pray?

    :D If I keep my windows open during the summer time, the birds wake me up at the time of Fajr. It is really astounding. They just chirp and chirp and chirp until the sun rises, never stopping. Always flocks of them..
  21. Good School Or Good Student?

    :D Smart= Common Sense. I swear to God, if someone has logic and common sense, they can do anything. All it takes is hard work.
  22. Urgent Vote

    :D 72%? WOW. :D
  23. :D Haha, us wearing perfume is nothing strange. In fact, I think the one who doesn't do it when he goes out to a public gathering is doing something really bad. Perfume makes you smell good, it is sunnah, and it prevents you from disturbing others with bad odurs. Me, personally, I have around 4 bottles :D
  24. :D That was good. At the beginning I was thinking Ahmed would die an unbeliever, but now I think he'll die pure :D
  25. I know. I said LESS than 3%. And CHTHON, now you're just confusing yourself. You make a claim and then you start to change the subject. Answer me again, and think about it this time: Why judge a faith based on a minority?