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  1. IF community Work & Charity

    Asalamu alaykum Sis sparklzz, i'm in liverpool and i go to london quite often (goin next wkend !!!!) so i'd help u with the organising for definite. Im at uni, but alhamduliillah i amnage to keep up with my work and still have time to spare esp, weekends at the moment. So yeah i agree a good place to start would be having a separate forum for ideas.....masha'Allah u seem very focused. This is really exciting as it could potentially be huge!! Insha'Allah! Wa'alaikumu salam Sis Zeinab: It wud be like our very own version of Sunnaa Al Haya- Life Makers!!
  2. Pertaining Scenario

    Salams But bro MM, come on lets get serious. How many sisters out there go out alone and wander the streets at 3am. I'm just sayin it how i experience it. I dont go out alone after dark.......just not safe. I'll go somewhere with my sisters (muslimahs) or brothers ( in the family sense)or my mum and dad after dark to a reasonable hour so i dont see myself in that situation. Now the other extreme is if i'm badly hurt or desperate for help, then allahu alim, but i think that i would have 2 accept a lift......but thats an extreme. So to clear things up......in a normal every day situation NO i would not accept a lift of a brother on his own. Wa'alaikumu salam
  3. French girls expelled over veils

    Brother dawud, Your suggestion is a valid one. My cousin is looking for a job out of France because his wife was attacked in Paris. She literally had her hijab ragged off her head whilst her 2 small children watched.......i suppose thats why i detest what this law stands for so much........what did those children do to witness such a vile thing!! Wa'alaikumu salam
  4. IF community Work & Charity

    Sis sparklz I would be willing to help u out in organising an event. Which country r u living in. Cos all we need to do is work out a time and place suitable for people then get round to booking a venue. We need an initial meeting to decide what direction we want to follow in terms of initiatives that people want to set up. So a good place to start would be to set up a meeting were everyone can put ideas forward and debate what we could all do. Masha'Allah this could be really worthwhile!! Wa'alikumu salam
  5. Pertaining Scenario

    LOL! Do you think any of them would offer a sister on her own, a lift? Nope......me neither. Wslm
  6. French girls expelled over veils

    salams, this is abhorrent, it makes me so sad to hear of such outright discrimination. I hope this law isn't going to become a benchmark for other european states!!! In reply to ur query bro MM, many girls now remove their scarves at the school gates, then put them bak on at the end of the school day. Its appaling that its reached this stage!!! May Allah give them strength through tis difficult time. Wslm
  7. Pertaining Scenario

    Salams bro, Again, the answer is still no! I'm sure most brothers on IF are very trustworthy, but i'd question any brother who asked 2 giv me a lift on my own. Its a big no no! Wa'alaikumu salam
  8. Beard

    Asalamu alaykum Some good points sis. Food for thought! Wa'alaikumu salam
  9. become a spy?

    Asalamu alaykum My mum got approached by someone too at a Languages convention in london last year because she speaks arabic!!! I was shocked............my mum told him were to go tho...lol!!! Go mama !!!! Wa'alaikumu salam
  10. Scenario: Would you accept a lift?

    Assalamu alaykum, I wouldn't. Wa'alaikumu salam
  11. Syed families

    Salams Whats the significance of being syed? Forgive my ignorance Wslm
  12. Being picky about food- a q. especially,

    LOL!!! Bro, i dont exactly batter them since they'r both like double my size!!! Ok its more of a nudge to prompt them to show some appreciation for my mum, every now and again!! :P Wslm
  13. Beard

    Salams Its ok bro, i agree with u!! I was just explaining where the bro was coming from! If i listened to what the majority of people around me told me......i wouldn't be wearing hijab. Can u believe one of my older relatives said this to me when i started wearin hijab: Ah........its such a shame......if ure so adamant on wearing something over your head.....wear a hat!!! To which i smiled and politely said alhamdulillah! Wa'alaikumu salam
  14. Being picky about food- a q. especially,

    Assalamu alaykum First thank Allah for food on table then thank my mum when she cooks. Give my bros a gentle kick under the table to prompt them to do the same.........lol!!! When i cook i get appreciation too......which is nice. No complaints!! Wa'alaikumu salam
  15. stingy muslims?

    Asalamu alaykum Just to re-itterate what everyone else is saying. I don't think ive ever come across a muslim who has announced the amount of money they have donated to charity. We should be modest in everything we do, after all, what does it achieve in announcing how much they've donated, apart from elevating their status..........its between them and Allah SWT. Wa'alaikumu salam
  16. Beard

    asalamu alaykum I think the typical stereotype of muslims with dark features still exists. So i think thats what bro Nasiruddin is refering to. When people see a blond guy with a beard they don't think.......hmmm.....muslim. i suppose its similar with hijab, because you have light features, some people are like, why do you wear that..... Ive all too often had the following remark made(by fellow muslims): Are you muslim?......At which point i look at the clothes i'm wearing and think of my hijab on my head..........oh dear!! Wa 'alaikumu salam
  17. Weddings (westernised)

    Asalamu alaykum, Things that surprise me, not because i havnt heard of them happening but cos i tend to avoid them. Mixed weddings, (even worse with a half naked belly dancer struttin her stuff...........a MUST in some arab countries!! :D ) Alcohol, never heard of it in any weddings ive been invited 2 alhamdulillah. Haram food: Same as alcohol All the rest are pretty commonplace unfortunately........astaghfir llah! Wa'alaikumu salam :D
  18. Women's work

    Asalamu alaykum Maybe for you brother, but i would personally prefer to see a woman, and if there aren't any female docs qualified enough, then that sort of emphasises my point...... Wa'alaikumu salam
  19. Women's work

    Salams agreed sis qassab, Some womens work is not worthless, they may provide a good service for their community, especially women who cant have children and do something in the community to help society improve. However i agree that following a career to gain "status" at the cost of leaving ure children to someone else to bring up (ie a nanny) is questionable! Just a quickie for the brothers...... If ure wife needed to see a gynaecologist would u prefer them to be male or female? Wa'alaikumu salam
  20. Are you happy?

    Asalamu alaykum, I would say i'm a happy chappy alot of the time, maybe 80-90% of the time, alhamdullilah. But i agree i do get upset by scenes of people suffering and by reading about our brothers and sisters that are in so much pain! I dont get depressed as such, because i don't like dwelling on negative feelings, and it takes alot to make me angry........(like when liverpool wern't given a penalty against chelsea!!!!LOL) Wa'alaikumu salam
  21. where should we donate money?

    Salams Yes sis i think brobus is right. A normal bank account card is a debit card, like a visa electron etc.. I dont know if that helps? Wa'alaikumu salam
  22. Poster Design

    Asalamu alaikum bro rofi I'm likin it very much!! Simple but effective........insha'Allah! Wslm
  23. do you have a tv

    Salam Completely agree sis zeinab. I watch TV, Iqra, Sharjah, Al jazeera, discovery science and nat.geog. Wa'alaikumu salam
  24. How many people

    Salams, I was well behaved most of the time, but occasionaly if i was naughty, i'd get the dissapointed lecture. I was so sensitive it made me cry.... That also applies to junior school, one time in maths this boy was sitting next to me and he got asked a question. The poor thing didn't hav a clue about the answer so i gently whispered it to him. BIG MISTAKE........i got such a bad telling off by the teacher, about how i was cheating..etc That made me cry too. Wallahi, i really was too sensitive, it makes me cringe. Completely changed now, although im still quite shy and sensitive, i can take criticism on the chin! Wa'alaikumu salam
  25. going of hajj

    Salaam all, Sis verity, Insha'Allah we'll make it one day! My two uncles are both going for the 1st time with a group of Imams. They are gonna get so much out of it. There is onlly a few weeks to go now and they are both really excited masha'Allah! Insha'Allah soon....... Wa'alaikumu salam