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    Random: Salaams friends! Been a while. Nice to see some familiar names are still around...praying you're all good!


    Random II- Need to reset my body clock...night shifts are a killer... :sl:

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    Jazakoumu Allahou kheyran akhie pour le rappel.


    Il est préférable de jeûner un jour avant/après le jour de Achoura parceque quand le Prophète (saw) est arrivé à Medina il a trouvé les juifs qui jeûnaient déja ce jour (Achoura) en suivant le prophète Mousa (as). Pour éviter de faire comme les juifs il a recommandé de jeûner avant ou aprés (le 9 ou le 11 Mouharram).


    Taqabala Allah.

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    Mourid Barghouti wrote:


    It is easy to blur the truth with a simple linguistic trick: start your story from “Secondly.”

    Yes, this is what Rabin did. He simply neglected to speak of what happened first.

    Start your story with “Secondly,” and the world will be turned upside-down.

    Start your story with “Secondly,” and the arrows of the Red Indians are the original criminals and the guns of the white men are entirely the victims.

    It is enough to start with “Secondly” for the anger of the black man against the white to be barbarous.

    Start with “Secondly” and Ghandi becomes responsible for the tragedies of the British.

    You only need to start your story with “Secondly” and the burned Vietnamese will have wounded the humanity of the napalm, and Victor Jara’s songs will be the shameful thing and not Pinochet’s bullets, which killed so many thousands in the Santiago stadium.

    It is enough to start the story with “Secondly” for my grandmother, Umm ‘Ata, to become the criminal and Ariel Sharon her victim...


    The houses built on top of ours gallantly declare their willingness to understand our odd predilection toward living in camps scattered in the Diaspora of gods and flies, as though we had begged them to throw us out of our homes and to send their bulldozers to destroy them in front of our eyes.


    Their generous guns in Deir Yassin forgive us the fact that they piled our bodies high at the sunset hour there one day.

    Their fighter jets forgive the graves of our martyrs in Beirut.

    Their soldiers forgive the tendency of our teenagers’ bones to break.

    israel the victim polishes its hot red arms with the sheen of forgiveness.

  4. Assalamou aleykoum dear brothers and sisters,


    The israeli's are doing what the israeli's do best. They are brutally and systematically slaughtering a population under siege. Striking the innocents whilst they are at their weakest; deprived of food and medical aid. Can we ever envisage them changing their ways? Surely we can now see that the only way this will stop is when He (swt) Wills it to stop. Allah will deal with the oppressors and will hand out a most Just chastisement.


    For the people of Gaza this is a purification. They enter the presence of their Lord in the most lofty of states and their eternal abode will inshaAllah be amongst the Prophets and the righteous in everlasting felicity.


    For us, when and how will our purification come? Allah will not change our state as a nation until we bring about an overhaul of our selves. What are we doing (or not doing, as the case may be) for this calamity to befall our innocent brethren in Palestine? It is time for us to use the anger and outrage rising up inside of us to stir our communities into action. Not only to rightly protest against this brutal and disproportionate killing mission and to collectively boycott anything with any links to the state of israel, but more importantly, to rectify our states as individuals belonging to the Ummah Muhammadiyyah and in one strengthened voice, beseech the Almighty to remove us from the state we are in.


    Truly Allah is sufficient for us.

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    Of course aunty...I passed my finals :sl: alhamduillah! Everyone is really well here, alhamdulillah. Hope you're all doing well in Canada, and those in SA are happy and safe inshaAllah.


    For now love and salaams to the RI family. Keep smiling.

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    The month of Rajab is upon us brothers and sisters; this is the month of Allah so hasten to good deeds and prepare the soil for the seeds of Sha'ban, and inshaAllah the fruits of Ramadhan.


    As our Beloved :sl: would say: "O Allah, make the months of Rajab and Sha'ban blessed for us, and let us reach the month of Ramadan."



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    In school I always used to spell this word wrong, until my teacher told me to always remember that it has the word F-I-N-I-T-E in it. Since then I reckon I've got much better.


    Thank God for Firefox's built in spell checker ..


    Tell me about it... lol

  8. I have been looking for the book


    "An Agenda to change ourselves"


    I cant find it online in the USA. Shipping from the UK is costing me a lot.


    Can anyone find it for me please.




    Here you go:


    (you are not allowed to post links yet)"you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_rumibookstore(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/shopping/product_details.php?id=139&product_id=564"]RumiBookStore[/url]


    All the best getting a hold of it and may Allah provide you with immense benefit from it. Ameen.

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    Alleena: For sleeplessness: Make dhikr of Allah and send salawaat upon the Prophet :s:until you fall asleep. I had trouble sleeping for a while and this is the only thing that worked for me. It also makes me feel amazingly refreshed in the morning, subhanaLlah.


    All the best sis.


    Random: Oh the drama!!!

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    It is so heartbreaking to witness that this is the morally reprehensible state bani Adam (the children of Adam) have reached; not only the perpetrators of such degrading and repulsive behavior, but the inhumanity of the bystanders who stood by and watched with enjoyment, without flinching for a second.


    Lest we forget that turning a blind eye to oppression and watching from the sidelines is in itself an act of oppression.


    May Allah protect us from such a lowly state.

  11. Peace muhsin ,

    Could you elaborate a little bit on

    5. Ilmu-Yaqeen, A'ainu-Yaqeen, and Haqqul-Yaqeen





    These are known as the three stages of certainty.


    1) Ilmu-Yaqeen- Knowledge of certainty is knowing that there is a certainty.


    2) A'ainu-Yaqeen- The eye of certainty is discovering the source of certainty.


    3) Haqqul-Yaqeen- The truth of certainty is the manifestation of the certain vision into reality.


    A scholar once described the concept to me as the following: 1) You are told there is a festival in the town centre. 2) You reach the town centre and see the festival for yourself. 3) You are part of the festival in the town centre.


    With peace.

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    I recently saw an undercover report on illegal dogfighting and it was horrific. At some points I had to look away it was so violent. Anyone involved in making vulnerable, innocent creatures of Allah suffer such intolerable cruelty is mentally unhinged and deserves to be put in jail.


    It's utterly despicable.