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  1. Muslims Atttiude Towards Non Muslims

    jazakhallah sis
  2. 50 Danes Accepted Islam!

    salam, good stuff, but sis u have Dar ul Kufr in you 'from' in your profile, i think you should chnage it, it makes you sound rather obnoxious in a way, and like you are above them, and thats not how it is, no wonder they think of us what they do!
  3. Muslims Atttiude Towards Non Muslims

    yeah, but is there no hadith or ayah I can gve them to explain? or any article written by anyone, so he can understand better? the christian is still a christian and hasnt decided to chnage or anything, he just wants to know
  4. Muslims Atttiude Towards Non Muslims

    and people who choose to be Christian, Jew, Sikh or whatever, they were never born into Islam and they arent Muslims..help?! wslam
  5. Muslims Atttiude Towards Non Muslims

    yeah thats what I mean, they were never born into a Muslim family to begin wiv..he just wants to know what Islam says about people of other religions..
  6. Muslims Atttiude Towards Non Muslims

    sis this is is apostasy....
  7. Muslims Atttiude Towards Non Muslims

    no, this question is if Muslim leaves Islam...i mean if they were never Muslim to begin wiv (apart from the fact that we are all born Muslim) jazakhallah tho wslam
  8. Salam, brothers and sisters, I was hoping someone could quickly help me, to understand and explain somethig to a non Muslim. What is the Islamic view of those who wish to take another religion, or be Christians, Jews Sikhs or no religion at all....remembering the ayah, Let there be no compulsion in religion... Please could someone help, or give me an article writteen by a learned scholar... jazakhallah, I await your reply walaikumsalam
  9. Islam Channel - The Agenda

    loool, Ash is sensational sometimes! He is a Jew, so James is always taking the mick. You can watch the Agenda again tonight at 11pm, on sky digital ch 836 :D
  10. Islam Channel - The Agenda

    Salam, those of you who listen to talkSport will know who Jmes Whale is, he is going to be on the Agenda in 2 mins, and will repeat tonight at 23:00 so try to watch it, anyone who can record it, and then upload on here through a server eg www.yourfilehost(contact admin if its a beneficial link) i would appreciate it as I cant watch it walaikumsalam ps - (www.)"you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_www.islamchannel.tv/videos/BBMetaFile.asx"]you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_www.islamchannel.tv/videos/BBMetaFile.asx[/url] watch here, copy and paste into your windows media
  11. May You Stop The Bombings And Wars Please

    close this thread for goodness sake!
  12. May You Stop The Bombings And Wars Please

    salam good point citizen x how come no-one else picked that up, what this post really meant...?
  13. Iraq Skeleton Find - Large Body

    salam, oh ok, thanks for the pic anyway!
  14. Iraq Skeleton Find - Large Body

    Salam, I remember a while back this email was going around where they showed the pic of a large skeleton man, and a small man next to it, me and some others have been looking for it and cant find it has anyone got it..? please could you post it up! would b forever greatful! waslam
  15. Whats Going On?

    salam What exactly are you referring to brother? do you mean the quotes of members on the middle of page? or the boxes and the right side? both really As for the mods, this time of day is usually low in traffic, but other times the numbers reach 120 online, sometimes a few hundreds. Mods are mostly needed here. In fact, we're short of mods, and we always welcome new applicants. Without mods, forums could turn ugly in no time. ok, cool thats up to you :D well i can see what has happened from the last time and from now..it was only a suggestion/complaint, it seems lke ur accusing me of something, what do you mean by 'know so much'?? not quite, i had a look around and it wasnt as it was, im not pathetic, just taking one glance, what do you take me for..? seems like you came across so defencively becuase your a mod, it was only a suggestion to the forum leader yeh i agree, there are to many, but personally i dont think it needs any, it should be back to how it was, when people could browse freely, and there was an anonymous user thing, but its up to you :D waslaam