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    Hmm lets see<br />1. Summer and the beach<br />2. Shopping for summer<br />3. Fishing in summer<br />4. Summer nights<br />5. Summer walks
  1. Were U Raised As A Muslim?

    Born muslim...not one now
  2. How do you rate IF?

    I think it's become pretty average and will keep going down hill from here on... ppl running this place are taking the forum way too seriously eg : so many new restrictions The stance on political discussion is quite surprising to me, considering how so many non muslims are attracted to the site because of the politics around Islam, and along the way they learn about Islam. So the loss of political argument on this forum has only caused it to be less effective in its purpose..
  3. Serbia

    Yes there are Muslims in Serbia, but they are not necessarily Serbian. There are many Kosovars, Albanians and Bulgarians etc etc that live in Serbia.. who could be muslim. The percentage of actual Serb muslims would be minimal.. They are orthodox majority
  4. I had forgotten how entertaining the bible could be... :D But as for the question : I love him !!
  5. Penalty in Islam for Homosexuality

    well if the death thing is true....... :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
  6. who procrastinate?

    Im a serial procrastinator
  7. Do you live alone?

    I live with my parents and brother currently :D It's ok, but I feel like I have no privacy in this house and no time to myself. So hopefully......after my parents accept it *cough* ...I will move out within next 2 years.
  8. Scenario: Would you accept a lift?

    hmmm I think out of all men...I would and do feel safest around muslims but then again this story highlights that no man is to be trusted. What a shame though....
  9. What voltage are you ?

    Australia - 240V ...3 pins (I think) :D ......
  10. Why you should be Proud to be Muslim

    so true :D .............................. ......
  11. Do you stress on the following topics

    I stress about things I shoudnt really think about at the age of 18 - War - Hate for America - Palestine/israel - now this horrible tsunami - Situation in Bosnia---always reading the bosnian news etc etc I just stress becasue I feel so powerless. Like I should do something but there is nothing I can do. I also stress about - Future- not so much about money and stuff, but more about whether or not I will find someone i want to spend my lfie with. That sounds so corny but really im afraid of being lonely... :D
  12. Islamic releif and Church of Later Day saints

    Totally cool in my opinion :D :D :D :P :P :D ......
  13. Atheism....

    I cant say that Im a 100% athiest....simply because I can never be 100% sure that there is no god...
  14. Islamic Charities for eathquake tsunami victims

    Definately...everyone who can afford it should donate. My family has already donated through an Islamic organisation in Adelaide. Sometimes what you donate doesn't seem much but everything helps I guess... :D
  15. Atheism....

    Is there something you wanted to add...just so I know why you posted this.. :D