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  1. How do you rate IF?

    Been off a munth doo to moderator choice, not mine and dis place is more paranoid than ever. Too confining, no free speech unless it fits criteria of moderators, moderators are biased, subjexts closed. Plenty of gud Muslim site to go to that let ppl chare all views and stay polite witout all Islamist rules.
  2. How do you rate IF?

    i agree wit this brudder. too restrictive, too many rules for normal ppls may be gud for sm ppls and children's minds. There r much better ismalic sites on net.
  3. Closing Political Sections

    has ur site been hacked. Is that y u make many radical changes that don't permit opposing views to b spoken? Now is very difficult to follow conversation on this board with foreigners. I will not cum back much.
  4. Test

    no reply necessary to this post ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,, thank you
  5. Question

    Thank you very much. Your kindness is appreciated.
  6. Question

    Also where is your test zone? I have been told to go to a test zone when I was trying to see if you answered new people or just each other. I consider that a very unkind reprimand to receive for a new person.
  7. Question

    Can someone tell me the age range of people participating on this board? I sense it to be youngish. thank you