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  1. A Question...

    Wslms What do you mean exactly by "instituitionalized clergy"? The religious system in Islam starts with: Allah - God - The Lord, Creator, Maker etc His Prophets / messengers - Jesus, Moses, Jacob etc The final Messenger - Prophet Muhammed Sallahu Alayhee Wa Sallah - upon whos actions, sayings, deeds, reprimands, warnings, statements etc have all been recorded in authentic traditions of Ahadeeth in Bukharee, Tirmidhi, An-Nasai, Abu Dawood etc God's word, the Quraan and Ahadeeh (collection of Prophet Muhammed's sayings, actions etc) form 2 major elements in Islam which a Muslim (believer in Islamic Monotheism) must testify in and endeavour to follow... which is where the Shahadaah comes in.
  2. Assalamu Alaykum Shaphire Masha'Allah a great idea, i think Brother Mu'min had a similar idea going on before. Would it not be better to learn and memorize the Quraan face to face people. So if mistakes are made, they can easily be corrected and it is a great motivator, over the internet, im not too sure. Alhamdulillah I am interested, but I would prefer not to do it over the Internet, too much room for mistakes etc. When people usually memorize the Quraan, they start with short Surahs (Chapters) first. Like in Juz Amma, the last section of the Quraan, Section 30, starting with the last surah, number 114, Suratun Naas, then 113, Suratul Falaq etc Starting with smaller verses and smaller Surahs is far easier than longer chapters. Masha'Allah I do like ur idea though. perhaps it would be ideal if you got some friends together, or people off this forum who live close to u and meet up and memorize together insha'Allah. Well thats my idea, please do not be offended, I am not criticizing you, just responding to your idea. Wslms
  3. Islam in England

    AOA once again, each city has its benefits and weaknesses. Much of the Asian community do feel that Bham is the best because of the "strong" links within the generations. Hmm deffo, London is very big and you can easily get lost if you do not know where you're going. But they have good info support.
  4. Help With Marriage

    Sister, do not apologize, write an essay if you want. We are all Insaan (humans) at the enf of the day and particularly us women we get very emotional sometimes. Turn to your Lord who has granted you many favours and blessings. If Allah wills, your situation will cease and be replaced with something beneficial. Sometimes we are in these tests for a reason, Allah SWT is trying to tell us someting, to get us closer to the worship of Him.
  5. Help With Marriage

    Assalamu alaykum & peace dear sister. i have read your posts, and Subhan'Allah i really do feel for you. I have alot of advice to offer you Insha'Allah. Firstly, pray to your Lord, Allah, make sincere Du'a (supplication) to Allah to help you in your situation, to make it easy for you, to replace your burdens/problems with something good. Make a lot of Du'a sister, talk to thy Lord. For sincere Du'a does really work. Whenever you feel sad, angry, upset etc sit down and pray to your Lord, in whatever language you find easy, be it English or urdu or Arabic. Do not consider divorce, as this is a VERY LAST option sister. Make Next include in your Du'a, supplications and Ayahs (verses) from the Qur'aan. For instance: Surah Taha, Chapter 20 of the Quraan, Verse 26, "Wa yas sir lee am ree" of which the English Equivalent is: Ease my task for me; . Sister, there are many supplications that you can take from the Quraan and include in your own du'a. Do not feel alone sister, for Allah SWT tests us all in different ways. Regard this as your test from your Lord, the Alla Merciful, the Alla Compasionate, the All hearing. I shall get some references and insha'Allah post again in a few hours. Please sister, have Sabr (patience) for Allah is with those who are patient. Do not fret, do not let the Shaytaan trick you into someting displeasing to Allah, lord of the Worlds. This is a test from Allah. Make intense and sincere dua'a whenever you can. Wswr
  6. Islam in England

    Assalamu alaykum & peace to all. I have been following this topic for a long while now, and it's quite interesting to see how many wide sweeping generalisations have been made. Shaidmahmood for instance, Bham in my opinion is not the best city that the UK has to offer. There are many areas of any city that are good and bad. Some would agree that the "Asian" areas like Small Heath, Alum Rock etc are "bad" for Bham's image and others would argue, no its good. Others would comment and say that areas like Edgbaston are good. It's all a matter of personal preference. YOU should go there, everyone and experience it for yourself really. I think there are many citiies in the UK that are "good" like Manchester, London, L'pool and parts of the South Coast of england. It does depend on what you as an individual are looking for. Therefore Islam is different in each of the cities, some are ore religiously orientated like parts of London such as Oxford Circus and some northern bits. The beauty of Islam can be seen in many cities of the United kingdom, the Republic of Ireland and so forth. Please do not make wide sweepin generalisations, as some members/public reading this may get offended. Think of the good parts of the cities like excellent transport facilities, accessibility etc. Forgive me if i have offended or insulted anyone, for that is not my intention. Islam in England and oter parts of the British Isles is of course going to be different because rememeber, from a Sociological point of view, we are a "Capitalist" society, and Psychologists would argue in a similar fashion and label us as a "Individualistic" society. Everyone has their opinions which are largely subjective and based on our own experiences, biases and the like. Now my question is, personally, if you wanted to practise more Islam (like wearing the Jubbah, Jilbaab, the Hijaab, supporting a beard, going to more classes like Tajweed, conferences, events etc , which city would you move to and why? Peace to all Wasalamu alaykum wr
  7. 20 Exam Tips For Students

    :sl: wr dear brother :sl: for sharing those tips, didn't think of some of them. Insha'Allah will try and remember them. I'd advise everyone who can access them online to print them and pass them onto friends, and those who do not have access to the internet etc. Insha'Allah it can benefit them too. There are also numerous dua that one can recite, before, after or at the end of an exam. Insha'Allah i shall put them on this thread once i've got the correct references from the Quraan. Will try to put the arabic on too if i can find out how to. Once again, dear Chrism Jazakallhu Khayran for sharing them. :WS: everyone.
  8. Hi, cannot believe what i just read, that is just plain nasty. Any tips to combat against this sort of crime and nasty stuff? WOuld appreciate it
  9. Islam in England

    Assalamu alaykum wr nouran and the others wow interetsing position you have. I believe that it is a violation of our rights and that Brown is tackling this whole terrorist issue from the wrong perspective, giving the impression that only muslims are capable of such appauling behaviour. His commens are always related to our scoeity, i mean where does he propse to get the money from for his activities? Us tax payers of course right? Its going to make life difficult for us muslims in Britain, will continue my points tomorrow insha'Allah
  10. Assalamu alaykum wr Jazakallahu khayran to all those people who have participated in my research. Turns out i only needed 30 people and have got them now. All details will remain confidential at all times and used for statistical analysis only. Thread is now closing.
  11. Courseowrk- Psychology

    :SL; wr Jazakallahu khayran to all those people who have participated in my research. Turns out i only needed 30 people and have got them now. All details will remain confidential at all times and used for statistical analysis only. Thread is now closing. W/salm wr
  12. Courseowrk- Psychology

    :D wr amani: yup sis you done it correctly. sorry for the confusion. i have update the questions so that they are correct with the questionnaire, i have also updated the questionnaire (corrected spelling mistakes). Please now downlad the modified version insha'Allah, you will need to read the instructions first. Wslm
  13. Courseowrk- Psychology

    :D :D to all those sisters and brothers who have participated. I need 7 more females and males to take part. W/slm
  14. Courseowrk- Psychology

    Assalamu alaykum wr i am doing coursework at the moment and i need participants, both male and female to take part. It is a simple questionnaire regarding behaviour. The instructions are attached to this post. If you would like to take part, please do read them before doing the questionnaire. Once you have done the questionnaire, please attach it to your reply/post, or PM it me. If that doesn't work, you can email it to me. I need around 25 people, 10 male and 15 female by next week. So if you have a few minutes, please do take the time to help me insha'Allah. All data will be burned/deleted once it has been used, no one will have access to any private information/data. W/slm
  15. Personal Statement

    Assalamu alaykum warahmatullah Below i have pasted my Personal statement. This is a statement which will be going to the University Admissions officer and needs to relate to the chosen degree. I have done many drafts and here is my latest one. I would welcome feedback from all, negative or positive. Please do take the time to help me in this process, i would like as many people to view it as possible insha'Allah. Okay here goes: My ambition is to continue my education, full time at your university to study Human Psychology. I have a long lasting interest in Psychology because I find it very stimulating and fascinating. I consider it as an indispensable subject in which there is a wealth of information still to be uncovered. Having enjoyed my A levels, I have participated in many extra curricular activities which has furthered my commitment to people and Psychology. I worked at ******** Primary School with children aged 4 & 5 in year 10. I participated in many activities such as spatial awareness, games and handwriting. This experience taught me patience is important when working with children and it also activated my academic interest in behaviour. In 2003/04 I was awarded the Geography Award for demonstrating, commitment, enthusiasm and outstanding work to my lessons. By taking part in the Financial Literacy Project based at Connexions in February 2004, I increased my awareness of finance and good spending. In 2005 I joined the Young People’s Reference Group in conjunction with Connexions. As a group, we discuss issues relevant to us and give our verdicts on forthcoming policies and procedures. This has improved my team building skills and I have developed a sense of belonging. The International Children’s Games at ********* University in 2005 where I volunteered, enabled me to play a vital role in assisting with the smooth running and organisation of the premier sporting event in the city of *********. I provided reassurance, advice and acted as a point of contact to the delegates. At the Volunteer Training Event held at ********* University, I learnt about good practice, child protection in Sport, understanding the games, customer care, problem solving and decision making. One of my hobbies includes Kick Boxing. I was awarded the red belt in 2005. I have learned strength is mandatory in this sport. It has also increased my self-confidence immensely and I can work both as part of a team and independently successfully. I participated in the Year 12 Global Citizenship conference held in June 2006. I was allocated the role of Team Leader for my group. I obtained a practical insight into our global responsibilities and how Disaster Management works. It was a spectacular day where I worked with a variety of people from a range of schools. As a result I developed my skills of negotiation, sharing ideas, discussion and problem solving. In June 2006 I began volunteering at the largest Oxfam store in England. I work on the shop floor assisting the staff and providing a service to the public. This has helped to widen my intercommunication skills. My first job was working as a Casual Supervisory assistant for ********* ****** School. I worked part time maintaining a healthy and clean environment for students to have their lunch. This position improved my self confidence and I learnt the value of taking responsibility which has enabled me to be more independent. I feel I am prepared to take on further challenges and opportunities and I’m looking forward to broaden my knowledge on my future career at your university. I would welcome you giving me the chance to further my ambition. *********=personal information that the reader cannot have access to but it shall be included in the final version of my statement insha'Allah Once again,i welcome any feedback insha'Allah. Wa alaykumus salam warahmatullah