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  1. Ideal Age For Marriage?

    :D hmmm been a long time since i've wandered out of the sisters' room... oh well. i, personally, think it all depends, along with many others here. there's so many factors that play into whether or not a person gets married, that age isn't really a predominant factor. i'll be getting married... probably after i finish my bachelor's degree and the one i kindly refer to as 'that guy i'm going to marry' finishes his master's. so i'll be... 20, i guess, and he'll be 22... or 23, depending on when exactly he finishes.
  2. Islam in Saudi Arabia

    :D since when? my cousin got hers taken away. :D that's how it is in the majority of the middle east, though. as for my view of saudi, i can't say i find it particularly beautiful... the one thing that gets me about the country is the harshness of the rules. well, some of them anyway. have no time to add anything else, peace yo.
  3. Sa Hotel Opens Women-only Floor

    :D my thoughts exactly... i get the point of women being waited on by females, but if we're meant to be travelling with a mahram and everything, what's the point?
  4. "we"

    :D every time some one types the word we in their posts, i've noticed it turns up to be a link... it says 'click here for rule four' or something like that, and the link itself is to the board rules, but on my machine it links to the front page when i click it... what's up with that? :D
  5. Gender Forums And Useful Topics

    i see not the difference. and using a dot is ugly. and i have a rather large mouth. therefore... >______> heh. but yeah, i wasn't sure about the different rooms at first, but they're useful (at least the girl's one is).
  6. How Does A Farmer Count His Cows?

    :D tee hee hee. anything with cows in it is bound to be funny. very "punny."
  7. Gender Forums And Useful Topics

    :D pah, 'sif yap yap yap all day. there are a lot of things i've seen that us girls just don't feel comfortable talking about with boys around. especially when we're meant to be the modest, sweet little things we are. >_< SO LAY OFF!!! grrrr... ^_^ and most of the topics in the sister's room end up being "idle chit chat" so we're just making it easier on the mods by keeping most of the topics in there and not in the general area.
  8. Terri Schiavo's Case

    i'm sorry but isn't suicide the INTENTIONAL killing of one's self? and to you, bro mansoor, i really don't know. it's obviously hard, but if they absolutely cannot afford it, what can they do? some people have started making these living wills, i think thats what they're called anyway, where they state what they want to happen to them if they become terminally ill and the family can't afford to continue trying to fight for them... but even with these, there's a lot of gray area in the interpretation of certain things. the problem, as i see it, is there's no way they can pass a bill that would be able to cater to ALL of these cases, because they're all different in their own right.
  9. Donkey News

    :D cuz you know how those donkeys are... such criminals.
  10. Terri Schiavo's Case

    :D yeah, but with her it's not exactly an assisted suicide, its more of just taking her off of life support. she's already in a hospice, which is basically the last stop... they're not given anything to make them better, just to ease the pain. i personally think she deserves peace, whatever form it may come in.
  11. Happy St. Patrick's Day All.

    :D lol, i think this whole thing about st patricks day has been made more and more absurd throughout time. now its all about pubs and stuff. but yes, yank and all the other non-muslims: happy belated st paddy's day. (hope ya find that pot o' gold at the end of the rainbow.) lol, sif. :D as for wishing people that arent of your religion a happy whatever, i don't see what's wrong with it. makes you seem... more jovial and whatnot. i wish everybody a happy eid... you know, when it IS eid. :D but yeah, spread the good tidings!
  12. Women Should Rethink

    :D good to see that SOME people aren't following the crazy britney spears/paris hilton/lets-wear-next-to-nothing fashion trend. yay for modesty. :D
  13. Chat

    :D why not just get an irc channel or something? that'd be pretty interesting, acutally...
  14. Shellac !?

    :D "you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_www.vegansociety(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/html/animals/exploitation/shellac.php"]?[/url] maybe... :D hm... learn something new every day. fancy that. :D :D
  15. Who Is The First Woman To Lead Jumma

    :D um... yeah. :D you think it might be a possibility that she thinks she's right? :D :D not everything has to be some huge evil plot to destroy Islam. however, yes... hypocricy is a sign of our times. hope she realizes what she's doing.
  16. Egypt Unveils Plans To Move Ramses Statue

    :D i think that's pretty good that they're moving it.. as for ancient egypt... meh, all civilazations have their flaws, they're amazing to study.
  17. Superb Laptop For Sale!

    :D :D how much for the bear? B)
  18. Arabic Translation ?

    :D motorolla:ãæÊæÆæáÇ "intelligence everywhere": Ã?ßÇÃ? Ã?í ßá ãßÇä name:ÇáÃÓã telephone (if you mean like tel #):ÑÞã ÇáåÇÊÃ? otherwise telephone: åÇÊÃ? mobile: ÌæÇá email:ÈÑíÃ? ÅáßÊÑæä ƒÂ­ >_< sorry i dunno the other two.. never really used them and/or i've forgotten them.
  19. A Level Exams Coming Up :(

    :D brother genetic_freak, i don't know exactly how the a-levels are done, but when we did out ib exams, we had taken mock exams to get ready for them... like, past papers and stuff.. i'm sure you've got all the stuff in your head. my one tip: get lots of rest before the exams and eat apples. ^_^ they help wake you up more than coke and pepsi would. ... okay, another tip: don't cram!!! it helps like, nothing. :D
  20. Ambiguous Words On Clothing

    :D well with sayings like 'lucky fcuk' and 'fcuk high school,' it's obvious they're trying to skirt along the edge of being profane, but not QUITE doing it.
  21. Where Is Best

    :D brother, i wish i could help, but the only one i really know about in that list of yours is mcgill. cheap-ish for a good quality education and there's LOTS of muslims in montreal. it's one of my options in transferring to in the next year. i'm not too sure about their engineering program, but i could ask around for you if you want.
  22. Sos!

    :D sis, if this is what you're talking about: "you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_img139.exs.cx/img139/5264/untitled7kj.jpg"]here[/url] just type in the information like it is there (in the range from A1 to... C3.) then click on the chart wizard and it SHOULD give you that chart.
  23. University Courses/degree

    yeah, that's too true. but just cuz you're good at it, doesn't mean it's right for you. :D but yeah, guys would probably have to worry about this stuff more than girls. gotta get teh money to feed the family. :D
  24. University Courses/degree

    um... thanks. right now i'm studying something i hate to do something i hate, i'd much rather do something i'm passionate about.
  25. Ghandi

    :D their religious status, probably not. but them as people, most definitely so. and i'm talking about gandhi here. amazing person, he was.