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  1. Islam In Algeria

    Beard and hijab are not banned to imprisonment because i went there last year and saw many women wearing hijab and as few men sporting a respectable beard! I assume there are a number of sheikhs who are upon the correct manhaj.
  2. Not Wearing The Veil?

    As salamu alikum I understand and do agree with your point. For those people who are now more determined, i cannot understand why? Just to 'go against' straw?
  3. I Need To Make A Khutba This Friday...

    As slamu alikum I once did a khutbah, kind of a surprise actually. I didn't know i had to do it until 30 mins or so before. Funnily enough i had read a story on an Islamic forum (either here or ummah(contact admin if its a beneficial link)) and thought, wow, i'll just read them that! Afterwards i spoke a little bit about the story and then we prayed. (www.)"you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_www.blessedquietness(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/journal/homemake/tv2.htm"]you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_www.blessedquietness(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/journal/homemake/tv2.htm[/url] was the story but it was Islamicified =) It's got a nice twist at the end. (www.)"you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_www.khutbah(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/"]you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_www.khutbah(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/[/url] may also privde you with ideas. Wa alikum salam
  4. Google

    As salamu alikum It could very well be fake. Even if it isn't it could be a google bomb. google that! (eg: "miserable failure") Wa alikum salam
  5. Why Does Anila Baig Work For 'the Sun'?

    As slamu alikum Maybe she wants to help change the perception of muslims to readers of the sun. Who's to say she can't write for that paper? Wa alikum salam
  6. Muslimah Designer

    As salamu alikum In addition to what has been written above, a few ideas: - ebay - get in touch with exisitng Islamic stores - Islamic internet stores (maybe send samples) - setup a webstore and promote it - spread the message around friends and family - take them to the Masjid and show other sisters whats on offer. - setup a stall at various Islamic events wa alikum salam
  7. Azhar Usman Responds To Yvonne Ridley's Article

    As salamu alikum I think he has raised many good points. However, i also think he has approached the response in the wrong way. A more carefull response, with less sarcasm, would be much better and to the point. Writing angry, insulting and venemous letters won't get anybody anywhere! Wa alikum salam
  8. Arabic Stuff

    As salamu alikum I think dangerous is 'khateer' and poor is 'miskeen'. Dont quote me on that though. Wa alikum salam.
  9. Devil Worship :s..

    As salamu alikum I just come across these coments on the article: :D Interesting .. Walikumsalam
  10. Devil Worship :s..

    As salamu alikum I wasn't even aware of such superstition either until i happend to read about it online. I also read that particular BBC article and was quite shocked. Quite frankly it seems that this 666/satanchruch business is just a big money making scheme. (apart from those weird people..!) Wa alikum salam
  11. Really, Really Need Help...

    As salamu alikum I dont know if youve sorted this but i think its only possible to display transparent backgrounds on some browsers.. Wa alikum salam
  12. The Sudden Death Of A Soccer Player....

    Yes, of many.
  13. Is This True?

    From the dictionary: - A place that is regarded as the center of an activity or interest. - A goal to which adherents of a religious faith or practice fervently aspire. - A place visited by many people: a mecca for tourists. i think the word is more commonly used nowadays because of the significance in Islam, ie, its known that mecca attracts millions each year.
  14. Mosques Are Struggling

    Not just in London, we dont have that sort of thing in our Masjid either (s.wales). MashAllah, there are people from all over the world at the Masjid i attend. Wa alikum salam
  15. Favorite Quotes

    "better to be judged by 12, rather than carried by 6"