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  1. Q For The Westerners

    Peace be with you Jihad4ever, Thank you for your kindness but for now I would prefer to keep dialogs public if you don't mind. May God extend His Mercy on us both. Amen. Peace, Love and Blessings,
  2. Q For The Westerners

    Peace be with you always Jihad4ever, Well, that is just able the nicest Da'wah (invitation) to Islam I have had and frankly I think it's much more effective than attempting to argue history or some other negative methods that I have seen but I must say, with all due respect to you jihad4ever, I'm not convinced that Islam is a religion of love and compassion. I say this with absolutely not desire to offend you or any Muslim who is struggling to live a moral life praising the glory of God. The Catholic Church recognizes Islam in it's understanding of God's Plan of Salvation for man as much as they claim the religion of Abraham. I am informed by this teaching as a Christian so I have hope in the Salvation of Muslims but I would be remise to not recognize the level of violence within Muslim Culture. I continue to hold all my faith in the Catholic Christian Faith. But let me thank you for giving me a brief moment of peace among your people. Blessings to you and your family. Amen. Peace, Love and Blessings,
  3. Q For The Westerners

    In nomine Jesu I offer you peace jihad4ever, Thinking of repenting? I repent my sins every day! And you are right, I have never regreted it. Praise be to God. Peace, Love and Blessings,
  4. Are you happy?

    In nomine Jesu I offer you all peace, I find happiness in the care and happiness I give to others, not in my faith and not out of what I get out of this life. Those would be rewards in themselves. Peace, Love and Blessings,
  5. Q For The Westerners

    In nomin Jesu I offer you peace jihad4ever, I am an orthodox Catholic Christian first before I am a Westerner but I understand the meaning of your question so I would answer that I personally think that Muslims are similar to any other group of people in which you find some good and some not-so-good. As a non-muslim, I question highly the rationale that war (of any kind) is to be rewarded in the hereafter. One thing I believe we can agree, God gave us all "Free-will" to sow what reward or punishment we desire on earth for the hereafter so I don't see the rationale for reward in a "people of God" subjugating those same people God Himself was not willing to subjugate. It doesn't seem very godly if that is what the mujahideen are striving for "Godliness". "Do to others whatever you would have them do to you. This is the law and the prophets." I think there are many reasons people "go-to-war" but mostly out of impatience and pride. Both of which are sins in my faith. When you understand the nature of conflict, you will repent. :D Peace, Love and Blessings,
  6. In your own words...

    Peace be with you absha007, I hope I find you in good health. It is your ignorance about Islam.There was not shahadah?.ofcourse there was 'Lailaha Illallah'. That is not the complete Shahadah now is it? So how can anyone be initiated into Islam with the second part of the Shahadah? Now, who is ignorant. I am circumcised as well as just about everyone that I know receives circumcision. I pray the Liturgy of the Hours 5 times a day as well with bended knees. You really should know more about Catholicism, friend. We are not Protestants we practice that full expression of our faith as it was handed down from Jesus Christ and His Apostles. What do you know about Christ and His Apostles 500 years later? l dont think you are respecting any prophets(pbuh) of God in the bible.Even Jesus(pbuh) is not well respected in the Bible.Bible says he called his mother virgin Mary(pbuh) 'woman' 'woman'.Bible 1st John chapter 2 verse 1 to 11 says Jesus(pbuh) made wine(naoodubillah) and people became intoxicated after drinking it.So what is the message we get from the that story?.That we can drink intoxicants?.That alcohol is permissible?.Where is the so called respect there?.Bible says other prophets were currupt.Some of them had sex with their own children....some had 700 wives....and you say you pay reverence.Correct me if i am wrong. Trust me, the Holy Mother Mary is "greatly" respected in Catholicism. Wine is used with temperance, friend. We emulate Jesus Christ as you emulate your Prophet and we don't dispute that Oneness of God. It has never been our teaching that there are "three" God's. This is really a misunderstanding of what Islam is.......We dont have any problem in accepting all prophets(pbut).But you have.....when we say 'There is no god but Allah and Mohammed is the messenger of Allah' it means we indirectly accept all prophets that came before Mohammed(pbuh).Mohammed(pbuh) is the seal of prophets.If you are a person who stands for truth you have to learn Islam properly before making any statements that doesn't suit with our faith. We study the old Prophets. Your Scripture merely glosses over their stories. How do you study that old Prophets? Qur'an appears to comment a lot on things but doesn't delve deeply into them. How do you learn more about the Prophets in your religion? What do you know about Islamic history?.All the contents in your post shows to me that you dont know anything about Islam and its history.Even i dont think you have read Qur'aan and studied about the life our prophet(pbuh) I know that the last person that stated that was crucified as Jesus was. Peace, Love and Blessings,
  7. In your own words...

    Does this mean that in the catholic faith, the catholics believe that the son of God has brothers? i.e. are there more sons of God? It's been about 2000 years now, do the son of Gods have kids? I have 3 kids within 4 years :D Peace be with you gsxk, I hope I find you in good health during your fasting of Ramadan. As I understand you are jesting I will not take offense. With our initiation into our faith we are Baptized, Confirmed and then Anointed into the Church, which is the "spiritual" Body of Christ (i.e. the ummah which comprise the members of those who accept the teachings of Jesus Christ and His Apostles). As such a member we are adopted by God as Son in the same spirit as Jesus Christ. So we share in Sonship with God through Christ. Complex metaphysics but just as complex as explaining how the Word of God comes from the mouth of the Prophet. :D Peace, Love and Blessings,
  8. George W Bush Wins

    Peace be with you Itacri, Your very right on this observations. One thing that I think 9/11 has done to Americas is to refocus us on renewal. When you look at Islam and Muslims we may disagree with a lot of the details but one thing we greatly admire is their convictions and their moral compass (knowing right from wrong). This is something that has been eroding in the West for a long time and we have an oportunity for renewal of our moral values. When Muslims call us the Land of the Great Satan it does not bring us joy. It brings us shame and sadness and we recognize that we need to return to our core religious values and return to being a Godly Country. Although this manifests as a renewal of Christianity it is also possible that it will increase of faith-based communities like Islam as well and that is how it should be. How can we vote for someone who wishes to allow the Marriage of Homosexuals and increase Abortion? Are these not great sins to God? Peace, Love and Blessings,
  9. Peace be with you all, I am a Catholic Christian but I would like to know what are all the individual parts of your salah prayer at the different parts of the day and night? Could someone do that for me? Thank you. Peace, Love and Blessings,
  10. God in Bible and Quraan

    Peace be with you all, Clearly you have never been at a disaster site, where the lamentation of the people are heard throughout the night, like the earthquake victims in Iran. With no power and no water the night is filled with the sorrow of the simple folk of the Lord. If you had you would never forget the cries "why O Lord" echoing in the depths of your soul as you sift the old and the young from the rubble. It rocks you to your core, friend and you cry all day and all night for those who are less fortunate than you. If you would have experienced such horror, you would understand this laminations in the old testament and understand them for what the are, the cries of a people in the face of abject terror. Please don't use the lamentations of these poor souls to further your own personal apologetics, it is offensive to God. Peace, Love and Blessings,
  11. How Can the Muslims Reclaim Their Honour?

    Peace be with you all, I, a Catholic Christian, even got much value from this post. Thank you for sharing. Peace, Love and Blessings,
  12. Have you read this book?

    Peace be with you all, I have a wonderful translation of the Qur'an and I have read much of it. I find it very enlightening and much inline in areas with my own Holy Scripture (The Catholic Bible) which I might add continues to be in their canonized originals of Greek and Latin to this day in the Vatican as well as much of the original aramaic and Hebrew versions as well. English translations of the Catholic Bible have been written and rewritten throughout history to serve better the different denominations which splintered from the Holy Mother Church and her originals in Aramaic, Hebrew, Greek and Latin in the Vatican. But rest assured I have a very good translation of the Qur'an as well as a good Exhaustive Concordance which I use for study. Peace, Love and Blessings,
  13. How Non muslims describe this image?

    Peace be with you Al Faqueer, Not wishing to join you in a juvenile game of "mine is bigger than yours" I will only comment that the Vatican hosts a number of Feasts throughout the year which brings great numbers of the faithful to her door but of course our religion doesn't demand a hajj to any location by our faithful as your precepts do. A pilgrimage is aways voluntary as the Holy Spirit moves the individual but rest assured we have many throughout the world. It is our tradition that "narrow is the gate that leads to life and few take it". Understanding this, I am aware that regardless of the numbers of people who "trek" here or pilgrimage "there" such acts do not "in and of themselves" mean nothing if the heart is not open to receive God's Grace. If one's heart is open to God's Grace, one honestly doesn't need to go anywhere for surely God is everywhere. If the Islamic hajj serves to open one's heart to God's Grace, then it is a worthwhile endeavor, if it does not then it is merely a empty ceremony. I pray that it is the former and not the later. Amen. Peace, Love and Blessings,
  14. In your own words...

    This is the difference between Islam and Christianity when it comes to the matter of prophet hood.Islam accept and respect all prophets of Allah(swt) as equal.But christianity accepty just Jesus(pbuh) only and giving all other prophets a bad charectership in the bible. Muslims doesn't make any discriminatin between Allah(swt)'s prophets(pbut).They all came with same mission.Lalilah Illallah(there is no God but Allah) was their slogan and they were all Muslims. Salaam Hassan Peace be ever with you absha007, I hope I find you well and observing your fast of Ramadan. May God continue to bless you. Amen. So only people who speak the Shahadah and pray the Salat are righteous? How then was Noah righteous? There was not Shahadah and Salat was not established by Muhammad ibn Abdullah (remember his bargain with God?) How is it possible for anyone before Muhammad ibn Abdullah to be righteous without his precepts and bargains in place? I'm very sorry friend but your narrow view of righteous doesn't seem to explain the righteousness of all who came before Muhammad ibn Abdullah. With regard to Christianity. We respect, study and pay reverence toward all the Prophets found in Holy Scripture but will recognize the fulfillment of Prophet-hood that was uniquely acheived by the Messiah, Jesus Christ. Perhaps I will forward you the PM I sent to Mansoor and Little-Madhi so you will understand? With regard to Muslims equally recognizing all the Prophets, that appears to be a farce I don't see you doing anything but emulating Muhammad Ibn Abdullah. In fact, you even elevate Him above the rest by giving him the added title of Seal of the Prophets. What would you do if someone say the Shahadah: I believe in God, the only God, and Jesus Christ was His Prophet. Check your history before you answer this one. Peace, Love and Blessings,
  15. What is the desert...

    Peace be with you Muezza, May God continue to bless you and bring you His peace. Amen. It is important to have perspective, Muezza. To recognize the humanity within us all and to respect that we each come in our own traditions to the feet of our God humble, repentent and seeking His Grace. Peace, Love and Blessings,