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  1. That Johnny Is So Witty

    :D ahahahahhahahah.. thats smart.. :D :D :D :D
  2. Don't Eat That Little Yellow Thing!

    :D :D ... dont understand
  3. Europe V Italy

    :D hahahahahaahahha :D :D :D :D that was hilariousss.. my favourite was the parking one.. i'vee seen that happen hahaha
  4. Cnn Funniest Joke

    :D :D .. makes me sad.. what if i collapsed. what kinda friend would that bee hahaha :D but the operator shoulda been more specific :D thanks for that 'friend of all'
  5. Year Of The Dog - Bad News For Dogs!

    :D whoaaa barbequed ####roaches.. thats disgusting :D i wish they'd come over here and barbeque my ####roaches.. then maybe i wouldnt need anyother ####roach remover :D ..giraffe??.. i wonder how that would taste :D
  6. I'll Give You A Cookie

    :D :D :D .. i dont like this joke.. poor kid.. even i dont know how to spell that.. does that mean i dont get a cookie? :D ... well if i do.. i'll give him mine.. and i agree with you imaan throwing rocks at morris and sarah and the teacher!! i liked the kids name though sounded sophisticated B)
  7. Year Of The Dog - Bad News For Dogs!

    :D a poor dogs.. :D thats soo sad.. i didnt know chinese people ate dogs :D .. hahaha put a sign on the dog that reads " im a rabbit" .. hilarious :D what if dogs go extint.. whoa .. now thats gonna be weird.. 40 million dog meat.. each year??.. what if it increases.. then no more dogs!.. now i got nothing to be afraid of :D
  8. Islam in Somalia

    salaamu alaikum SOMALIAAAAA :D ...somalia toso.. toso iskuteer sathaye :D if you understand its the anthem :D well.. anybody that knows it can continue :D salaams
  9. Beautiful Screensaver Of Masjid-al Haram

    :D they are beautiful bro... thanks for sharing :D
  10. Asda Prawn Crackers

    really?.. i did not know that :D
  11. Nasheed Lyrics

    Supplication - by: Sami Yusuf Allahumma salli 'ala, Sayyidina, Muhammadin an-Nabiyyi al-ummiyyi, Wa 'ala alihi wa sahbihi wa sallim. (O Allah, send your peace and blessings upon our Master Muhammad, the Unlettered Prophet, and upon his family and companions.) O My Lord, My sins are like The highest mountain; My good deeds Are very few They’re like a small pebble. I turn to You My heart full of shame, My eyes full of tears. Bestow Your Forgiveness and Mercy Upon me. Ya Allah, Send your peace and blessings On the Final Prophet, And his family, And companions, And those who follow him.
  12. Nasheed Lyrics

    Ya Mustafa - By: Sami Yusuf Mustafa, Mustafa, Mustafa. Ya Mustafa ya Mustafa ya Mustafa Allahumma salli 'alal Mustafa (O Allah send your blessings on the Chosen One) Mustafa Mustafa Mustafa Solo You’re our prophet, Our beloved, Truly you are, Most just and kind (3) Chorus Allahumma salli 'alal Mustafa Mustafa Mustafa Mustafa Ya Mustafa ya Mustafa ya Mustafa You’re the Guide Sent by Allah To lead us Towards the light (3) Chorus (x2) In your manners And in your deeds All the Prophets You did exceed (3)
  13. Nasheed Lyrics

    Meditation - By:Sami Yusuf Assalatu wa as-salamu 'alayk 'alayka ya Rasul Allah, Assalatu wa as-salamu 'alayk 'alayka ya Habib Allah; Assalatu wa as-salamu 'alayk, 'Alayka ya sayyidi, (3) 'Alayka ya sayyidal awwalina wal akhirin. Peace and salutations upon you O Messenger of Allah, Peace and salutations upon you O Beloved of Allah; Peace and salutations upon you, Upon you O my Master, (3) Upon you O Master of the first (generations) and the last (generations).
  14. Nasheed Lyrics

    The Creator - By: Sami Yusuf La ilaha illa Allah (There is no god but Allah) He created the plants and trees He created the birds and bees He created the oceans and seas Some of His many bounties He made us on earth trustees To obey all His decrees Oh Allah have mercy please, Clean away our hearts’ disease Chorus Jalla Allahu fi 'oulah (Glorified is Allah in His loftiness) Ma lana rabbun siwah (We have no lord but He) La ilaha illa Allah Awwalun qablal wujud (He is the First before existence) Akhirun Ba'dal khulud (He is the Last after eternity) Mutlaqun 'anil hudud (Absolute is He above any limits) Wajibun lahus sujud (Obligatory it is to prostrate to Him) Rabbun wahibul hayah (The Lord who bestows life) Mujrir rihi wal miyah (He makes the wind and water surge) Fadhat binnada yadah (His blessings are overflowing) Tuba lilladhi hadah (Successful is he whom He guides) Chorus He gave the day and night He gave us our sense sight He created the sun so bright And the moon so pure and white He saved from our plight He led us towards the light He led us to the straight path Through his mercy and his might Chorus Lord of the earth and the sky Lord the mountains so high Lord of the day and the night Lord of joy and delight
  15. Nasheed Lyrics

    Allahu - By: Sami Yusuf Chorus Allahu Allahu Allahu Allahu Allahu Allahu Truly He is the One He has no father or son Everything in creation was by Him begun With His infinite power anything could be done Ask Allah for His Pardon And you’ll enter the Garden Chorus Before Him there were none Of partners He has none He knows what is apparent and what is hidden All the fate of creation has already been written His Will is always done And can never be undone Chorus From amongst all humans Muhammad was chosen He was illiterate and he was an orphan Yet Allah sent him to those who were pagans Oh Allah let us drink From his hand in the fountain Chorus Ya Allah You’re the Sovereign You’re the Sultan of Sultans Please protect me from Shaytan and all of his treason Let him not with his whispers my iman ever weaken My only wish in this life Is to attain Your Pardon