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  1. 10 Stupid Questions

    lol but mine are better :D
  2. Future predictions

  3. the boy with a tumour for a face

    Mash'Allah the boy is sooo cute
  4. How old are you?

  5. My Conversion to Islam

    Please share your story sis
  6. How old are you?

  7. A Lesson on observation

  8. Islam in England

    Jazak'Allah Khair sis maryam, that is very beneficial
  9. How many children do you want?

    Insh'Allah my children will be home schooled!!
  10. Surrounded by Muslims

    Surrounded by Muslims Two business men seated on an airplane noticed a Muslim man sitting in front of them, one of the men says to the other with a wink, "I was going to go to Africa until I found out that half the country is Muslim so I don't want to go there". The other man says, "We'll how about Saudi Arabia then?" The first man says "No way, that place is loaded with those Muslims too." The other man suggests a trip to the US but his companion says "The Muslims have spread out over the whole country every time I turn around there I bump into one." The men are watching the Muslim, and can see that the Muslim man is fidgeting and getting kind of agitated about their conversation. The fellow who started the teasing decides to really get him mad and says "I really wanted to go to Pakistan but that place is crawling with Muslims" At this the Muslim man has had it and finally turns around in his seat and sweetly says to the men, "Why don't you both go to hell? There's hardly any Muslims there!"
  11. Ever been mistaken for you age?

    once my sis got mistaken for my dad's wife :D
  12. Funniest Signature

    IslamicBrother has to have my vote :D
  13. How many children do you want?

    i love kids I'd love to have about lodzzzz a whole house full of them about 8/10 mujahids amd mujahidas wud do :D
  14. Before it starts!

    :woot: lol i thought the same thing
  15. 10 Stupid Questions

    this is my fav it's summit i wud ask!! :D