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  1. e-books

    One location came up in the search was the ebooks section here. So I am hoping that one of the members here would have the Ibn Kathir tafsir .....
  2. Islam in India - Home to the...

    Assalam Walaikum Wouldn't you count China with its estimated 200 million muslims as the second largest population?
  3. How I came to Islam

    Mash'Allah... It little things can do more to change our attitude about life than big earth shaking things.... Of course, I woudn't call getting out alive from that accident a little thing... :D (the little thing was saying bismillah' before the journey).
  4. e-books

    Assalam Walaikum Please brothers and sisters... I have looking to download the ibn-kathir tafsir (english) ebook and as the "http://tafsir"]tafsir[/url] is down, and the ebooks section here is gone for good, does anyone have those file(s)? Jazkallahu khair
  5. Salam

    Asalamu alaikum. I used to be a member here beofre, but can't remember the name I used to log in with.... :D wa'salam