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  1. Quran Recitation

    Assalamualykum wr wb I don't know of any websites but there is a good forum where u can discuss Tajweed issues in depth as there are a lot of professional qaris/reciters posting there. Theres also this qari there who is a student of sheikh Tablawi of Egypt. qquran Inshallah this site will be very beneficial to you.
  2. Need a nasheed...

    Assalamualykum, Btw, he was one of sheikh abu bakr shatri's students aswell!! Assalamualykum
  3. Need a nasheed...

    Assalamualykum wr wb, I think I know which Nasheed youre talking about, I had it on cassette a few years ago, its by Qari Ziyad Patel of south Africa may be you can do a search for his personal site I think its qzp.co.za (not sure). Its a beautiful nasheed anyhow and as far as I know his own 5 year old daughter sang the first chorus!! Assalamualykum
  4. Lyrics of Al-Ghuraaba nasheed

    Assalamualykum wr wb, stumbled accross these, thought you'd like them!! "http://montclairmsa/temp/Ghurabah/Goraba1.mp3"]montclairmsa/temp/Ghurabah/Goraba1.mp3[/url] "http://montclairmsa/temp/Ghurabah/Goraba2.mp3"]montclairmsa/temp/Ghurabah/Goraba2.mp3[/url] "http://montclairmsa/temp/Ghurabah/Goraba2.mp3"]montclairmsa/temp/Ghurabah/Goraba2.mp3[/url] Let me know what u think! p.s. they remind me of the chipmunks (if u know what i mean)!! :D
  5. Hair

    Assalamualykum wr wb, As far as I know you can only cut it 1 finget tip length (about 1 inch), and this is only after you have completed the Umrah. People where I live consider having long hair as healthy and lucky, I dont know why anyone would want to cut it. :D :D
  6. ramadan +eating a question

    Assalamualykum wr wb, I think ure still gonna have to be more specific as there are different duas for different diseases. And the disease can be of 2 types 1. A biological disease (something wrong with your body) 2. Psychological/Mental disease.
  7. Sheikh Subayl

    Assalamualykum wr wb, No, not not in Preston but a close neighbour, Bolton, theres a new Masjid opened today and unfortunately I didnt go but Inshallah I'll find out who came. Sheikh sudais came Preston, I remember that, Alhamdulillah I went aswell had a great time!!! :D Wasalam
  8. Sheikh Subayl

    Assalamualykum, sorry couldnt post in the general discussion forum (somehow it says u have no permission). ok... does anyone know of sheikh subayl coming somewhere in the north west (of the u.k) theres an opening of a new masjid there and apparently hes going to come tomorrow (Jumuah). They were going to call Sheikh huzayfi or sudais but theyve a big job to do at the haramayn so they refused. Salaam
  9. Assalamualykum wr wb

    Assalamualykum wr wb bro's and sis, alhamdulillah i'm new to this forum, been viewing it for sometime now but never got the hidayah to join!, alhamdulillah I have now in this blessed month and inshallah i'll have a good time posting. Assalamualykum wr wb.