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  1. Think About These Verses...

    Wsalam, Beautiful indeed, Jazak Allah Kharon.
  2. Saddam Hussein Executed In Iraq

    It doesnt make sense that he was executed on Eid. I feel bad for him :sl:
  3. Fasting Today

    salam can someone tell me when that is please?
  4. My Conversion Of Islam

    Salams, welcome to the light :D
  5. Eid Mubarak Everyone!

    Asalam allekum bro's and sis's EID MUBARAK
  6. Why Do U Believe In God?

    Mashallah, beautifully said :D
  7. Keeping Fresh Breath

    Asalam allekum, You can still brush you teeth but without the toothpaste ofcourse, wash it with hot/warm water only, make sure after Sahari that you rinse your tongue out well aswell, besides that before sahari you should thoroughly brush and floss to avoid bad breath...
  8. :D That was truely beautiful......... :D
  9. 30 Days

    I am really interested in viewing it, does anyone know whether it will be available online at all?...as we may not get it here at all in Australia....
  10. :D May Allah swt reward you for your time and effort :D
  11. The Barakah Of Saying Bismillah

    :D thanks for sharing..:D
  12. Exaclty One Year

    salams, Congrats bro, :D Majority of us have benefitted greatly from this forum, ameen to your duas..
  13. Feel Scared!

    Salams, Fear only Allah(swt) he's the one in control of your destiny, these thoughts are invoked my shaytaan, be strong avoid areas and things that may lead you into those things and focus on your prayers..insha_allah everything will be alright
  14. Khutabah

    Salamallekum, Well he got the message across im sure.. :D :D
  15. Solutions For Dilemma..

    asalam allekum, That is a tough one, maybe the best thing to do would be all of them sitting down and talking about it out in the open so there is no bias and different versions of what actually happened but i guess that depends on what actually happened and how comfortable everyone is about the situation. This seems like a valid solution to me. Wsalam..