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  1. Posts

    Salaams, The why I reverted to Islam section would not post my conversion story!? :D Ramadan Mubarak!
  2. Awareness on magic(k)

    Salaams, What kind of "magic" are you referring to? :D
  3. Posts

    Salaams, Sometimes it refuses my posts even in the Islamic Sections! How come? :D :D
  4. Posts

    Salaams, How will I be able to get 50 posts,if it will not accept my post a lot of times??? :D
  5. Problems getting into some forums

    Salaams, I just wrote out a very long conversion story in the conversion to Islam section and to will not accept the post...WHY.....I have posted there once before and it was accepted! I really dodn't want to write the whole thing over again! :D :D
  6. An Icelander’s Journey to Light

    Salaams, A very moving and beautiful story Sister.......If I'm not being too nosy,do you wear Hijab? I'm American,but living in Norway at the moment,I wear both hijab and niqab and find the people here very,very rude.......how do the people in Iceland react to the hijab and niqab? Ramadan Mubarak :D :D
  7. A Canadian Student Discovers Islam

    Salaams, Beautiful story!........may Allah continue to guide you in HIs path and make it easy for you......Ramadam Mubarak! :D
  8. The Road to Truth

    Salaams, I really like lisening to Imam Siraj Wahhaj too....May Allah protect him! :D
  9. American Elections!

    Salaams, Please make strong dua for the American elections tomorrow!!! :D
  10. Islam in America

    Salaams, I'm from America and I think the American re-verts are some of the best Muslims (sorry to sound immodest :D .....one reason being Americans have no cultural "baggage" to deal with and we usually get into the "real" Islam of Qur'an and hadith when we re-vert!......I also believe that Islam is America's only hope....America cannot continue its present bullying and "terrioristic" path towards the rest of the world,partiicularly Muslim countries without incurring the wrath of Allah eventually!(would like to hear your comments on this ,particularly from Americans) :D :P
  11. Salaams, I was a Catholic cloistered nun.....needed a study project and choose to study Islam......and in the end left the monastery to become a Muslima......quite a long story...if interested,I willtell you about it....just let me know!....Ramadan Mubarak! :D :D
  12. Salaamu alaikum

    Welcome! would like to debate politics with you sometime!
  13. Salaams!

    Salaam Everyone, I was just told about this forun and just signed up....My user name is JennaAngel.....Look forward to chatting with you all! :D