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  1. Is It Allowed To Wear Lipstick While Fasting?

    I never did really understand the need for lipstick. But isn't Ramadan a time for heightened modesty? Is lipstick really necessary? Peace
  2. Halal Food

    az777, If you cannot find a halal-specific restaurant, could you not go to any well known restaurant and order something vegetarian or perhaps seafood based? There is a very good fish restaurant in Guildford which I very much enjoyed: Loch Fyne Centenary Hall Chapel Street Guildford GU1 3UH Tel: 01483 230550 Fax: 01483 230551 Peace
  3. Naming Muslim Children 'ishaaq'

    LOL yes! That name is probably avoided. Peace.
  4. The theory of evolution comes from our observance and comparisons of the similarities (anatomical and genetic) that exist between all the living organisms on our planet (whether a man or a mushroom). Of course there are missing pieces such as a lack of intermediate-form fossils etc. However, for the most part it works and we have more reason/evidence to believe in evolution than to believe that God created man and animals with His bare hands and placed them down onto Earth one at a time.
  5. Firstly, you ought to paste things less and rewrite in your own words. You are OK with women 'ruling the earth'? It's not about ruling. Your choice of words alone shows your anti-womanism. "I love this world, imagine a world where women rule the earth, she is the president, worker, laborer, engineering, doctor, airplane pilot, military women, etc and men are not needed and only used for sexual reasons and sperm."
  6. Is Hell In Islam Eternal?

    "O My slaves, I have forbidden Myself oppression and I have made it between you forbidden, so do not oppress one another." Muslim Is it not the greatest oppression to punish a human with an infinite hell (which is the worst torture in existence) for finite/limited sins? Just the concept of eternal punishment is disgusting: sustaining the existence of a creature indefinitely just to make it feel pain.
  7. That really was incomprehensible :sl: . You talk of '"The father have no rights to his children, have no right to teach his children, etc, he mate with a woman, she takes the children and he returns back to his mother's house where his mother takes care of him. A man there is used only for lifting heavy objects. Other areas in Africa, boys and girls are treated equally but when they grow up a little more, the boy is not allowed to do anything and the girl dominate her village. He is simply pushed aside not needed and not wanted. Other areas a woman marry a man and anytime she can divorce him, throw his stuff out, he leaves and she takes care of her stuff.", and you are right it shouldn't be like this. But you totally ignore the same happenings to women. Read the above in bold. Ring any bells? I think you are OK with male dominance but not female. True, there are terrible militant feminists out there but there are just as many, if not more, male sexists.
  8. Muslims Against Sharia?

  9. How Much Can U Win Over The Person Above You?

    Err :sl:
  10. Naming Muslim Children 'ishaaq'

    I do too. I'm sure some people do have that name. Am I mistaken to think people avoid this name though?
  11. Can A Good Muslims Also Be Secularist?

    Secularism isn't here to 'end' religion. It is a common set of laws where you are free to hold any belief you want. We may not agree with your beliefs but it is important that you have this right. I believe every country should be secular.
  12. Naming Muslim Children 'ishaaq'

    I come across parents who name their children after many of the prophets (using Arabic pronounciations, of course). Why, then, is it so rare to come across the name Ishaaq? Is it prohibited or disliked, perhaps because he was the father of your Jewish cousins?
  13. (atheists Beware)-u.s. State Blasphemy Law-

    Salaam, It's probably one of those out of date laws. We have many of those here in the UK, some very strange ones indeed. Peace
  14. A Little Miracle

    Salaam, I think you are. It's very vague. It's one of those things that you can make anything out of. I can also see 'GOD' written in English, it means nothing. To make sense of something, your brain ignores some of the irregularities to see something you already have a mental image/representation of inside. I also see two chromosomes :j: . Peace
  15. Verse 4:34 Of The Quran

    Salaam, Perhaps what you say is correct. But does it not provide the ideal setting for men to abuse such a 'discipline' and actually beat their wives without any objection from either society or the woman's part (perhaps because she is too afraid to convict her husband). And I am sure it does happen, more so in Muslim countries/families because men can get away with it by 'not following the cited verse correctly' (as you may try to defend by saying). Peace