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  1. Asma Ul Husna

    This is further confusing. I just want to know if Allah is part of Asma Ul Husna. Thank you though
  2. Asma Ul Husna

    ASalaam-O-Alikum, I am aware that there are 99 names of Allah. When I search the web for the whole list of the names, I am confused to find that some do not contain Allah as part of the 99 names which I thought was part of Asma Ul Husna. There are however some lists that do contain Allah as part of it. Please advise which is it? Is it part of the 99 names or no. Thank you.
  3. Muraqaba

    ASalaam-O-Alikum, Jazakala brother.
  4. Muraqaba

    ASalaam-O-Laikum: Does anyone know what Muraqaba is?
  5. What The Right Soloution For This

    A-Salaam-Alikum, I would say he should divorce her. Think of the time the story of Ibrahim (AS) and his daughter-in-law. According to an authentic Hadith, related by Al-Bukhari, Ibrahim visited his son, when Ismail was out on his business. He spoke to his daughter-in-law who did not know his relationship to her husband. He asked how they were and she started complaining, saying that they were going through hard times and went on complaining. Ibrahim then told her to give his greetings to her husband when he returned home and tell him to change his doorstep. Ismail understood his father's recommendation and divorced his wife. Later Ibrahim paid a second visit to Ismail and met his new wife when Ismail was away. When he asked her how they were, she praised God for His blessings and said that they were having plenty. Ibrahim asked her what they ate and drank, and she answered that they had meat to eat and water to drink. He prayed God to bless what they had and told her to greet her husband on his behalf and to tell him to retain his doorstep. In neither case was Ibrahim making his recommendation on the basis of personal like or dislike of the woman concerned. He felt in the first case that a woman who complains to any stranger and tells him about their hardship is not a good wife. Certainly if a wife who practices black magic is worst than a wife who complaints to a stranger because she is committing a major sin by doing what is forbidden by Allah.
  6. AOA Everyone. There are two incidents in which the Istihhaara was preformed and in one there was no indication and the other one it came out good. Here it is in detail: One mother preformed Istikhara for her daughter’s marriage and she didn't feel or see anything negative. After she was done, she came to a decision to marry her daughter off to the guy. They set the date for the wedding, did all the shopping, sent out the invitations. About 3 days before the Nika was to take place they discovered that the guy had been lying to them. They discovered that he had several surgeries and was ill. He had hid his illness from them. The whole thing ended. I guess it was a good thing they found out before the wedding took place. My question is why did it even come to that? When she did the Istikhara, why did she feel to go ahead with it? It was sort of an embarrassment for them to call people up and inform them the wedding was canceled. The girl and her family are devastated. Other incident: The father of the bride, who is a Molvi himself preformed the isthakara. It came out positive. The girl who is quite religious herself and a great (www.)"you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_glossary/glossary_m002.html#Muslim"]muslimah[/url] and a person, herself did it and came to the same result. The marriage took place. The guy was highly educated and quite religious. He had a beard and seemed like he would make a great husband. Well six years a couple of children later, we found out that throughout the marriage he beat her. Mistreated her. Abused her. Beat her so much she needed medical attention at times. She was an obedient wife and didn’t do or go against him in anyway to cause him to mistreat her. He was just evil and an animal. So my question is, why did the isthikhara come out positive?
  7. Mind

    AOA: Jaza Kala sister: But how could one's negative thinking cause someone else's negative action. For example, if a jealous and possive wife thinks that her husband is not sincere with her for no reason other then her own insecurities, would this negative thinking lead the husband to become insincere with her? What I am trying to say is that if someone always thinks positive, only positive things will happen and if one thinks negative, negative things will happen.
  8. Repel The Thought

    AOA Sounds true. Thank you for the post.
  9. Mind

    AOA: It is said that your mind is a powerful weapon, and if you allow negative thoughts to control it, you will increase the likelihood of negative things happening. My question is that do you think that the above statement is true and why? Jaza kala
  10. Death And Fate..

    AOA: As I understand it, Allah has full knowledge of what will happen. He knows everything that will take place. We however have the right to choose. If we choose to saty and follow what Allah has taught us through the Prophets(AS) we will go to heaven. If we choose to follow what Allah has forbidden and follow Shaitaan, we will go to Hell. Allah already knows what we will choose, therefore he knows what our fate is beforehand. Dosn't mean he chose it for us. he gave us free will and the right to choose between right and wrong. He is all knowing and sees all. Our fate is in our hands. Correct me if I am worng but that's what I believe.
  11. Istkhikara....

    AOA: The Isthikhara can be done by anyone and everyone who has a choice to make. We don't not know the result of our choices but Allah does, therefore we must ask for his guidence. As for your question, you should do it yourself and the guy can do it too. Your parents can do it as well. If it was me, I would do it myself and have a third party, maybe an Alim do it. Second question: You can either see your answer in a dream or you may just have a feeling in your heart as to which way to go. Your third question: I think what you are trying to say is that for example you have choice A and choice B. You are in favor of choice A and are hoping for a positive response in the Isthakara to your choice and are afraid that it may not be positive. If that is the case, don't worry, hope for the best and trust Allah. Leave it in his hands and let him decide. And: Abufray, please don't think that I am being critical or mean this in the bad way but I disagree with your following comment: "if the person is inclined towards making a choice, then he/she should not perform istikhara as he/she does not need Allah's Guidance." The purpose of the Isthakara is to seek Allah's guidence. If a person is inclined towards making a choice, that is when the Isthakara should be done beacuse he/she needs to ask Allah if it is the right choice that he/she is making. However, if a person is going to make the choice regardless, then yes the Isthakara should not be done. If they are just inclined towards a decision and are not sure, they should do Isthakara for sure. Forgive me if I have offended you in anyway. Salaam.
  12. Black magick (jaadu)

    AOA: Thank you for the well wishes. There is a way outof this all and when Allah wishes, I will be free of it, Inshallah. I wish you all the best as well and everyone who is effected by black magick/evil spirits/jinns, etc.
  13. Black magick (jaadu)

    AOA: Sister have you been diagnosed with black magic or you suspect that you may have it? Keep reciting Manzil. Go see a pious Amil who maybe able to help you break the spell. Also, recite the first Ruqu of Surah Al Bakra, Aytual Kursi, last Ruqu of Surah Al Bakra and 4 Quls and do dum on yourself. I hope Allah heals all of us who are suffering from this evil! Ameen!
  14. Gift From Allah

    What sort of gift? Please explain.
  15. Dreams

    AOA: Someone people say that what you see in a dream happening in reality the opposite will happen. For example if you want a job and you dream about getting the job, getting hired, does that mean you won't get the job? Please focus on the question being asked. The reason why I say this is becuase people tend to explain something different or tend to go off topic. Don't mean to offend anyone. Jaza Kala :D