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  1. Art Website

    Salaam all, :sl: I found this site and marshallah there is some nice artwork inside it! (you are not allowed to post links yet)"you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_you are not allowed to post links yetteakster.co.uk/"]you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_you are not allowed to post links yetteakster.co.uk/[/url] I like the peace image inside it! Wasalaam
  2. Art Website

    I like the art in the digital section! :sl:
  3. Salaam, Question:- Does anyone know of a site that translates words from english to arabic? I'll be grateful for your help!!! :D Wasalaam
  4. Locusts

    Errrr ....don't know!
  5. Inter-racial Marriages?!

    No way - the idea sounds sick to me! Yucky, Yucky, Yucky :D
  6. Salaam

    :D Salaam, I had 50 posts but now I have to start all over again!!!!!!!!! :D W.
  7. Salaam, I posted this topic before but the forum crashed making everyone lose everything!!! :D Anyways............ I am friends with a guy who is gay, someone told me that being friends with guys are bad because there is a chance of causing Zina!!! :P However since he is gay, chances of that happening are low. However is it still bad to be friends with him?! :D I know this is a touchy subject, so only reply if you have something usefull to say!!!! :P
  8. Make Up

    Salaam, Question - Is okay to wear make-up? I don't wear make-up to attract attention from the other sex but for more condfidence reasons. I don't think I am pretty so I wear make-up to fill more confident when I go out. To me, wearing make-up is like ironing a shirt or fixing your hair - I just wear make-up to look natural. I don't wear lipstick or buy loads of expensive stuff but I use powder to stop my face from shining - Is this wrong? W.
  9. Eyebrows

    Salaam, Question - I have told it bad for a girl to trim their eyebrows! Is this true and can you provide some facts?
  10. Hijab

    Salaam, I do not wear a Hijab yet but I've been told that I should. I see other fellow sisters wearing some but they have in different styles. Which way is the correct one?! W.
  11. Modesty

    Nice post!
  12. Why are PIGS Haraam?

    Salaam, As S.L.Jackson said in Pulp Fiction..... "I don't eat no animal which doesn't respect its own s...." :D W.
  13. Eyebrows

    :D Thanks fellow sisters!!!
  14. Sam and Moe

  15. America's Cleverest President

  16. This guy was out of his mind!

    Salaam, This what happens when you make wine holy?!? :D
  17. flat earth

    Okay call the hospital a few of their clients have escaped?
  18. Hijab

    Thanks people - You have been very helpful! :D
  19. NESTLE

    Salaam, I'd say that we boycott all Nestle products. This is because of the bad things that they do in Africa!!! :D W.
  20. Typical British Fitness Reports

    (w00t) (w00t) (w00t)
  21. Name that Restaurant!

  22. What jobs do members have??

    Salaam, I have no job - I drift around in the mind of a crazy dude, but that only sometimes. Other times I'm a student!!!
  23. Guessing sheep

    :D Question - is there a sentance missing?

    mmm .... sounds Nice! :D
  25. depressed?

    Depends on the time of the month and the time time of the year - LIKE EXAMS!!!!