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  1. Anti-Muslim Film Director killed by Muslim

    bravo ... majnoona . level heads will eventually prevail in this world .
  2. George W Bush Wins

    Bush did not cheat , and no ...he isn'ta monkey . And no, American troops are not being chased dowm . My . my , where do these misconceptions come from ? Is it wishfull thinking ? Bush was elected fair and square in an election that although not perfect , but by far the fairest and cleanest of any nation on Earth . There is no doubt as to the fact that a clear majority of Americans voted to keep him in office , thereby agreeing to his policies . [##][/##] There seems to be a tendency to resort to "conspiracies " when reality turns out to be something not quite desired . The Iraqis will have their election , and the insurgents/mujahadeen /rebels /terrorists / ---whatever you choose to call them , will no doubt kill as many Iraqis and westerners that they can to prevent those elections , but they will come to pass nonetheless , and the majority of Iraqi people will express their will and have it realized by their own choice . There are only a limited number of insurgents andthey will in no way prevail , but only delay the inevitable . Call Bush what you like , 9/11 happened "before" the incursions into Afghanistan and Iraq , and the first attempt came during Clinton'sAdministration in '93 ,and so too the USS Kole incident and the Kobar Towers . So the dye had been set before Bush [jr.] had even taken office . So I guess what people dont like is his reaction to conditions and events thrust upon him in his first 9 months in office . Well , bomb the worlds biggest and most prosperous city , in the worlds most powerful country and you throw the dice as to the reaction - and that is what happened . Didn't turn out too well for Saddam and his regime , and now Iraq is the "cause celebre " amongst the mujahadeen of the world - so be it . The majority of Americans cast their free and legitamite vote , and Bush is in for 4 more years . ....so , stay tuned , it's going to be a rough ride .
  3. George W Bush Wins

    Bush for 4 more years . Then what ? Guiliani will be the next U S President . Democrats will need at least 6 years to re-group and become a viable party able to produce an electable candidate .