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  1. Religion Of Peace?

    peace, why does anyone riot when insulted? have christians not just been despersed with tear gas in palestine after a jewish family started throwing powerful fireworks around in one of their churches? there is a correct response to such acts, random violence is not it. it only hurts those who are innocent, not the guilty party. peace, Daw'ud
  2. Women And Sexual Harassment

    assalaamu alaykum, there were recent polls on this done in the UK, here was my response to the press. (www.)"you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_comment.independent.co.uk/letters/article328518.ece"]you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_comment.independent.co.uk/letters/article328518.ece[/url] Sir: One third of people in Britain consider it at least partly a woman's fault if she is dressed immodestly or drunk and is then raped, according to a study. If I walked across a dark park and was robbed, the thief would be to blame for the crime, not me. But just as I wouldn't walk across a dark park at night in a crime-ridden area, so women need to be careful also. Urging caution is not, however, the same as apportioning blame to the innocent party. God tells us in the Quran 24:31: "And say to the believing women that they should lower their gaze and guard their modesty; that they should not display their beauty and ornaments except what (must ordinarily) appear thereof; that they should draw their veils over their bosoms and not display their beauty." If a woman is attacked whilst half naked or drunk she is at fault for being half naked or drunk, not for any attack that results; that is the man's fault not hers. Men have control of their own desires and God has given us the ability to keep our trousers on. DAW'UD ABDULLAH MANNION SHEFFIELD assalaamu alaykum, Daw'ud
  3. Email/sms Shirk?

    assalaamu alaykum, anyone not replying to this thread will have their belly button come un-done and therefore their bottom fall off. ok i made it up, but so is all the other crap you get like this through email and txt, i always send back a polite reply the first time not to send me forwarded shirky emails like this and someone more funny like the above 2nd time. assalaamu alaykum, Daw'ud
  4. Bhudda Statues

    assalaamu alaykum, the reason for the destruction of the idols was because dumb idol loving westerners kept wanting to go there to restore them. i believe it was a swedish delegation that proper made the taliban get angry and order their destruction. i mean, there are starving people due to some of the worse sanctions the world has ever seen and people are coming to re-build statues instead of schools or providing food and medicine? no idols, no idol loving dumb westerners coming to restore them when thousands of muslim kids are starving to death. there is your fiqh of priorities. i support the destruction of the idols, this is the sunnah of our beloved prophet Muhammad (saws). idol worship was not even encouraged by buddha, it comes much later in their religion. who knows whether these statues would be worshipped in the future or not, better to destroy and have done with. i would advise people to listen to the words of Sheikh Ali Al-timimi which are available in the audio section of Islamicawakening(contact admin if its a beneficial link) where he refute those muslims who misguidedly say this was not a permissable act. assalaamu alaykum, Daw'ud
  5. Assalaamu alaykum, Who acts as the Qadi in the non muslim state? I know of a sister who’s family are refusing any brother who is not of the same race as her when these brothers who have been refused are of good character and deen. She is losing hope as people have stopped coming to ask about her as word has got out in her area about her family so no practicing brother is willing to come ask about her anymore. Please post as much evidence as possible as this is an important topic and this sister really needs as much information as possible to take to her family if that becomes necessary.
  6. Rulings From Askimam

    assalaamu alaykum, if i can respond as the person first asking this question... i really wonder how they came to this decision, i have only been a muslim for just over two years and immedietely it stood out as calling to potential shirk. i could think of 1 or two haddith that stood out in direct contradiction to their ruling and yes i am not a scholar but when a scholar misguides people then it is even more important that this is pointed out as they will only misguide so many more people.
  7. Malthus And Overpopulation

    assalaamu alaykum, Allah will provide, de-salination plants and farming the deserts could provide huge amounts of extra food. and how much food is the EU and america destroying each year to keep the food prices high for their farming communities? there is plenty more le-way yet and when it does run out i am sure we will have had a few wars to even things out by then. what the environmentalists do not tell you is that when they say they only want 1million people in the UK when it is approaching 60million is that they are seriously talking about eugenics and mass extermination.
  8. Rulings From Askimam

    "you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_www.Islam.tc/ask-imam/view.php?q=13899"]you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_www.Islam.tc/ask-imam/view.php?q=13899[/url] assalaamu alaykum, is there any basis for this from the Quran and sunnah, it is just it seems to be calling towards amulets and putting your trust in other than Allah. please advice me on this, as i am fairly sure it is very very wrong to say something like this is permissable.
  9. Where Would You Holiday With Your Spouse?

    assalaamu alaykum, i will point out honeymooning is a western tradition that has nothing to do with the teachings of Islam. just take a few days off work and spend some time getting to know her.
  10. Who Plays Video Games?

    assalaamu alaykum, gotta be the total war series, i've played little else since shogun total war came out, then medievael total war which was even better and now rome total war which is even more cool. there are no other stategy games that are even in the same league as total war.
  11. Salam Magazine

    assalaamu alaykum, i would say so, i personally never liked Emel as was too 'muslim lite' for me, this magazine is very good mashallah as although it has some light hearted articles it also has some hardhitting ones. i think what really caught my eye was that the front cover and main story deal with inter-racial marriage and how there is nothing wrong with it, and how different couples faced up to their families over this. i think therefore as we have many serious problems in society sometimes we need a more powerful message, though with the light hearted stuff mixed in as well.
  12. Salam Magazine

    Assalaamu alaykum, has anyone seen the new muslim magazine called 'salam'? just saw a copy in the muslim gift shop near me and mashallah seems very good from what i have read, professionally presented and has some good articles. what are everyone elses thoughts on this? anyone else seen it?
  13. Its Dawaa Time!

    assalaamu alaykum, dont care what age they are, the one thing you MUST talk about when giving dawah is tawhid though you dont need to use that word. you could talk about how we differ on Isa and then bring in the issue of how we believe the christians to be wrong on this and the Islamic belief in the supreme oneness of Allah (swt) without partner or associate. why not take three glasses of water in and how them how three cannot be one as a visual aid.
  14. assalaamu alaykum, are you attracted enough? i mean would you be happy with this woman? if attracted enough (by which i mean is she errrh stimulating to you) then go for it if she has good deen and character.
  15. Strategic Games

    gotta be total war series, each game has been so far ahead of the competition, shogun - total war is still better than most other stategy games, medeveal - total war was some of the some but a little better cos u got to be muslim nations! rome - total war is now out and better than the other two by far but obviously pre Islam but still is a great game, even get to zoom in and watch as your war elephants charge and stomp the crap out of the enemy soldiers!