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  1. Religion Of Peace?

    peace, why does anyone riot when insulted? have christians not just been despersed with tear gas in palestine after a jewish family started throwing powerful fireworks around in one of their churches? there is a correct response to such acts, random violence is not it. it only hurts those who are innocent, not the guilty party. peace, Daw'ud
  2. Women And Sexual Harassment

    assalaamu alaykum, there were recent polls on this done in the UK, here was my response to the press. (www.)"you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_comment.independent.co.uk/letters/article328518.ece"]you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_comment.independent.co.uk/letters/article328518.ece[/url] Sir: One third of people in Britain consider it at least partly a woman's fault if she is dressed immodestly or drunk and is then raped, according to a study. If I walked across a dark park and was robbed, the thief would be to blame for the crime, not me. But just as I wouldn't walk across a dark park at night in a crime-ridden area, so women need to be careful also. Urging caution is not, however, the same as apportioning blame to the innocent party. God tells us in the Quran 24:31: "And say to the believing women that they should lower their gaze and guard their modesty; that they should not display their beauty and ornaments except what (must ordinarily) appear thereof; that they should draw their veils over their bosoms and not display their beauty." If a woman is attacked whilst half naked or drunk she is at fault for being half naked or drunk, not for any attack that results; that is the man's fault not hers. Men have control of their own desires and God has given us the ability to keep our trousers on. DAW'UD ABDULLAH MANNION SHEFFIELD assalaamu alaykum, Daw'ud
  3. Email/sms Shirk?

    assalaamu alaykum, anyone not replying to this thread will have their belly button come un-done and therefore their bottom fall off. ok i made it up, but so is all the other crap you get like this through email and txt, i always send back a polite reply the first time not to send me forwarded shirky emails like this and someone more funny like the above 2nd time. assalaamu alaykum, Daw'ud
  4. Bhudda Statues

    assalaamu alaykum, the reason for the destruction of the idols was because dumb idol loving westerners kept wanting to go there to restore them. i believe it was a swedish delegation that proper made the taliban get angry and order their destruction. i mean, there are starving people due to some of the worse sanctions the world has ever seen and people are coming to re-build statues instead of schools or providing food and medicine? no idols, no idol loving dumb westerners coming to restore them when thousands of muslim kids are starving to death. there is your fiqh of priorities. i support the destruction of the idols, this is the sunnah of our beloved prophet Muhammad (saws). idol worship was not even encouraged by buddha, it comes much later in their religion. who knows whether these statues would be worshipped in the future or not, better to destroy and have done with. i would advise people to listen to the words of Sheikh Ali Al-timimi which are available in the audio section of Islamicawakening(contact admin if its a beneficial link) where he refute those muslims who misguidedly say this was not a permissable act. assalaamu alaykum, Daw'ud
  5. Marriage: To Wait or Not to Wait Baiyinah Siddeeq "I don't care if I am 55 when I finish school, I will not get married until I finish my education." The above is a quote from a young Muslim woman pursuing what she calls her "education." Unfortunately, her strong dedication to finishing the Western undergraduate and graduate university "education" system reflects the ever growing trend among young Muslims in this society: to wait until they posses a "degree" before entertaining the prospect of marriage. What is even more grim is the fact that these young Muslims' parents reflect the same diseased ideology. Somehow, the Western system of "education" has replaced Islam as the central priority in Muslims' lives. This blind dedication to obtaining a degree is so ingrained in the Muslim family that if a daughter herself is interested in marriage, the parents will forbid the matrimony solely on the grounds that she must finish school. Thus, marriage has virtually become a bad word in several Muslim circles if that word "marriage" is at all connected with the marriage of a "daughter" who has not finished "school," i.e. "college." Of course, if she has not finished high school, marriage is beyond undesirable; it is unthinkable. Such counterproductive thought processes are contributing to the breakdown of the Muslim ummah, and they are preventing the true establishment of Islam in our society and lives. Every society has a foundation, and that foundation is the family. If we Muslims value obtaining Western college degrees more than we value establishing the foundation for an Islamic society, what does this say for the future of our ummah? Furthermore, what does it say about our claim that we are indeed Muslims? It goes without saying that there is benefit to holding a college degree, but when weighed against the benefit of marriage, which is half of our religion, marriage heavily outweighs it. Thus, when we see that in the hearts and minds of Muslims the benefits or "urgency" of a college degree outweighs marriage, there is something seriously wrong in our ummah not to mention our thinking. Although, on the surface, the issue of education versus marriage seems complex, the explanation for this phenomenon is actually quite simple: our basic values lie not in the akhira (Hereafter) but in the dunya (wordly life). Whenever we are presented with an order from Allah or His Messenger (i.e. marriage), we fulfill that order only in so much as it does not prevent us from attaining the glitter of the dunya. For many of us, if the order inconveniences our dunya too much, we ignore the order all together--hence, the quote above. For most of us, if something must give ---dunya or akhira---the choice is simple: akhira goes first. Hence, we have the prioritizing of school versus marriage. Another phenomenon prevalent in our ummah that is weakening the foundation of our Islamic society (family) and serves as a ground to delay marriage is Muslims' ever growing fascination with a chronological number attached to each person because that person happened to be born on a particular day in a particular year, commonly termed "age." Somehow, we have internalized the Western definition of "childhood" and "adulthood" so much so that we frequently refer to our young adult children of marriageable age as "children" or "too young" to marry. Both the labeling of adults as "children" and the excuse that adults are "too young" to marry are phenomena that are not only new to Islam but are inventions of the modern age in general. [editor's note: dare we forget the ages of many of the sahaabah? How Usama bin Zaid led an army in his teens, and how we had "teenage" mujaahideen?]. And just as we follow the people of the world into the "lizard hole" of "education," we follow our modern teachers (who have replaced the Prophet (saw) as our example) into the "lizard hole" of obsession with age. And just as holding a college degree has become the single most important accomplishment of the young Muslim and her family, so has age become the most significant determinant of whether or not a person is "ready" to marry. The question is, what do we do about it? First, we must reclaim our Islamic identity and reevaluate our purpose on this earth. When we do this honestly, we will discover that our purpose here is very straightforward: to establish Islam in our lives and then in the world at large. Everything else, such as attending a local university and obtaining a college degree, falls under the category of "accessories," i.e. "not necessary." Thus, when a Muslim is faced with the prospect of marriage, which falls under the category of "establishing Islam," there should be no hesitation, and any desired "accessory" should be pursued only in so far as Islam is pursued. As a result, there is the possible scenario of, yes, a "young married college student," or dare I say, "young married high school student." The benefits of marrying are enormous, and those benefits increase when marriage occurs sooner rather than later. Guarding the chastity of our youth and encouraging the birth of several children for the growth of this ummah [not to mention the fact the marriage creates an ideal scenario for man and woman to increase their chances of entering Paradise and fulfill half of their religion] are serious benefits that Muslim parents and youth need to reconsider. Let us reclaim Islam for ourselves and share it with the world, and let us start in the home by encouraging young men and young women to marry. Let us redefine "education" and "adulthood" based upon Qur'an and Sunnah. And may Allah bless us to please Him while we are on this earth through establishing Islam in every aspect of our lives without hesitation, and may we attain Paradise, our goal. Ameen.
  6. My Conversion to Islam Here is my story of how I became a Muslim, I wrote it for a friend who is writing a book on reverts in UK but I am keeping it because sooner or later everyone asks you your story of how you became a Muslim and I find it easier just to cut and paste this in. lazy I know but saves me about 1 or 2 hours a week when I don’t have to keep going over and over same thing. Ok my background is working class, living in Maltby, South Yorkshire, UK which is a quite rough coal mining community but I some how always managed to do well at school, mainly because no one dared pick on me for being smart or I would have kicked them from one side of class room to the other. I fell in love with books from an early age; I would read for fun, often two books a week, a habit I still try to keep up. In my family are my mother and father, one elder brother and one younger sister. We are hardly a conventional family, my brother has always been an idealist and thrill seeker, my little sister is a tree hugger and spends most of her time trying to save the trees! My Father until recently was a Conservative Party Councillor but lost his seat and my mother spends lots of time with various different women’s groups. My upbringing was good, our parents instilled in us good values, values I now recognise as Muslim values, but obviously I didn’t then. They were strict sometimes but very loving, my father was equally not afraid to show his affection by kissing him children, nor afraid to give us a good hiding if we did something wrong. Sometimes we would go camping as my dad tried to instil some the discipline into us he had got from the army, but with little success given the independent nature in our family. I remember one incident from early school, when I started I could write left or right handed. The teacher tired of teaching me everything twice decided I must chose one and stop using the other, I was about 6 years old I think. I asked her “which hand are you?� she replied that she was right handed like most people. I told her “I choose left then.� My childhood was also almost entirely completely devoid of any religious framework; our parents had christened none of us. My Father was Roman-Catholic in name only and stopped going to church at the age of 16, my mother Protestant, but her family pretty much stopped with the church thing when a vicar said my aunt’s dead baby was going to hell because it hadn’t been christened. During a brief trail separation my parents had, my mother sent me and my brother to Sunday school, but this soon stopped, we had no interest, just thought it was somewhere else to hang out. Now I would say my family are agnostic at best. About the age of eleven I became very introverted and dark in my thoughts, I would sit reading books and try to keep out of the way, Alhamdilullah I was big enough that people who noticed didn’t pick on me for long. During my early teenage years I never went out drinking and trying to “pull� with friends as I didn’t see the point of it, I also was a little too moral for most people, they liked me, but not as someone they wanted to see doing things wrong, I think the fact I didn’t do these things myself made them feel guilty. I did well in my GCSE exams, and stayed on at school to do my A-Levels, at this point things went a little wrong… Most of my friends went into work, after all this was a working class community, this allowed me to reinvent myself with my new friends to a large extent, to become more outgoing, to start going to the pub, to drink with my friends and play cards, and yes to start behaving towards the fairer sex in a way I am much too embarrassed to repeat in print today, although no major zina took place till I was seventeen, a remarkably old age to lose your virginity in such a base community. I am still not happy to think of these times and what I did, but it was still a quite good period compared to what was to come. I did moderately well in my A-Level exams, not really trying, once again, as I always do relaying on luck and natural intelligence to get me through the exam with the bare minimum of revision. I had spent too much time in the pub and playing around to do well. At Bangor University I started ok, but was still quite lazy, but then something happened, my girlfriend at the time who I loved very dearly cheated on me. I was quite devastated, and really went a bit out of control. I drank too much, gambled too much and even experimented with drugs, something that other than pot I hadn’t touched before. I also hated my course, my tutors, the dull welsh city, hated a lot of things. I would often spend time in the student bars taunting religious friends for their beliefs; I was very low and wanting everyone else down there with me. Another failed relationship which resulted in me burning some of poetry books the girl liked so much on her front lawn I think finally killed off the last of my romantic streak, I really was on a downer and didn’t much see anyway out. I had put on weight, I didn’t look after myself, I just pitied my existence and didn’t much care how things went. I transferred to Northampton University to do a different cause the next year. But once again I partied too hard, drank too much and pretty soon the money ran out, so I quit, dropped out and went home to my parents. One thing I will add is my time in Northampton wasn’t just spent building up a bar tab and an impressive collection of stolen garden gnomes and Road signs, I also shared a flat with a Turkish Londoner called Vulcan Gor, which I felt was a very cool name. I talked with him a lot, and even though I didn’t make any changes then, I still feel a debt of gratitude for showing me you can have fun without having to drink and that there is more to life than dullness inter dispersed with parties. Despite the hard life I had still continued to read extensively, to keep up my self learning which I had always thought was more important than school. I was also not sleeping well and often thought about the nature of the world in the middle of the night. I think it was sometime when I Northampton I came to a true belief in one god, it just seemed logical to me, I thought about the universe, its beauty and its cruel nature and I could only see one reason for it. But if anything this made me even bitterer, I cursed the God who I believed had created me and called him an unjust and cruel master, Astagfirullah I am very ashamed of this and it is a great comfort to think that Insha’Allah I have been forgiven this upon my acceptance of Islam. So I went home, got a job and spent too much time with my friends in the bar. We drank, got in fights, but even now I was still a little too prudish for some people. I was kinder living a double life, I had become involved with Conservative Party Politics and would some nights be at a public meeting or talking to other young politicians, other nights I would be drinking myself into oblivion and fighting in the street with my working class friends. I finally got a wake up call opening my eyes and looking up at concerned faces in a pub car park where three men had just pummelled me with pool cues. So I calmed down a little, cut out the pot, drank much less in much nicer places, I even ran for local council for the Conservative party, first as a paper candidate and then more seriously in a bye-election. Shortly after this I came to another conclusion on religion. God was not unjust, he was just testing us for a lifetime, and I still didn’t know what came after but I just had now gained a glimmer of hope in salvation. In one of my more useful sleepless nights I looked at things, I still believed in the big bang and thought… if some being created this, he must be outside of the creation, beyond it and beyond our comprehension. If so he is beyond space-time, as time and space are one or so the physicists would tell us, so if he is beyond space he is beyond time and if so time wouldn’t be linear to him, to him he could see in the future, past and present because he is beyond our concept of time. So… from this I drew the following conclusions. If he is beyond space-time then to him everything that is happening and will happen already has, so he is effectively able to predestine and affect everything. But to us within the creation, within that the confines of time and space free will exists and must exist for life to have any meaning. I rose a little higher in Conservative Party rankings, becoming the deputy chairman political for a whole parliamentary constituency and once again running for the local Council. This time missing out narrowly but I knew that I had to keep searching for something I was missing. I had faith now in one god and absolutely no idea how to put it into practice. I felt looking round at different philosophies and even religions, although in my arrogance I thought I was right and all the other religions had some how got it wrong. I was still quite spiteful and sarcastic. I had some pretty disastrous times with girls, mainly due to the fact I wouldn’t sleep with women straight away thinking it immoral, I wanted to wait to at least engaged. In fact my last date about three months before I became a Muslim went very well… right up till the point I politely refused her invitation to come upstairs to her flat when I walked her home. Apparently I was a heartless for this and probably queer or so it got back to me from a mutual friend. Finally one night on the way home from a particularly good fun evening I decided to quit drinking. Just thought about it and decided I had had enough and would stop the next day. I didn’t quite make it; in that first week I had two glasses of wine with a meal. After that I haven’t touched a drop since. This would have been about two months before Ramadhan 2002. At the same time a Muslim girl had come to work in the same department as me, this job was incredibly dull and we become friends, not too difficult when I had often had female friends in the past and had never been hard for me to keep that way although I am much stricter on this since coming to Islam. Over the next two months coming up to Ramadhan we became good friends, I encouraged her to be more assertive with people and she encouraged me to take up poetry again which I hadn’t touched since the lawn burning incident. We got to talking about most things till we finally got onto the subject of religion, she asked me what I believed in, I told her I believed in one god, that I didn’t sleep around as thought immoral, I no longer drank and just thought best to live a good life. She then told me that I was probably a Muslim and didn’t know it… I was a little shocked but very intrigued. I began to study Islam, the first book being the complete idiots guide to Islam by Yahya Emerick, I met her father and grandfather who talked to me a little and I still talked to my friend at work. Her family also borrowed me a copy of the Quran with English translation so I read this avidly, twice over at the beginning of Ramadhan, I also fasted to test myself and see if I could manage it. I thought this would be hard but actually found it quite easy. I came to believe that this book was genuinely a book sent by god, what’s more it also showed me why the bible had so much sense but also other things I couldn’t accept. I had never been able to accept trinity and it was one of the things I had most mercilessly teased my religious friends at university over, that and the concept of original sin, the religious concept that drove my mothers family from the church, neither of which I had ever been able to accept. If I accepted the Quran as genuine I therefore accepted the person who received the book as a true messenger and prophet of Allah just as I had read of other messengers and prophets in the Quran. I was quite shocked to discover I believed in the Kalima and also talked on the Internet with others who had been through what I had. Particularly the New Muslim project, and many people on there I became friends with, and also talking to one brother Asad Habib, who although born into a Muslim family had recently come back to practicing Islam. Asad actually came from Sheffield, which is about 15miles from where I lived with my parents and about 500 metres from where I live now and we spend a lot of time together. This particular time he was off work was the 19th Night of Ramadhan, he had suggested as I now believed I should go to the Masjid and try praying, on the way he suggested I should do my shahadah as no time like the present. I had wanted to wait till after Ramadhan but I thought why not and went through with it in front of about 300 people in the Masjid and many more listening at home on their radio receivers, I was a little nervous to say the least. I still hadn’t told my parents at this point, and to top it off my little sister chose this time to announce she was off to live in the forest to save the trees in Derbyshire. So I left it a day or two. When I finally told them they were quite shocked, my mum understood, at least at first but my dad was quite bewildered and angry. This only got worse as in the space of a week my whole character shifted, it was quite uncanny and scary to kind off watch yourself change so much in such a short period of time. As mum later said to my brother, “I like the person he has become, I just don’t like the reasons for it.� My friends, the few that I still had who hadn’t run a mile when I quick drinking now totally distanced themselves, I only have one friend left from before I was a Muslim, who has been a true friend since we were 15 but all the others have gone. Others noticed it at work and where as before my wit and sarcastic humour had meant many left me be for fear of a tongue lashing or email bashing, now I was fare game given that I would no longer bite back or perhaps backbite especially as it was Ramadan still. It wasn’t long before it became common knowledge I had become a Muslim and all the sniggering rumours started about myself and my friend and that if wasn’t for her then I must have met some other Muslim girl she must have introduced me to. They couldn’t comprehend how someone could go from party, party, party, to living a simple life of prayer and trying to be nice to people, they looked at all sorts of agendas I must have had to their eyes and took great joy in teasing and making my life at work into a dull monotonous hell. Looking back I can see my life as a gradual series of changes as Allah slowly brought me into Islam over a number of years, how my Fitrah constantly gave me more impetus to make more and more changes, the better I did. Now I have been a Muslim for two years, I have now learnt my salat; I am learning to read the Quran and how to practice deen as a total part of my life. Unfortunately I am doing this from a flat in Darnall, Sheffield, as I moved out of my parents house within a couple of months of becoming a Muslim, the arguments being too much and with wanting to live closer to a Masjid. I still see my parents though and I try to keep the arguments to a minimum but it is not easy to stay quiet when someone else wants to attack your beliefs. I have many new friends now, all Muslims, I find myself increasingly distrustful of the backbiting and nastiness that is a general part of the day-to-day relations between the Kufr. I am still close to the family that first helped me embrace Islam and when I was out of work they gave me a job although I have moved on from that since to my present work, just a regular office job, nice and boring but the income is Halal. I also married… Then after two months she left, I do not think we were that compatible, her family used to shout at her and occasionally beat her and I couldn’t do that, and she had some serious character flaws though she had a lot of good things about her as well. She took off back to Pakistan to get the marriage visa or so she said, so she disappeared for three and a half weeks before emailing to demand a divorce. So she has left taking my broken heart, unborn child and all my money, though she has lost the child since (or so her family say). At the moment I am trying to marry again, and if my ex decides to come back from Pakistan well I will deal with that when it comes but it is more likely I will divorce her eventually if she returns the money she took dishonestly from me or probably sooner. So that is my story of how I reverted to Islam, there isn’t much more to tell yet, I am just trying to live a simple and nice a life as possible, having dumped my CD collection and TV Arial, I know relax by visiting friends and their families and by my old hobbies of reading books and even writing a little poetry. here is a poem I wrote not long after reverting… Who was that man I remember? Who was that man I remember? He disappeared when I was born in cold November. His memories still swim around my head, but I cannot believe we were ever the same? Like he went to sleep and I woke instead, my spirit now strong, his almost lame. I continue wearing his clothes still, as a small remembrance of him, though he has gone and his body I now fill, and of this new life we both wanted, I begin. Who was that man who I remember? When did he end and I begin, in cold November? I catch myself when my own voice I hear, he sounded the same, with the same eyes, will he ever return, is there anything to fear? No! He wont return no matter how hard he tries! My iron-will I forced through the fire, to forge anew a mind even stronger, so very few the same things we both did desire, but now my heart is still and tame, his was stormy anger. So different that man that I remember… before he went and I came in cold November Copyright – Daw’ud Mannion Written 9th December 2002
  7. Rulings From Askimam

    "you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_www.Islam.tc/ask-imam/view.php?q=13899"]you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_www.Islam.tc/ask-imam/view.php?q=13899[/url] assalaamu alaykum, is there any basis for this from the Quran and sunnah, it is just it seems to be calling towards amulets and putting your trust in other than Allah. please advice me on this, as i am fairly sure it is very very wrong to say something like this is permissable.
  8. Assalaamu alaykum, Who acts as the Qadi in the non muslim state? I know of a sister who’s family are refusing any brother who is not of the same race as her when these brothers who have been refused are of good character and deen. She is losing hope as people have stopped coming to ask about her as word has got out in her area about her family so no practicing brother is willing to come ask about her anymore. Please post as much evidence as possible as this is an important topic and this sister really needs as much information as possible to take to her family if that becomes necessary.
  9. Rulings From Askimam

    assalaamu alaykum, if i can respond as the person first asking this question... i really wonder how they came to this decision, i have only been a muslim for just over two years and immedietely it stood out as calling to potential shirk. i could think of 1 or two haddith that stood out in direct contradiction to their ruling and yes i am not a scholar but when a scholar misguides people then it is even more important that this is pointed out as they will only misguide so many more people.
  10. Malthus And Overpopulation

    assalaamu alaykum, Allah will provide, de-salination plants and farming the deserts could provide huge amounts of extra food. and how much food is the EU and america destroying each year to keep the food prices high for their farming communities? there is plenty more le-way yet and when it does run out i am sure we will have had a few wars to even things out by then. what the environmentalists do not tell you is that when they say they only want 1million people in the UK when it is approaching 60million is that they are seriously talking about eugenics and mass extermination.
  11. Where Would You Holiday With Your Spouse?

    assalaamu alaykum, i will point out honeymooning is a western tradition that has nothing to do with the teachings of Islam. just take a few days off work and spend some time getting to know her.
  12. Who Plays Video Games?

    assalaamu alaykum, gotta be the total war series, i've played little else since shogun total war came out, then medievael total war which was even better and now rome total war which is even more cool. there are no other stategy games that are even in the same league as total war.
  13. Salam Magazine

    Assalaamu alaykum, has anyone seen the new muslim magazine called 'salam'? just saw a copy in the muslim gift shop near me and mashallah seems very good from what i have read, professionally presented and has some good articles. what are everyone elses thoughts on this? anyone else seen it?
  14. Salam Magazine

    assalaamu alaykum, i would say so, i personally never liked Emel as was too 'muslim lite' for me, this magazine is very good mashallah as although it has some light hearted articles it also has some hardhitting ones. i think what really caught my eye was that the front cover and main story deal with inter-racial marriage and how there is nothing wrong with it, and how different couples faced up to their families over this. i think therefore as we have many serious problems in society sometimes we need a more powerful message, though with the light hearted stuff mixed in as well.
  15. Its Dawaa Time!

    assalaamu alaykum, dont care what age they are, the one thing you MUST talk about when giving dawah is tawhid though you dont need to use that word. you could talk about how we differ on Isa and then bring in the issue of how we believe the christians to be wrong on this and the Islamic belief in the supreme oneness of Allah (swt) without partner or associate. why not take three glasses of water in and how them how three cannot be one as a visual aid.
  16. assalaamu alaykum, are you attracted enough? i mean would you be happy with this woman? if attracted enough (by which i mean is she errrh stimulating to you) then go for it if she has good deen and character.
  17. Strategic Games

    gotta be total war series, each game has been so far ahead of the competition, shogun - total war is still better than most other stategy games, medeveal - total war was some of the some but a little better cos u got to be muslim nations! rome - total war is now out and better than the other two by far but obviously pre Islam but still is a great game, even get to zoom in and watch as your war elephants charge and stomp the crap out of the enemy soldiers!
  18. Hajj And Then Sinning

    Assalaamu alaykum, if someone made hajj but continued to sin by still having a haram income like a shop that continued to sell haram or a bank account that continued to collect interest, would that persons sins still be forgiven from making hajj and would his hajj be accepted? also if someone makes hajj but has committed sins before that he intends to continue again after hajj is his hajj accepted and his sins forgiven?
  19. Assalaamu alaykum, should a sister making jummah at home on her own make intention to pray jummah or dhohr salaat?
  20. For the Guys, Shopping...!?

    assalaamu alaykum, come on brothers, if she enjoys this then endulge her a little, spend some time doing something she likes and if she likes shopping then bite your tongue about all of your money she is spending and go help ur wife by carrying the bags for her.
  21. Any Bro Looking To Get Married

    assalaamu alaykum brother, well u r about a week late in my case but insha'Allah someone else will be interested.
  22. Assalaamu Alaykum, i have been reading a book on the origins of christianity and i am amazed at the tolerance and justice given by the unitarian christian "barbarians" who conquered the western roman empire. as these people were the muslims of their day would there names be considered good names to use today by muslims? i really liked the story of theodoric and wondered if i had a son could i name him after this unitarian christian king who conquered Rome in his own time?
  23. Lord Of The Rings

    assalaamu alaykum, i must read them at least once a year and have done since i was about 9. does that qualify me as a fan?
  24. Assalaamu alaykum, i am seriously looking for a potential wife insha'Allah, any sister interested in marriage (not just chatting or being friends or being engaged for ages before marriage) then please use the following link to take a look at my pic and profile. "you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_www.muslimmatch(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/preview.profile.php?id=Dawud26&PHPSESSID=34c002c36e925542f245f68a1f2b11f"]you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_www.muslimmatch(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/preview.profile...245bf68a1f2b 1f[/url] as you can see i am a nice practicing brother and my criteria for a sister is quite wide, the main things i am looking for is deen and personality, i am fairly flexable on everything else though i have ideals i am looking for. any sister seriously interested please PM me and i'll get back in touch insha'Allah.
  25. An idea to use, for da'wah???

    assalaamu alaykum, sorry a little gassy there as had too much coke with my samosas this morning! ok i brought a load of food into work for my colleagues and sent out a happy eid message as form of dawah, thought it would be a good to pass on the idea so people can do the same at their work places, schools, colleges etc next Eid.