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  1. Hmmm, I'm just waiting for the 'suspected Islamic terrorists' line to pop up in the media.
  2. Whispers Of Satan

    Asalamu-Alaikum, I agree, beautifully put together poem - everyone should read this!
  3. How do you rate IF?

    Salaams, I love the forum but always have problems posting
  4. did we come from monkeys

    Salaams, Y'all just check out: harunyahya All you need to know about refuting the Darwinists and more besides Subhan'Allah!
  5. Origin of Islam

    Salaams, I am relatively new to the faith so if this question is blindingly obvious or silly then please bear with me. I want to know, if the Holy Qu'ran was revealed to Prophet Muhammed (saw), what did Abraham, for example, follow, because the Holy Qu'ran was revealed after him. What I'm trying to say is what did the 'first' Muslims follow - how/what did they pray, eat halal, fast etc? Or was the religion of Islam based on a sheer love of Allah (swt) and all the other 'specifics' were revealed later.