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    hmmmmmm, Browsing the net[esp islamic forums], n listening to qur'anic recitations.
  1. So...

    Tomorrow ?when's tht ?
  2. LOL :D thts one perfect example of deadlock ! :D
  3. oh yea...how does tht know B)
  4. Mother In Law

    LOOOL :D ROFL :D niceeeeeee one :D
  5. Which Number Is It?

    hmmmmmmmm i get it....... but i guess its not true for the # 10. it shud hv been numbers 0,1,........9 [0-9] not 1-10 :D
  6. So What Did You Get For Eid?

    aaaaaah^ nothing to lose :D a total WIN WIN situation :D cooooool ! :D
  7. So What Did You Get For Eid?

    looks like u get more than u need to gv out :D
  8. Health And Fitness

    same for me, walk towards masjid [for Fajr only :D] for other salaahs i use the bike. though the masjid is tooooooooooo near...... :D just a few steps.
  9. Wasim

    :D Wasim in the house ? :eek: Welcome to IF, Bro. :D i agree :D
  10. Things About Women

    ^ niceeee one.. now tht sounds quite MANLY :D
  11. Child Custody

    ^ looooool :D who knows !
  12. So What Did You Get For Eid?

    yeah why this eid ? :D do u do exchange _____ this eid too ? :D v dont :D
  13. Impressing Pics... Of Muslims

    amaaaaaaaaazing !!!!!!:D the best i liked was tht of the kids praying on the wall, one behind the other :D sweeeeet ! also tht ppl praying on the top of buses....scary !
  14. So What Did You Get For Eid?

    Eidie !!! but i think had to gv away more than i cud collect :D [its always gud to be the younger of the lot, innit :D ]
  15. Earthquakes!

    ^ah quite some years bak there was this biggest n the most destructive earthquake for india where all the karsevaks[returning after demolishing the babri masjid were killed] it was felt strongly here too.... but gud thing i was asleep tht time :D n last year[the tsunami earthquake] i was in chennai[the most effected indian city].. but didn't feel the shake[was taking a bath :D] others felt it though.