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  1. As illustarted things like this can never be so cut and dry.
  2. Only In Islam

    Not with Bush in office :D
  3. Why Satan?

    I was wondering how the exact role of Satan plays into Islam. Is it the same as in Christianity where Satan "influences" people into sin?
  4. Satan called a worldwide convention

    Thats very funny and sadly the true.(At least parts of it) We get so wraped up in the little unimportant things in life that we forget what is really important.
  5. Yes, but can you tune out the music of nature :D
  6. What is right and what is wrong

    There is no such thing as right and wrong. They are words we use to categorize things we believe people should or should not do based on our super ego and such. But since people are not omnipetent then we really have no idea what is "right" or "wrong"
  7. proof of God's existence

    This is the kind of thing that turns people away from religon.
  8. proof of God's existence

    No one is born with the intention of doing bad things. Poeple are made into murders,thiefs, etc. Due to there environment. How it is fair to judge someone as good or evil when there belief structure was so heavily influenced at an age where they have no control. Yes I was refering to aliens and such.

    Lately I have been having many dreams of the future, expcept there completely pointless. Like my friend telling me something, or someone asking for the time. How strange?
  10. You know at first, I was completing seening your point. My interatation was that we all see our reality through are own perspective. That people need to break through the false reality that they percieve. However it turns out you just hate the west. I was disapointed. The problem here might be offensive to some. The problem here is the whole world. We all live our lives through the eyes we wish. Most of the time these views can be wide or shallow. Some are dark. Some are light. Each country in an overal perspective is different. Not all people of a certain country see things one way, however there is a countral set. Lets look at America. Probably one of the most cutrally mixed countries. Also the most non waring country where people are shot. Americas is the richest country, yet they waste the most. America is a country of fear/consumerism, where most people look inside the country for fear rather than outside. Making Americans not as activte in world affairs as they should be, Every Country as problems. The only thing I cannot stand is people who believe they know everything, and are perfect. While the other side is 100% wrong and evil. I have seen on this site a lot of unbalanced material. I have seen alot of anti-jew propaganda. Seriouslly, if you don't like israel then fine. But don't blame jewish people every were of evil things. I also am offended by the closed minded thought of many people who are anti-amercian. People who believe that only the west is wrong but they fail to see there own problems. We must first look inside before we look outside.
  11. Proof of Allah?

    Hmmm. That site really does not clarify anything at all.
  12. proof of God's existence

    I believe that a form of God exist. However I disagree with most organized in religon because, I do not believe that God would punish anyone or how we as humans are so selfish to believe that God only deals with our planet. What about everyone else? Or that God would command anyone to live in a certain manner.
  13. treatment of women

    Of course was raised with certain beliefs. However, no of them were abusive. The reason I say it is abusive the way some women are taught, is because the way that they are told to act and behave makes them feel subservient to men. Now that happen like this in most other places in the rest of the world is just as abusive. I remeber when Chirstian secs believed in making women subservient
  14. did we come from monkeys

    Humans did not evolved from monkeys. They evolved from Hominids.