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  1. ÇáÓáÇã Úáíßã Yea, I've been reading two English translations of The Noble Quran (because my Arabic is horrible :D ) and verse 4:34 is particularily troubling to me as each book gives a different account on it. :D Yea, I must say the second translation does not bode well with my heart. As it is to my understanding that God is most compassionate, merciful, and forgiving of all. Thus I do not understand why it'd say to beat your wife (even lightly). . . 'tis something I could never do to minun kultani no matter what she may do. :D In the end. . . I'm just curious to know which translation is the most correct and if their is any hadith to back up one over the other. :D Thank you all for your time in reading this post. :D
  2. Lying. . .

    ÇáÓáÇã Úáíßã Thank you both for your replies on this! :D Yea, I shall have to go over what was writ here again to digest it all and make sense out of it. :D Yea, I agree with you here completely minun ystäväni. :D Sorry for the super late reply. :D
  3. Lying. . .

    ÇáÓáÇã Úáíßã Yea, someone told me a few days ago that in Islam it is permissible to lie under certain circumstances. I am finding this hard to believe though. :D If it is true though. . . I'm just curious to know as to when it is permissible and where it says it is permissible. :D
  4. Muslims don't have long left in the west

    ÇáÓáÇã Úáíßã It also defines it as: You can find countless "jokes" for this term to online. Perhaps it's not that way other places, but here, redneck is quite the insult. :sad: The term itself may also be accepted for use in some places, but the fact that it delineates only to people of a certain skin tone (just lik the "n" word) should be more then enough to put it into the black book for usage. :D Again, I am a nit picky individual when it comes to certain words/phrases. :wink:
  5. Muslims don't have long left in the west

    ÇáÓáÇã Úáíßã Yea, this is not a good phrase to call folk. 'Tis akin to calling someone a "niger". :D Please be more careful with your words next time. Ãâ€Â᥄ (yea, I'm nit picky with such things) :wink:
  6. Studying Arabic Abroad

    ÇáÓáÇã Úáíßã I'm not too sure of the "best" place to study Arabic. But at "http://studyabroad/portal_menu.html"]Study Abroad[/url] though you may find links to various language courses around the world in different countries. :D The article left out my favourite Arabic language book! "http://teachyourself.co.u/lbegAraS.htm"]Teach Yourself: Beginner's Arabic Script[/url] :ohmy: 'Tis an excellent book that gives the Arabic script all the attention it deserves when one begins the language, along with some grammar and vocabulary. This book has helped me so much. :smile: I'm just curious too, would anyone know of any good sites out there that teach you of verb conjugation and the root system in detail? :D Finally this topic has reminded me that I need to get my lazy arse up and study some more Arabic! As I've been neglecting it for a week now, as I've been working on my suomen kieli kirja (Finnish language book). :sad:
  7. Capital Letters

    ÇáÓáÇã Úáíßã Ah, typing in all-caps is very annoying. Except on October 22nd for it is International Caps-lock day (though widely disputed). :D Though I agree on how annoying it is when folk use ALL CAPS to draw attention to their threads. There is one person whom always does that on another forum and it drives me crazy. :D
  8. ÇáÓáÇã Úáíßã I must admit, I didn't read it all. I'm just not a patient person. :D Though I did get to around page 2 and about halfway through it ½. :D But I heard the "big bang" mentioned and just couldn't help but mention the inflation theory of the universe. (Just finished Brain Greene's The Fabric of the Cosmos book) Here is a "universe-review.ca/R02-13-inflation.htm"]link to it[/url] though, since I'm far too lazy to explain. :D If anyone is interested. :D Another thing I read on the "beginning" of the universe was about branes something about two seperate 3-brane worlds connected through a fourth dimension that occasionally collide. Yada, yada, yada. (I need to reread that book! :D ) Here is a write up though on this "nature/cgi-taf/DynaPage.taf?file=/nature/journal/v411/n6841/full/411986a0_r.html&filetype=&dynoptions="]brane world theory[/url]. :D That reminds me of yet another thing (yes in that book) I read. That the fundamental aspects of time and space might break down into their constituent parts bellow a "en.wikipedia/wiki/Planck_length"]planck length[/url]. Crazy, 'eh? :D Darwin? Meh, I don't have a strong opinion towards him. His theory? I find it boring, just like ecology and taxonomy. So I've never really read too much about it. :D Whoops! I'm rambling again. Sorry 'bout that. :D I'll stop now. :D
  9. NASA discovery

    ÇáÓáÇã Úáíßã Hmm... I remember a little around the year 2000 some Christian folk were getting all hyped up about the end of the world, revalation, etc. :D There were so many documentaries on the tele on it in the years before the millenium, Nostradamus and all. :D Sometimes it seems people can get so wrapped up in things that they oft misinterpret the data in favour of what they believe. :D This is a good lesson (and an excellent read :D) for everyone anywhere to not let your emotions cloud your judgement. :P I'm not to sure 'bout that. :D For certainly muslim folk don't lack knowledge and understanding. At least from what I've seen from my friends. :P
  10. PBUH... Err... Just curious.

    Ah, thank you so much! :D Arabic? Er... some... I've only been studying it for about 3 months now. :D
  11. PBUH... Err... Just curious.

    Ooh, thank you for you input! :D For this has been bugging me so. :P Also, if PBUH in Arabic is "alayhis salam", would you spell it like this... ÚáíåÓ ÓáÇã...then? Just curious... :D
  12. ÇáÓáÇã Úáíßã Err... Kind a dumb question, but I'm just curious. :D Would you consider it respectful for a non muslim to say PBUH after the prophets name or would you consider it to be disrespectful? Is it okei for a non muslim to say such things? :P Also, is this... ÇáÓáÇã Úáíå How you'd say "peace be upon him" in Arabic? For I've been studying Arabic for a bit, though I'm not to sure about this (Or anything else I write!). :D
  13. Muslims don't have long left in the west

    ÓáÇã Bah! Islam hasn't overstayed it's welcome in the west. At least not here. :D You will always be welcome here. :P So long as you respect others differences like everyone else is expected to do(I admit, people fall short, even me :D ). You will always be welcomed over here in the "west". :P
  14. proof of God's existence

    ÓáÇã Not to sure what you mean by "not a real purpose", for their are no non real purposes, if it or someone serves in someway, have they not a purpose? Even if not considered to be a real/good purpose by you or me, it is still a pupose no? Even a serial killer serves a purpose, though not one that I would agree with. :D As for the other stuff... I would like to believe that the maker creates, but dose not assign a purpose. Why? Because I find it hard to believe the maker would assign a purpose to someone against his teachings and that person will unknowingly follow suit because it's preordained. Meaning he/she follows Gods(Allahs) will unknowingly, only to be submitted to a afterlife of eternal suffering because it was all forordained this way (Just like I predetermine the lifes of my Sims in the game The Sims to burn the house down and cause suffering to themselves). I fail to understand this. Why would the maker want to force his creations into suffering? :D But then again as Christian folk always tell me... God works in mysterious ways. My life is dedicated to my family and my friends. The purposes I serve are not grandiose, but they still have meaning. :P I serve a purpose to my family by providing money to pay for the bills, cleaning the house, and generally taking care of my aging parents. I serve a purpose to my friends by being with them while they are down :D , keeping them company, and in general just enjoying life with them through whatever means. You could also say I serve a small purpose to society by working at the local 7-11, people come in for something and I fullfill my purpose by giving to them what they desire through a basic monetary transaction. :D These puposes are not grandiose and you probably consider them feeble. But they are purposes nonetheless and I am happy to serve these people by doing these things. :P
  15. proof of God's existence

    ÓáÇã Their is plenty of purpose in life, even if you don't follow a religion. :D You can continue to be good to the person next to you :D and try to live a "good" life. Do aid work, fight against discrimination, ect... You don't have to follow a religion in order for life to have a purpose, nor do you have to believe in a God or Gods. Everybody gives their own life purpose through what they do whether they realize it or not. Though unfourtuanetly some people give purpose to their life in terms of bad deeds instead of good... :P Oh, and yes also... "http://dictionary.reference####/search?q=agnostic"]Agnostic[/url] actually means one who is sceptical or feels it is impossible to tell as to the existence of a higher being. Not, you believe in a God and don't follow a religion. :D I would fall into this catagory. :P