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  1. Help

    :D Wot like Arithmetic, Geometric? i can help you with that..... your icon thingy is funny :D
  2. The Million More Man March

    :salam: What?:D what an absurd comment, yeah as though 'many' black people's aim in life is to victimise themselves. That is merely a fabricated comment and you seriously can not delude yourself to believe such thing. Saying comments such as 'Is it coz i is black?' doesn't qualify because it is a joke used by everyone....
  3. Just For A Split Second Listen To Yourself....

    :D Very moving and powerful words sister mashallah. Also I do agree with your points but seeing as you said not to agree with, lol, erm. Personally I think the Ummah lacks a leader, someone the youth and elders can see and be satisfied that they are fulfilling the laws of Allah-swt. Also people are too busy with other things to realize and face up to the reality going through with the Ummah. I don’t think that the people on this forum lack ideas and thoughts except no one is saying anything, so I only presume they are shy, or waiting for someone to crack the ice, lol. I might add to my comments later….insh Allah.
  4. I'm Back

    :D :D What messed up country do you live in to go to school in August? :D :D Welcome back :D
  5. The Cult Of The Suicide Bomber

    :D The problem is you've confused marty with suicide, suicide is killing yourself, which is haram, there is no room for disagreement here. So if you kill yourself, you die as a non-believer stated so by a hadith.
  6. Don't Click Here!

    I was just curious, o.k but the monkey did try to force me...
  7. Newbie

    :D There is another member with the nick name 'Allah's slave' this is gonna be confusing! lol. Welcome to IF brother....don't forget to read the (www.)"you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_gawaher(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/index.php?act=boardrules"]forum rules[/url].
  8. Memo To Group B

    :D There is going to be Qur'an memorization...track down topics started by Swanlake regarding this :D
  9. Mentoring

    Hi, Welcome to IF, i've listed few Masjids where you can attend in L.A and no doubt the brothers will help with any questions you have. Masjids in Los Angeles Islamic Center. South. CA 434 S. Vermont Ave. Los Angeles,CA,90005 Masjid Umar Ibn AlKhatab P.O. Box 77879 Los Angeles,CA,90007 Check out Zabiha Restaurants / Grocery Stores Review Masjid Al Resool 11211 S. Central Ave. Los Angeles,CA,90019 Ksit Jamat Los Angeles 11322 Idaho Ave., #208 Los Angeles,CA,90025 Masjid Al-Momin 4321 S. Broadway Los Angeles,CA,90037 Masjid Us Salaam 2900 W. Florence Ave. Los Angeles,CA,90043 Masjid Bilal Ibn Rabah 5721 Ruthellen St. Los Angeles,CA,90062 Masjid Ikhlas 1333 E. Compton Ave. Compton,CA,90221
  10. Assalamalaikum,

    :D Welcome to IF sister, hope you learn something during your stay :D
  11. As Salam Alaikum

    :D Welcome to the IF, If you want to post a question regarding prayer, post in the Islamic discussion section.
  12. A Favor….

    :D Location: UK Religion: Islam If you could write a paragraph persuading those who are ignorant about their attitudes towards Muslims, what would you write? (Just a short speech sort of thing) Don't judge everyone by the mistakes certain minority make. It is lack of knowledge that you seem to express this attitude towards muslims. Islam is a religion of perfection, humans are not. (gee how hard are these questions? :D :D ) To what extent has the bombing affected you? Well apart from the glares and suspicious glances thrown towards the direction of my handbag, nothing too dangerous so far. The west speaks of how Muslims feel ‘alienated’ in their society, would you agree with this statement and why? I disagree with this statement, the west are trying to create a division not only between muslims and non-muslims but also within muslims themselves. This idea of 'alienated' is their own desire of how they want things to become, another excuse. How do you treat people of other faiths? And why do you treat them in this manner? Just like i'd treat my own family, with respect because that is what Islam teaches.
  13. New Here

    Ailtire (yeah the rest is too complicated to rememeber :D) Have a pleasant stay and don't forget to look at the "you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_gawaher(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/index.php?act=boardrules"]forum rules[/url].
  14. Peace, Erm...URL=you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_gawaher(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/index.php?showtopic=15224]equality?[/url] read this link, it might clear any misconception held about equality of the sexes.
  15. Login Problem

    :D What?! how is that fair? :D there is actually one person invisible now...why would it matter? i mean you can't do much but lurk if your invisible....i don't mean to question the way in which the forum is run. Brother Dot can hopefully give a detailed answer :D Thank you though brother for your help :D