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  1. Deutschsprachiges Islamisches Forum

    Salamualaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barahetuh, Maschallah endlich Gawaher auf deutsch- es wurde aber auch Zeit. Moege Allah ( subhana wa t´ala ) allen Teilnehmern des Forums das Herz und den Verstand oeffnen. Wa alaikum asalam wa baraketuh
  2. Asalamualaikum wa rahmatullah wa baraketuh, Jazzakallaher for your reminder. Brothers and sisters always remember this is also a trial by Allah subhana wa t´Allah . We should try and control ourselves. The only thing Icould think of are more strick forum rules for example a new member can only visit certain sections as Welcome or Islam for beginners. Allahu alam. wa alaikum asalam
  3. Eid Mubarak To Everyone In If

    salamualaikum wa rahmatulah wa baraketuh, Eid mubarak may Allah accept your fast and your duas. Wa alaikum asalam
  4. Question That Has Indeed Been Bothering Me..

    Asalamualaikum wa rahmatulah wa baraketuh, dear brother Syriankid, maybe I am wrong but I think that the brothers question leads more in another dirction: What is the ruling for suicide in our days - some of the bombings are suicide attacks but the people who die there are called martyr. Corrrect me if I am wrong but I think this is what Soldier of faith actually wanted to ask. Wa alaikum salam
  5. Silence Is Wisdom

    Asalamualaikum wa rahmatullah wa baraetuh, Jazakallah her for sharing, sister mm_ co4 and brother rofiq. wonderful reminder. May Allah (t) help us to guard our tongues. Wa alaikum asalam
  6. Group A - Comments

    Asalamualaikum wa rahmatullah wa baraketuh dear brothers and sisters, I do feel a little bit ashamed but I have to admit that I am not able to follow you longer. It takes some time to get all the new ayahs really setled. I am a little bit too slow. Jazakallah her for all the links - they are very helful -The learning will go on inshallah, but at my own speed, now that I have the tools. May Allah help you all to reach your goals. Wa alaikum asalam
  7. Asalamualaikum wa rahmatullah wa baraketuh, Ayahs 4-6 completed/2:30 PM Wa alaikum salam
  8. Salamualaikum wa rahmatullah wa baraketuh, I need your help,please brothers and sisters. I´d like to download some nice nasheeds on MP3 , but I just cannnot find any sides where this is possible. I downlouded some of the children´s nasheeds on my computer but they do not work on the MP3 player. Anyone could help me, inschallah. How is all this done? :D Oh and the nasheeds should be in arabic. Wa alaikum asalam
  9. Salamualaikum wa rahmatullah wa barakethu, Ayahs 1-3 completed / 1:05 PM Wa alaikum asalam
  10. Asalamualaikum Surah al- Qadr conpleted Wa alikum asalam
  11. Problem Regarding Being Unable To....

    Salamualaikum wa rahmatullah wa baraketuh, please take a look at the `Greatest Book of the world´forum . You ´ll find some helpfull downloads and if you have some time you can think of joining one of the groups - inschallah. Wa alaikum asalam.
  12. Group A - Comments

    Asalamualaikum wa rahmatullah wa baraketuh, I am sorry brothers and sisters but my little one is without her sister due to hollydays and I hardly find time to check - in. But I am fine with starting Surah al - Alaq Wa alaikum asalam
  13. Salamaulaikum wa rahmatullah , Ayahs 4-6 completed / this morning 05:00 CET Wa alaikum asalam
  14. Asalamualaikum wa rahmatullah wa baraketuh, Ayahs 1 - 3 completed /08: 26 ( Forum time ) Wa alaikum asalam
  15. Asalamualaikum , Also ready I think brothers and sisters who already stated that they completed Ayah 7-8 of the last Surah don´t have to sign in here or do they ? - I am a little bit confused now. Wa alaikum asalam
  16. Asalamualaikum , Ayah 7-8 completed 17 : 09 wa alaikum salam
  17. Group A - Comments

    Asalamualaikum wa rahmatullah wa baraketuh dear broothers and sisters, In my opinion it would be good to have one day break just to revise and maybe also to take a look at the Tafsir. To me it seems that knowing the meaning of a Surah always helps you to put more Taqwa into the Salah otherwise it can happen that you just concetrate on the words without really letting them into your heart - don´tknow if I made myself clear. But I will be OK with whatever you decide. Wa alikum salam
  18. Aslamamaulaikum, Ayah 4-6 completed : 14:24 CET Wa alaikum salam
  19. Asalamualaikum Ayah 1-3 complete: 23: 53 CET / 8 August Wa alaikum salam
  20. Participants Of Group A & B

    Asalamualaikum wa rhmatullah wa baraketuh, Well :D for the fast reply. Yes I think I know how it works. But I will tell just tell you the CET instead of the UK- time. Wa alaikum asalam
  21. Participants Of Group A & B

    Asalamualaikum wa rahmatullah wa baraketu, I think I joined group A without asking sorry for that but as long as I keep up with you I ´d really like to take part, if nobody minds. Sorry for my missing asignment, but I just saw the thread yesterday and started to learn ´the first Surah. Just post me if it is not possible anymore to take part. Sorry again. Wa alaikum asalam
  22. :D Surah Al -adiyat completed; 8 August, 20 : 00 CET :D
  23. Group A - Comments

    Salamualaikum wa rahmatullah wa barakethu, That´s exactly what i am doing first step : reading the arabic, second step reading the phonetics and third step listenig to the recitation Ayah after Ayah and learnig it. If I would just read the arabic version without the other two I would make a lot of mistakes while reciting it , cause I am never sure which letters ( endings ) should be left aside and in which rythm it should be recited. I don´t no how it is for the others but i really recomend this method. Well it worked with Surah Al- Adiyat, inschallah it will work the same Way with the other Surahs. Wa alaikum asalam
  24. Group A - Comments

    Asaalamualaikum wa rahmatulah wa baraketuh, May Allah (t ) reward you for your efforts and for your patience. Having a deadline is fine. And I really apreciate that you send the phonetic reading - it is more easy for people who have no arabic background. :D :D Wa alaikum salam
  25. Zaki Badawi Urge Women To Take Off The Hijab

    Asalamualaikum wa rahmatullah wa baraketuh, It is the same with me athough I was brought up in western kind of way and I lived quite a long time as other girls/ women inthe west and now i am fully covered cause I want to please my creator and neither my husband nor other sisters forced me to do so. Believe it or not - If you see a fully covered muslim woman especially in the West what you see is a very strong woman who does not allow her faith to be corrupted. BTW a Hijaab has not the sense to make women look more beautiful ! I can understand that it is difficult for non- muslims to get used to these women but I think it has more a psychological reason , you are used to read the reaction and thinking of a person from the mimic of her face that is impossible with the niqabies. And for the other reason mentioned as to why men do not have to cover their face: woman are more beautyful and there is an Islamic dresscode also for men they are ordered to hide certain parts of their body too. Wether they decide to do so or not is up to them, they themselves have to bear the consequences of their decision. Wa alaikum asalam