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  1. How Smart Are You

    0, unless you want legs inside the bus?
  2. Is Sir Salman Rushdie Rewarded For Hurting Muslims.

    Of course not. Rushdie has written many wonderful books and he was rewarded for his wonderful work. Satanic verses was not the only book he wrote and IMHO not the best.
  3. Do you think what she did was wrong? Should the punishment be worse? What about the UK Muslims who are protesting the protest (you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_you are not allowed to post links yetguardian.co.uk/uklatest/story/0,,-7119346,00.html). Thanks,
  4. 20 Greatest Inventions By Muslim Scientists

    Interesting... the windmill, wasn't that invented before the founding of Islam? What about anything in the past couple of centuries? it's sad to think the religion has hit it's peak in innovation.
  5. Pakistan Should Not Exist

    Free will??? what kind of manipulated history lessions do they teach you in pakistan, millions of hindus have been killed, both sides are to be blamed, it's not a proud time in the history, but there are still 15 % muslims in India and they live in relative peace, isn't the president muslim? Both countries have gotten their independence at the same time, well pakistan got it one day before, pettiness, and how far has India gotten compared to pakistan? The IT boom in India is just the start, India is seen as a forefront of education with one of the best universitites and a booming job market, with so many jobs and opportunities. You don't see that in Pakistan, educatation is not a priority, they spend the least of any south asian country in education per GDP. It's a useless country that is of no threat to india or to the world, let them go on with their useless existence.
  6. Bomb Blasts In India..

    For some reason when I reply back to maako i get a Doc not found error but i can reply back to anyone else.... I do agree with Maako on one thing, everytime some thing like this happens and if an Islamic terrorist group is involved, the first thing out of everyone's mouth is this is not Islam, they are not following it correctly or whatever other excuse we have, then what are these people following? What book are they reading, are so many of these people wrong or do they take the book too literelly? I know christians who take the bible literally and they have some kooki ideas. I hope the families of these victims will go on and become stronger. Peace
  7. Get Educated On Sister Assata Shakur Now!

    Not sure where you get your facts from, but she was convicted and escaped, living in Cuba right now. She still can't explain what happened. She's just a killer that's it. her books and essays are not even eloquently written.
  8. Vote No: Sky News

    I voted yes. With free speech, the media should be able to publish as they wish as long as it's legal.
  9. Indian Family Pardons Convicted Pakistani Killer

    wow thats a hard thing to do. That is really great of the family, hopefully this killer will learn from his mistakes and become a productive member of socieity. I hope he does something to repay the family.
  10. Income Taxes

    I love tax time, I use turbo tax. I love getting my refund. If you only have income, dividends (stock purchases/sells) and interest from investments it's really easy. Always try to find ways to add to your deductions, IE. school, interest paid on loans etc., they can be really beneficial.
  11. Ok So It's Blasphemy... But What Makes Themu Think You Can Harm Other People?

    I was catching up on the posts and I have to say that is one good quote. That is so true in life, we should all follow that.
  12. Harry Potter

    to me the books are just pure fun. What is the harm is good fiction? These books are actually beneficial in the sense that more kids read, instead of playing those awful video games. In Islam, is the only thing you're allowed to read the koran, if so doesn't that get a little boring?
  13. Another Stupid Palestinian Commits Suicide

    These suicide attacks do nothing good for the palestinian cause. Every time someone decides to blow themselves it, it gives the rest of the world this awful image of what Islam teaches. It makes the world think that Islam says it's ok to blow yourself up and kill innocents. We here on this board knwo that is not the truth, but it's all about image. Why is palestine a muslim vs. israel confict, why do all muslims defend and support palestine and all jews do the same for israel, even though they don't live there, have families there and will not benefit either way. It's just a political fight for land, where the palestian people are being used here, while the palestinian generals and leaders are living the good life, you have kids who do awful things.
  14. Hostage In Iraq

    Not sure if this is the correct section, but I just wanted to propose a question. The hostage situation in Iraq with the female reporter, what is everyones point of view on this one. I know the westerners point of view, but what are the muslims' point of view. Is it justified because of their demands or is it actually against the rules of the koran? I believe it is a Islamic group that is responsible and because they are muslims do you guys have to side with them.
  15. Iran

    should work now.