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  1. Please make Dua that i get this good JOB!

    Inshallah you will get the job! actually inshallah you already got the job :D salaam, good luck
  2. Spare a moment

    alh, nice to hear sis.
  3. As'slaam walakum.

    yooo, ur not using your Smileys borey, wassup?
  4. My sister, Asma

    salaam so your not omar? :CONFUSED * 10: anyways, tell omar i said salaam and tell asma she is my role model :D dua and salaams
  5. I'm a female!

    so, sarsai is no more now? o well. i like bor3y better but i still say you shoulda gone with bor4y
  6. Assalamu Alaikum

    so now you start calling me by my name :stares at you angrily, while lowering my gaze:(im not putting deformed smileys either) i thot i was adi bhai... o well i guess ill just have to start calling you aapa... take care nida aapa salaam
  7. As'slaam walakum.

    yo nida, and bory, you guys umm, like have azhers future in your icons. wassup with that?
  8. heya, im da new geez

    salaam, welcome aboard i would NEVER give out that much info on the internet to random ppl, there are some wierd ppl on the internet ^^^^^(look up :D) well anyways im 5-9, 234, my phone number is 213498074(JUSt raNDom numbers if you are gunna try and call it) i like long walks on the beachess... just kidding salaam and enjoy
  9. *!* ... (*^_^)

    hey, look you got 50 posts :P, why am i not surprised....
  10. *!* ... (*^_^)

    well imhere... posting im both your threads :D
  11. My sister, Asma

    akhi, check out halvit for your halal vitamin needs salaam
  12. hi

    I love christians. :D welcome aboard. were gunna have fun inshallah :D and Allah knows best
  13. Islam in Saudi Arabia

    well, what goes on in closed doors cant exactly be punished... and to each their own. yes there may be homosexuality goin on in Saudi, but you need witnesses to proove that, nd its kinda hard to get someone witnessting 2 men, or 2 women you know in the privacy of 5 walls. salaam
  14. I don't know why i got warned

    the system is after you akhi. after you.....
  15. I reached 50 posts!

    i woulda been there by now. but sighhh. i do stupid things. :D inshallah ain no stopping me.... salaam