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  1. Sheesh (or hubbly bubbly?)

    depends on wat type of sheesha ur smoking if its unfiltered then it can be very harmful but most ppl smoke filtered but i believe its haram due to it being harmful to the body that Allah has gifted us! hope that clears it up
  2. Islam in Somalia

    ya man wow man u shud see the beaches next to bosaso!!!! beautiful man qardho was the please to be in the summer and tell me about the baggage ours got left in yeman. lollllllllllll Damal are so unrealible. its had quite an affect on me like now at home i always wear the mawoos. inshallah i will go again this summer and to who havnt been ur missing out!!!
  3. Islam in Somalia

    Qabil in somali is away to distinguish yourself and how ppl know were ur from but sadly the warlords take it to far. Muslima what part did you stay.
  4. Seek out the Gardens of Jannah

    the prophet (saw) said those who keep company with miners (bad friends) they will be covered in dirt and soot and those who keep company with musk dealers (good friends) the smell of the musk will be on the. jzk 4 that reminder
  5. Islam in Somalia

    well salams to all and those who dont know me yet on the boards (mainly everyone) cause im new. so sad how sad somali is ignored comaperd to all the other countries when the tsunami occured. Allahumdiallah i got visit somali this summer visitin rare barre (Puntland mainly qardo and bosaso) and i noticed even tho i dislike it he qabil's were a way of describin urself. its only a few who take it far that if your not in there qabil then u are enemies. at first i wasnt to happy tellin ppl my qabil but afta a while u notice how ppl dont look at u from qabil jus 4 description (hes/she from darot, issac etc.) wat do a the somali's think out there.
  6. Is Poetry Haraam?

    the soothing sound of serinty steering south towards the sea of souls surroened by shatan's society scattered by sumblime scenery. made this one myself lol
  7. i did itikaf,

    yeah it was tiring but the benift was to learn there is stil the true brotherhood alive. Ameen for that
  8. LaSt ChemOthEraPy

    May Allah restore back all your health. and ameen to all the dua's.
  9. My cousin...

    The harder you try the more ajar and rewards you will get. May Allah bless both you're cousins. Ameen
  10. Back

    Yeah i heard it just crashed?
  11. Two Hundo

    hoping to get 50 then 100 inshallah! only jus joined.
  12. Alhamdulillah..!

    Two more years left 4 me and notice how quickly life goes. Subhanallah
  13. Ha..

  14. I reached 50 posts!

    luky everyone im not even close
  15. i did itikaf,

    Did u know who introduced you to itikaaf and did u stay the full ten days??????? Yelllllllllooooooooooooowwwwww wwww GGGGGGGGGGGGrrrrrrrrrrooooooou rulessssssssssssssssssssssssss ssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss sssss. Respect to the mali's!