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  1. Do you think the Psychologist would arrive at the conclusion that he is clinically insane? If so, do you think if he is captured he needs medical help more than putting him on trial? I ask becauseI personally think the man needs help, he needs to hand himself in and go into some kind of medical facility where he can get help for whatever he is suffering from.
  2. Egypt Ambassador Seized In Iraq

    80% of the casualties in Iraq are caused by Military Action. I am noit justifying Zarqawi, he is a vicious thug, like Bin Laden. But it is America's fault.
  3. Dubai

    If you pay $40,000 (USD) a night, at Burj Al Arab, you can get the Sultan's Suite. It has a cinema.
  4. Dubai

  5. Taliban Say Britons Pay Price For Rulers' Deeds

    Hahahaahaha! That's so ignorant, if thats what he believes then he believes in circular violence, and the West is a whole lot better at organized violence than the East. That doesn't bode well for anyone.
  6. ~ Greek Association For Human Rights ~

    We will wait until minority groups in Turkey start giving minority rights until we begin doing the same.
  7. Byzantine Empire, The Greatest Ever

    Byzantine Architechts, Scientists, Historians, Mathematicians and Doctors Isidore of Miletus Stephanus of Byzantium Anna Comnena Evagrius Scholasticus George Pachymeres George Syncellus Nicephorus Gregoras Joannes Sonaras John Malalas John Xiphilinus Kedrenos Michael Psellus the Younger Theophanes Anthemius of Tralles George Gemistos Plethon Theodore Metochita Proclus Simplicius of Cilicia Michael Choniates Manuel Moschopulus Laonicus Chalcondyles (And thats just a few - From one period of Greek History).
  8. 10 Years After Bosnia Massacre, Justice Not Yet Se

    No, thats Arabs - Who stole the Numerals from China and claimed they had invented them. Warmongers? No, again, that was the Arab Caliphate - By 'Sword and Fire' - Ring any bells? Alexander the Great built Alexandria, and it was settled by Greeks from Mainland Greece and eventually became the centrepiece of the Hellenistic 'Ptolemaic Empire'. The Library itself was built by Ptolemy The II in the 3rd century BC. The Library itself was destroyed by the so called civilized Caliph Omar. There is no evidence for that I'm afraid. Pi was invented by Archimides. Again, present your evidence. At least we didn't collabarate with the Nazis like Muslims did. You showed your true faces in WW2.
  9. 10 Years After Bosnia Massacre, Justice Not Yet Se

    Really? Why couldn't the Ottomans have founded any of their own cities then? If they were so advanced? Jutinian and Heraclius founded the World's first Rechtstaat, and democratized the Senate in Byzantine Times. There was no senate in Ottoman Period because they were a bloodthirsty race who forced people to convert to Islam by the sword. And actually, Byzantium had an incredible Educational System - The World's first formalized one compromised of universal primary education and then paid secondary education and following on from that the chance to join some of the great 'Schools of Thought'
  10. 10 Years After Bosnia Massacre, Justice Not Yet Se

    I was going to post out specific excerpts from this one, but I have to go and watch TV, so on this site it addresses most of the fallacies that you alledge. Jealously will get you nowhere. "http://macedonia.info/FALLACIESANDFACTS.htm"]macedonia.info/FALLACIESANDFACTS.htm[/url]
  11. Sheikh Osama Bin Laden's 'letter To America'

    Haha, and when was the last time that any Muslim State won a war, or for that matter, a battle? We have our history, we have Athenian, Mycenaean, Hellenistic and Byzantine, we have Greek Revolution, we have the massive defeate of the Italians in WW2. I mean, America repeatedly kicks the of the Arabic States and they dont do anything - They just let them do it! if this would happen in Greece they would be thrown out, or even Cyprus, Cyprus threw Britain out, and Iraq can't even do that, Iraq with 30 times as many people as Cyprus!!!
  12. 10 Years After Bosnia Massacre, Justice Not Yet Se

    Alexander was Greek. There is both hard archeological evidence (maps and philosophers of the era discussing the definition of Hellenism - the proper word for Greek - in their writings include Macedonia) and the following common-sensical observations: • The language that was spoken in Macedonia was Greek. Last time I checked, Aristotle was Greek. To those who will say "the Romans imported Greek teachers - does that make them Greek?" I say: check again. Aristotle never left the very area he was born in to do anything. Said area? Central Macedonia. (also happens to be in present-day Greece). The language, religion and culture spread as a result of Alexander's conquests was Greek. Every single name used in this movie, at least as far as the characters stated above - happens to have a (Greek) meaning - as Greek names will. Now, I don't know how else you can define ethnicity/race than through language, customs/culture & religion and overrall unity. Also, The Macedonian Greeks are NOT of the same ethnic group as the Macedonian Slavs of The FYROM. The Macedonian Greeks are just that, Greeks who live in or originate from the geographic area of Macedonia. "He (Alexander) sent to Athens three hundred Persian panoplies to be set up to Athena in the acropolis; he ordered this inscription to be attached: Alexander son of Philip and the Hellenes, except the Lacedaemonians, set up these spoils from the barbarians dwelling in Asia", (Arrian I, 16, 7) Participation in the Olympic Games was unequivocally and definitely a function that only athletes of strictly Hellenic origin could partake. Archelaus had won in the Olympic and Pythian Games (Solinus 9, 16) and Alexander I had also won in the Olympic Games (Herodotus, Histories, V, 22). It is stated by Herodotus (Histories VIII, 43) that a number of Peloponnesian cities inhabited by Lacedaemonians, Corinthians, Sicyonians, Epidaurians, Troezinians, and Hermionians and that with the exception of Hermionians all others were of Dorian and Macedonian blood. The above people were living in cities located in Peloponnesus, which makes the Macedonians as Greek as the Dorians. Alexander certainly considered himself Greek. Macedonians did too. And so did the Greek City States. And the fact he had to fight Greeks proves nothing, that's parralel to saying the Spartans weren't Greeks because the Athenians fought them. It was, by Alexander's own admission, a War of unification.
  13. 10 Years After Bosnia Massacre, Justice Not Yet Se

    Byzantine Empire had become 'officially' Hellenized by the reign of Emperor Heraclius, when Greek was the official language, around 80% of the inabitants and most of the elite were all Greek. Though the situation in the East had been like this for some time, your comments on Alexander are laughable. The area where Alexander came from, Greek Macedonia, was part of the Delian League, and is incorporated into today's Greece, they were considered 'Hellenic', they spoke Greek, exercised Greek Culture. Alexander himself considered himself the savior of Greece after Persian Empire rule over Greece collapsed. Today's FYROM wasn't even in the ancient Hellenistic World, it certainly wasn't inhabited by Hellenes, that we know for sure via archaelogical evidence. And can you explain to me one last thing - How can Alexander be a Slav, when the first Slavs who came to Greece and The Balkan Border areas came in around 800AD? Did they have a time machine?
  14. 10 Years After Bosnia Massacre, Justice Not Yet Se

    Yes, the very Byzantine Empire at it's lowest point for a millenia. And replaced it with a society that didn't even know the meaning of mathematics or philosophy, hell, they had to rely on Greeks and Jews to run their civil service because they were so ignorant. We have a word in Greek for people of that sort, 'varvaros'. And as for the situation in Chechnya, some victory, hell, Grozny doesn't even exist anymore! Its been wiped off the map. piene kremastu! CYPRUS IS OURS! WE HAVE LIVED THERE FOR 2800 YEARS, WE ARE THE MAJORITY, IF THE TURKS CANT ACCEPT WE WANT UNION WITH GREECE THEN THEY CAN GO BACK TO ANATOLIA. I HATE THIS MUSLIM ATTITUDE OF "OUR LAND IS OUR LAND, YOUR LAND IS OUR LAND", it ISNT GOING TO HAPPEN IM AFRAID!!!! COME ON!!! TRY AND COLONIZE US, YOU WILL SEE THE LAND WILL BE SOAKED RED WITH YOUR BLOOD!
  15. 10 Years After Bosnia Massacre, Justice Not Yet Se

    No, although I disagree with some of the methods at Nuremberg the Nuremberg tribunals clearly proved that there was centralized planning. Oh yeh..... Liberated.... Some of you Muslims live in a dream world, you honestly believe that we Christians wanted your ing caliphate. "http://imia.cc.duth.gr/turkey/gree.e.html"]imia.cc.duth.gr/turkey/gree.e.html[/url] "http://imia.cc.duth.gr/turkey/terr.e.html"]imia.cc.duth.gr/turkey/terr.e.html[/url] "http://imia.cc.duth.gr/turkey/isla.e.html"]imia.cc.duth.gr/turkey/isla.e.html[/url] the Ottoman Muslim tyraniccal rule. How dare you insult my intelligence by claiming it was liberation. Wow, talk about generic parralels, the truth is, you are wrong, Bosnians and some Croats and Albanians surrendered to Islam and became pawns of the Ottomans in Istanbul. Those who held out, The Greeks, The Serbs e.t.c. Are still Christians for precisely this reason, they held out. The Muslims started it pre-89 in Kosovo by destroying Orthodox Churches.