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  1. An interesting phenomenon is taking place today in the Iraqi city of Falluja. For months now, the Bush administration had been building up the image of a massive network of foreign terrorists using Falluja as a base for their terror attacks against targets associated with the interim government of Iyad Allawi and the US military which backs him. One name appeared in western media accounts, over and over again: Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, a wanted Jordanian turned alleged "terror" mastermind. Almost overnight, Zarqawi's terrorist group, al-Qaida Holy War for Iraq, expanded its operations across the width and breadth of Iraq. Al-Zarqawi was everywhere, his bombers striking in Mosul, Baghdad, Samarra, Najaf, Baquba, Ramadi and Falluja. Islamist websites published accounts of al-Zarqawi's actions, and the western media, together with western intelligence services, ran with these stories, giving them credibility. The al-Zarqawi legend, if one can call it that, was born. The problem is, there is simply no substance to this legend, as US marines are now finding out. Rather than extremist foreign fighters battling to the death, the marines are mostly finding local men from Falluja who are fighting to defend their city from what they view as an illegitimate occupier. The motivations of these fighters may well be anti-American, but they are Iraqi, not foreign, in origin. There is, indeed, evidence of a foreign presence. But they were not the ones running the show in Falluja, or elsewhere for that matter. As a result, the US-led assault on Falluja may go down in history as the tipping point for the defeat of the US occupation of Iraq. The January 2005 elections are now very much in doubt, and anti-coalition violence has erupted throughout Iraq (including from sources claiming to be aligned with - no surprise - Abu Musab al-Zarqawi). Reflecting back, one cannot help but wonder if al-Zarqawi was used as a lure to trap the Americans into taking this action. On the surface, the al-Zarqawi organisation seems too good to be true. A single Jordanian male is suddenly running an organisation that operates in sophisticated cells throughout Iraq. No one man could logically accomplish this. But there is an organisation that can - the Mukhabarat (intelligence) of Saddam Hussein. A critical element of this resistance was to generate chaos and anarchy that would destabilise any US-appointed Iraqi government According to former Iraqi intelligence personnel I have communicated with recently, the Mukhabarat, under instructions from Saddam Hussein, had been preparing for some time before the invasion of Iraq on how to survive, resist and defeat any US-led occupation of Iraq. A critical element of this resistance was to generate chaos and anarchy that would destabilise any US-appointed Iraqi government. Another factor was to shift the attention of the US military away from the true heart of the resistance - Saddam's Baathist loyalists - and on to a fictional target that could be manipulated in an effort to control the pace, timing and nature of the US military response. According to these sources, the selection of al-Zarqawi as a front for these actions was almost too easy. The Bush administration's singling out of al-Zarqawi prior to the war, highlighted by Colin Powell's presentation to the Security Council in February 2003, made the Jordanian an ideal candidate to head the Mukhabarat's disinformation effort. The Mukhabarat was desperate for a way to divert attention from the fact that it was behind the attacks against Iraqi civilians. Iraqis killing Iraqis would turn the public against the resistance. It needed a foreign face, and al-Zarqawi provided it. A few planted CD disks later, and the al-Zarqawi myth was born. In its attempts to use the al-Zarqawi myth to distract and defeat the US military and the interim government of Iyad Allawi, the Mukhabarat is engaged in a dangerous game. In embracing the al-Zarqawi myth, the Mukhabarat has engaged the forces of Islamist activism to a degree never before seen in modern-day Iraq. Having created a fiction, there is a potential danger of it becoming a reality According to my contacts, the goal in creating a foreign Islamist face for the violence taking place in Iraq is to get the Iraqi populace to turn away from Iyad Allawi and the US military as a source of stability, and endorse the return of the Baathists (under a new guise, to be sure), who would then deal with the Islamists by shutting down an operation the Mukhabarat thinks they control. But engaging these activists may not be without cost. Having created a fiction, there is a potential danger of it becoming a reality. Al-Zarqawi may not be the real force behind the anti-US resistance in Iraq, but many now, in Iraq and throughout the Muslim world, believe him to be. Having created this giant the Mukhabarat may not be able to control it. The real danger in Iraq is not the inevitable defeat of the United States and the interim government of Iyad Allawi, but the fact that the longer it takes for the United States to realise that victory cannot be achieved, the more emboldened the Islamists become. Right now, the Mukhabarat controllers of the al-Zarqawi network think themselves clever as they watch the US military play into their hands through the destruction of Falluja, and the futile search for a phantom menace. But the tragedy that is the war in Iraq is far from over, and it may very well be that it is al-Zarqawi and his followers, and not the Baathist Mukhabarat, who will have the last laugh. And, as always, it will be the people of Iraq who will pay the price. Scott Ritter was a senior UN arms inspector in Iraq between 1991 and 1998. He is now an independent consultant. Aljazeera
  2. Monkey!

    yes haaaaaaaaaaaaaaahaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Bro Anj and his monkey poll loooooooooooooooooooooooool
  3. Bomb blast injures Afghan soldiers

    A huge explosion has wounded at least three soldiers in the southern Afghanistan city of Qandahar, according to the city's most senior security official. Police chief Khan Muhammad Khan told journalists on Wednesday that there were likely to be many more casualties and that the explosion might have been caused by a time bomb. The explosion occurred shortly before 0430 GMT at a base used by an Afghan militia corps he had previously commanded. The blast comes just hours after provincial authorities said they had caught a close associate of Taliban leader Mulla Muhammad Umar, just outside Qandahar. Eight other suspected Taliban fighters were arrested at the same time, and several remote control bombs, time bombs, different explosive devices and radios were also seized. Kidnapping Meanwhile, a Turkish engineer was kidnapped in eastern Afghanistan on Tuesday along with his Afghan driver and interpreter, police said. The engineer, working on a road-building project between the southeast city of Jalalabad and Kunar to the east, was snatched at around 1230 GMT, according to Kunar deputy police chief Arif Nizami. A small Islamist group operating in a heavily forested mountainous area close to the border with Pakistan was suspected of being behind the abduction. Nizami said the group had about 20 members and was led by a commander called Hazrat-e-Umar, who had links in the past with the larger the Hizb-i-Islami movement led by renegade former PM Gulb al-Din Hekmatyar, now an ally of the Taliban. The kidnapping took place near the village of Spin Jamahat, about 1km south of Asadabad, 175km northeast of Kabul. There have been several isolated cases of kidnappings in the past year, notably involving Turkish and Indian road construction workers. Reuters
  4. Fighters target police stations in Mosul Unknown attackers have attempted to overrun two police stations in the northern city of Mosul, in an operation that augurs badly for the approaching elections, according to a US commander. Major General Carter Ham said on Wednesday that although the last four attacks on the city's stations had been repelled by Iraqi police and National Guards, he noted Mosul essentially remained without a working police force. He added that the situation could compromise security for the 30 January elections. Mosul has witnessed a surge in anti-US resentment after their forces launched an assault on the city of Falluja early last month. US commanders claim many fighters fled Falluja for Mosul before that offensive. Toll rise Meanwhile, unknown assailants have shot and killed a US marine west of Baghdad, according to a military statement. The marine was killed on Tuesday while carrying out operations in al-Anbar, a large province west of Baghdad that includes the volatile cities of Falluja and Ramadi. No further details were given. About 1297 US troops have died in Iraq since its initial invasion. Reuters
  5. Who is the mother (biological) of

    AS-SALAAMU aLAYKUM Voted for ****************************** *** wa -laykum salam
  6. Peace, Not War

    We gotta take a moment take a minute to think, All these bombs, all this war is makin' mankind extinct. All these children who are dyin' in these needless killin's Over oil, money, power and control over tingz... And then BOOM another bomb is dropped, "Terrorist" dismissed but a whole mission flopped. And like ####! another family killed, Taxpayers in the West who are footin' the bill. And then WHOA comes all the black gold, At the price of a life for many young and old. Ordinary people just caught in this game, While politicians make excuses and spin lies all the same. Like it ain't enough to be playin' in the life or death game. They can go with the others in the brutes Hall of Fame, Milosevic, Hitler, Sharon, coz they all just as lame. Another 2 killers by the name of Bush and Blair, A man and his poodle on a mission not so rare, Exercisin' all their power while we all stand and stare, Watchin' not doin' like we really couldn't care. They plot and they plan and they hold an Arms' Fair, All this death and destruction leaves us worse for wear. What about little Jafar, six, brighteyed and fair? Who's just seen his family killed by our own Premier? Orderin' those strikes by land, sea and air. Are YOU gonna sit there and just shake your head in despair? Or you gonna get up and say "NO, Mr Blair!" And while we sit silent, shufflin' our feet Remember the roses that grew outta concrete... Innocents usin' the rubble of their homes As the only weapons against the israeli backbone, Who have weapons galore and are armed to the teeth, Who think nothin' of killin' a child aged 3. Remember Muhammad Al'Durrah, aged 12, with his dad, israelis lined up like they did somethin' bad, Both father and son seeking shelter from the guns, Cowerin' at a wall while bullets rained down on them. And yet this was the only one pictured on the BBC, There are thousands of clashes that end similarly. All along the West Bank, and the Gaza Strip, Palestinian towns invaded and left in a tip, Any form of resistance and you're labelled "Terrorist" No wonder suicide bombers are resortin' to this. The media who are biased give half of the gist, Leaving the truth to be hidden under the israeli mist. The Palestinian children slept when the troops moved in, A day of murder and chaos in the town of Jenin, The water's dried up and gone from the Peace Fountain, A thousand dead and yet we're still countin' How long is this stupidness gonna last? Politicians chit chat while lives are lost fast! Kids with a white flag up on a wooden mast, Cryin' "Peace PLEASE and make it last!" "Why you wanna take what's not yours?" Kids bein' killed in their 2's and 4's, The white dove has flown straight outta the door, Olive branch isolated on the blood spattered floor. This stuff really makes a grown man wanna cry... Why the hell do people have to die before their time? Admit it these words send a chill up your spine... and still manz from Palestine are stood in a line, Fathers, Uncles and all Brothers of mine, All shot dead 1 at a time! And the justification given for attackin' Afghanistan, Is that they have Bin Laden and also the Taliban, But it's a well known fact that has been brought to the boil, The U.S. approached Taliban about the future of oil. This probably ain't been said on CNN.com, Face a "carpet of gold or a carpet of bombs" What made it more shockin' it was said in the summer, 2001 before the beat of the war drummer... Sayin' "September 11th" as every other word, Some sorta justification for this war so absurd No one has benefited apart from U.S. interests that is Who now control Afghanistan and want a lot more than this. So the 2 big idiots now look to Iraq, A year since 911 when the sky turned black, Isn't it a wonder there ain't been another terrorist attack? With all this goin' on you'd think they'd be back. "Weapons of Mass Destruction bein' held by Saddam" Like America doesn't? Don't bullshit me man! They've stolen from the poor and given to the rich, And then they have the nerve to say "Well, Life's a " It's the rich who were selfish at the Earth Summit, Where Bush didn't show and Powell was dissed. That's what they deserve when they don't show respect, A bully boy nation that's slittin our necks... Writin' this rhyme I cried an ocean of tears, Puttin pen to paper was all that it is, I hope and I pray that I do a lot more than this, Cos it don't equal the work of a so called "Terrorist" Who could be a boy no older than I, Who didn't get a chance to wish his family "Goodbye" His sisters were raped, his father was killed, His mother long gone as God had so willed, And then the West wonders why he tries to resist, Controllin' the media, labelled "Another terrorist" I hope this rhyme awakens the West from its slumber, Those people who are dyin' ain't just a number, They are people with lives, with values in mind, Who are dyin' needlessly before their own time, Before the fist drop of blood has hit the floor, They have reached heaven, it's up to us to do more, In a battle unprecedented, never been seen before, Death and destruction? Or Stop The War? Rest in peace all those that have died in the struggle in Palestine. Rest in peace all those that died on September 11th 2001. Rest in peace all those that died needlessly in the months that followed. Rest in peace all those that have died in Kashmir. Rest in peace all those who are dying now in Iraq. Ya Allah! Make the ignorant realise the error of their ways and grant peace upon the World and peace upon the dead and patience to the friends and families of all those gone. Ameen...
  7. Letter to Ariel Sharon

    By Mannal Ramadan Did they ever haunt you in your dreams? Did you ever feel their pain? Can you hear the echo of their screams? Did you ever feel shame? When you pop that gunshot When you saw that bloody tear drop Still you didn’t stop When you saw the fear in their eyes And the blood in their cries. Did you ever ask yourself, Who is he leaving behind? A daughter or a son? Did it ever cross your mind? He might be an uncle, brother Or even a dad You took away their lives, Their freedom, everything they had. Does it make you happy? Does it make you proud? To force a grown man To strip in front of a crowd? Does the embarrassment and pain of others Bring joy to your face? You can’t imagine the pity I have for you You are a disgrace. Killing kids ages two and four You even killed younger You’re capable of killing more. You are not God To decide, when to take a life of another. You are the terrorist, a devil Like no other. In the eyes of America You are a “friend� a “peaceful man� How peaceful are you when the destruction of Palestine Is your master plan? America is surrounded By all your lies. You carry the blindfold That covers their eyes, From being able to see The true reality From being able to uncover Your true brutality. No matter how hard you try to destroy us, You still will not succeed. For our pride and love in God Is all we need, To survive this cruel war That you began. Leave us alone to live in peace in our home, This is our demand. May their cries for help Echo in your ears, May it fill your head ‘til it explodes And bring you to constant fear. The great God will punish you for all the pain You brought to the world, and all mankind. May He open the eyes of our beloved America And not make it so blind. Make it able to see That all we ever dreamed of Is for us to be free. Free from this devil, Who’s supposedly a man, Free to live peacefully In our homeland. Free to live a life Like you all live your own, Happy, peacefully, safe In our home.
  8. Women Of Palestine

    Women of Palestine come together; we must stop this all, and forever. Our men are dying on our land; we must come together hand in hand. We must hide our pain and our fears; show them our anger, and not our tears. Show them our pain that we've been through, women of Palestine, this is what we should do. We can't just let our men go and risk their lives; we also want to help, we are not just moms and wives. Aljazeerah.info
  9. Have we forgotten the prisoners

    :D Lets make special dua for Guantanamo Bay Prisoners Please pray for Moazzam beg His Father fears for his mental health
  10. Huge anti-Mubarak demo in Egypt

    Huge anti-Mubarak demo in Egypt About 1,000 Egyptians took off the streets in Cairo on Monday, calling for an end to Hosni Mubarak's 23-year presidency. Protesters, holding banners reading "Enough" and "No more extensions", gathered downtown late Sunday, with their mouths covered by yellow stickers, protesting against the possibility that President Hosni Mubarak might run for a fifth term or that his son, Gamal, might succeed him. Other banners said "No heredity, no succession" and "No to Mubarak, his party and his son". Organizers described the demonstration as Egypt's first purely anti-Mubarak protest, believed by many to be preparing his son to take over next year after his term ends. However, Mr. Mubarak has not made his plans for the October 2005 elections clear yet, but he ruled out hereditary succession. Hosni Mubarak, 75, has been Egypt’s President since 1981, when the late Anwar Sadat was assassinated. His current six-year term is to end in October. After the demonstration, hundreds of security forces surrounded the offices of veteran opposition activist Kamal Khalil, who gave a speech against Mr. Mubarak at the demonstration. The police stayed four hours, however, without making any arrests. "Leave, enough," he was quoted as saying. "this silent protest is against inheriting the ruling regime by Gamal Mubarak [his son] and against Mubarak's fifth term." "I'm not worried or afraid", Khalil said by telephone from inside the center. "I really don't care if they arrest me after the seminar. I will continue to defend my ideas and principles, even if surrounded by a million tanks." Khalil has been arrested more than 15 times since 1968. The demonstration drew Islamists, nationalists, leftists and liberals. The Egyptian Movement for Change, a group of political parties and intellectuals, organized the protest demanding a constitutional change to allow more candidates to run for the Egyptian presidency. Magdi Ahmed Hussein, an Islamist activist, described the demonstration as a "historic" protest whose significance was greater than the number of participants. "This is the first protest demanding ending his rule... We've entered a new phase," he said. Also feminist novelist Nawal Saadawi - who says she will run for the Egyptian presidency, joined the demonstration. "I'm happy to see that at least 1,000 men and women have the courage to take it to the street to say no to heredity, no to extensions, no to dictatorship and repression," she told reporters. Under the current constitution, Egypt does not hold direct presidential elections. The Egyptian Parliament - dominated by Mr. Mubarak's National Democratic Party - nominates only one candidate, whose name then goes to a national referendum. Over the past two years, Egyptians organised rallies of support for Palestinians and Iraqis, where they also chanted anti- Mubarak slogans.
  11. Former Radical Feminist and Southern Baptist

    :sl; Subhanallah what a great gift Iman is Jazakallah for sharing
  12. Human motor funtions

    I'm sure Allah's slave meant that its hard to do it, I dont think its normal lot of people cant do it I'm 1 of em
  13. two things

    :D Surely we belong to Allah and to him is our return May Allah rest his soul in peace and give you sabr. I make dua to Allah that you pass in your exans aameen
  14. Jehovah’s Witnesses learn Arabic to convert Muslims Some Dearborn-area Jehovah's Witnesses, known for their door-to-door activities to make people convert to Christianity, have been trying to learn the Arabic language to make American Muslims convert. Jehovah's Witnesses say that 30 to 40 people related to Kingdom Hall have learned Arabic, and they visit Arab-American neighborhoods at least once per month. "In six months, we have learned to read Arabic and to actually go out and give presentations," said Recina Ward, one of the Witnesses. Similar efforts are being done in New York, California and in other areas where there is a large Arab and Muslim population. "This sort of thing is happening more and more, especially since September 11," said Eide Alawan, a Muslim member in the Islamic Center of America. "When they come around, most of the people in my neighborhood are courteous enough to say thank you very much. "Our people like to enter conversation with them; to challenge them, so to speak. They try to convert us. And maybe we try to convert them. With people praying five times a day, maybe Islam is something that should interest them.� Most Arab-American families live in Detroit and the suburb of Dearborn. Jehovah's Witnesses say that the hospitality from Muslims and Arab Americans is very cordial. "Even if we just say a simple greeting, the people are so happy that we are taking the initiative," Ward said. Source: The Detroit News
  15. My sister, Asma

    salaam ameen to all duas mentioned above May Allah cure her illness ang bless her with good health aameen